April 21, 2009

Wilber Pan 'opens up his voice' through screaming in rehabilitation

To quickly heal his leg injury in time for his new album promotions, Wilber endures a pain equivalent to 'breaking his leg'.

Source : UDN
translation by ♥Kitsiee @ http://asianfanatics.net

Wilber Pan entered the surgical room the year before to undergo knee ligament surgery. After 2 months of recuperating rest, Wilber is still unable to run or jump around dancing. However, because he starts work and filming in May, Wilber is in a hurry to quicken his rehabilitation. His rehabilitation master is unsparing of pain when he heard of Wilber's request, and Wilber ended up with a face scrunched up in a look as if his trying to still act cool while in pain.

In actuality, Wilber's walking is pretty much okay by now, but when it comes to running or jumping, or any actions that requires more exertion, and he still comes up with some problems. Now, he has to report to his rehabilitation master 3 days a week. When asked, Wilber described the process of rehabilitation like "Unbearably painful, especially when the legs are bent, I'll be screaming, but I can do nothing but bear it and think of something other then the pain." He also said : "Do not look down on the small action of bending my legs once and twice, because everytime I do it, it is painful to the point that my body breaks out in sweat." Because of this injury on his left knee, Wilber's jobs, which were originally scheduled in April, were all delayed by a month, and only a month so as to not affect the rest of his schedules by much. The Wilber that usually loves to act cool and handsome, lost all his cool in the rehabilitation center, screaming when it hurts, or painful. Everytime he undergoes rehabilitation, his body would be drenched in sweat, he would have to continue with many other rehabilitation activities like riding on a 'bike', or even doing some stretching exercises, before he is released for the day. But there is a good side to all of this. Everytime after Wilber has finished screaming, his vocals would sound particularly good, and if he goes directly in to the recording studio, often enough he only has to record once to get the green light, with no mistakes or problems. Fans would probably get to hear a new angle in Wilber's voice when his album comes out in May.

Poor Wilber! Enduring all that pain...it must be tough! Hang in there!

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