April 07, 2009

Taiwanese Singer AhSang Dies From Breast Cancer At 34

Date: April 7, 2009
News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, ChinaTimes, http://asianfanatics.net/forum/
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AhSang (real name 黃嬿璘 Huang YanLin), who became famous for the song 葉子 [Ye Zi] [Leaves], passed away from breast cancer at around 8:30 Saturday morning at 新店慈濟醫院 XinDian Hospital; she was 34. She never said a word about her illness; she did not share the burden of her illness with her friends. The news of her passing shocked and upset those who knew her; she had originally planned to marry her American-Born Chinese boyfriend this year and move to the US. This wish can now never come true.

She didn't feel well when she was in the Mainland performing last October; an examination upon her return to Taiwan revealed that she was suffering from breast cancer; furthermore, it had already advanced to the final stages. She once wrote a self-encouraging message on her blog; she wrote optimistically, "All of this will pass!" She never, however, mentioned her illness. Although she underwent treatment, the cancer cells had already spread to her lungs and liver. She spent the last portion of her life with her mother and her siblings; in the end, her passing was peaceful.

AhSang, who had a cheerful, vivacious personality, also had a very unique, distinctive voice. She became very popular after singing 葉子 [Ye Zi] [Leaves]; her second album, however, 寂寞在唱歌/Lonely, Singing, did not sell as well as anticipated. Because her career was not progressing smoothly, after her contract with Warner expired in 2005, AhSang went to the Mainland to develop instead. She met her American-Born Chinese boyfriend through friends; last March, she said to J.S. and Z-Chen Chang ZhiCheng that the two years with her boyfriend had been the happiest times of her life. She was planning to marry and move to the US.

:( R.I.P. I can't believe this...I was just listening to this song a week ago...

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