April 09, 2009

Taiwan Tourism Bureau Spokespersons Fahrenheit: Fly Around The World

Source: Fans Magazine, April 2009
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

As Taiwan's tourism spokespersons, what are Fahrenheit's favourite places of interest? Which of Taiwan's night markets and snacks has left you with the deepest impression? Recently flying from place to place for their Asian Concert Tour, they just finished their Hong Kong Coliseum concert, then went to Malaysia on March 28 and soon they will hold their [Fahrenheit Fantasy] Concert in Shanghai on April 11; of these two places and the fans there, what impressions does Fahrenheit have? What interesting things has Fahrenheit encountered on the plane, always flying around the world due to work?

What was your first experience travelling in a plane (domestic or international)? At the time, what did you find especially fresh or new?

Chun: When I was about 5 or 6, I travelled from Brunei to Singapore for the first time. I was feeling very excited the whole time because there aren't many toys in Brunei so my father would always buy me toys from overseas. That time, I could finally choose the toys myself, so I was extremely happy.

Jiro: When I was a model, I went overseas for the first time for a magazine photoshoot. On the plane, I was very excited and happy and so I liked to look out the window at the landscape.

Calvin: When I was in second grade elementary school, I travelled with my family to Hong Kong and Thailand. At the time, I fought for the window seat and I was very happy, looking at the scenery outside. Even when the plane was about to take off, I felt like it was just as fun as being in a cable car but my little cousin next to me got really frightened and he kept crying saying, "Mama, I want to get out!" This cracked me up. (Reporter says honestly, Calvin talking about this childhood memory, I also find your little cousin very funny!)

Arron: When I first flew to America, I watched a film on the plane. At the time, I hadn't chosen an English name yet, so I simply named myself after the male lead called Jack. (Reporter sneaks a laugh, Jack, that is just too mysterious!)

On the plane, besides catching up on sleep, what else will you do? What situation are you most afraid of encountering while on a plane?

Chun: I'll also use the computer and read books. I'm most scared of being stared at the entire time by fans, when this happens, I can't relax and rest on the plane.

Jiro: I usually listen to music. I'm most scared of turbulence, too much turbulence makes a person very nervous!

Calvin: I'll read fans' letters and read the day's newspaper. I'm most afraid of being surrounded by fans. Even though now fans know that we need to rest on the plane, there are always some extremely enthusiastic fans that will keep giving letters and gifts to use or give us things to sign.

Arron: Watch movies! The scariest is when the oxygen masks drop down, or when the flight attendant spills wine all over me.

Plane food choices are limited and probably can't please everyone! If the airline company asked Fahrenheit to recommend some food choices, what would you recommend?

Chun: I would like Teppanyaki, Buffet, it would be very enjoyable to have a chef cooking in front of you!

Jiro: Hot pizza with lots of ingredients on top, it would definitely satisfy the passengers!

Calvin: I hope to recommend fast-food because it's convenient and taste good.

Arron: I hope that there'd be top quality beef or take-away McDonalds. How great would it be to have a McDonalds take-away plane flying next to us! (Reporter claps, that would be awesome! How would the McDonalds take-away plane deliver food to the plane Arron is on though? This problem is very worth investigating! Since Arron could come up with such an idea!)

If there could be a "Fahrenheit Exclusive Plane", what picture would you want on the outside of the plane, and what designs and colours? What would you like inside the plane? Who would you most like to be the pilot?

Chun: If the outside of the plane had a photo of the four of us, that would definitely be very cool! Inside, all the compartments would be gotten rid of so you can see more around you then there must be a cinema, bar and gym. The pilot would be me of course! (Reporter imagines Wu Chun in a pilot's uniform, wow, he'd definitely look very handsome!)

Jiro: The outside of the plane should be decorated by me of course! The artwork will be focussed on freedom and peace. It would be best if the plane was bigger so there would be enough room to practise dancing and to have beds to rest in as well as a bathroom. I'd like Takuya Kimura as our pilot. Previously in Japanese drama [Good Luck] he drove the plane very handsomely. (Reporter's reminder: Da Dong really is a workaholic, he even wants to practise dancing on the plane. You have to rest more!)

Calvin: My dream Fahrenheit plane would probably be blue because it represents freedom and it can also naturally become part of the blue sky. Inside, there must be four huge beds for us to sleep in, there'll be buffet, a dining room, car, gym, and a little card-playing table would be great so when we have time we can play. I'd let Chun drive the plane, I think I'd feel quite safe. (Reporter yawns, it must be very exhausting as an artist, flying everywhere ~ Four big beds on the plane would probably be very useful ~)

Arron: I hope the exclusive Fahrenheit plane will be a big one, of course with our photo on the outside. Inside there'll be leather sofas, a bar, massage chairs, a gambling table, a dining room. It would be great if the pilot was Leonardo haha! (Reporter calculates, Arron's dream plane is very luxurious indeed. Just requesting Leonardo to fly the plane would probably require a lot of money!)

Often flying to different countries for work, what's your most special plane experience?

Chun: Everytime when we go overseas for a concert, we will go on the plane with many employees, almost like we've reserved hald the plane for ourselves. That feeling makes we feel like we're going as a whole family, it's very lively and interesting. (Reporter praises, so Wu Chun always treats overseas work like a holiday, not bad! That way work should seem happier!)

Jiro: I remember we had to take a domestic flight on the day of a typhoon once. Originally we thought we wouldn't be able to fly but we still did. Furthermore, before taking off we were drifting a lot on the ground, that really scared me! It's the first time I found out that planes could drift! (Reporter in shock: What? The plane was drifting~ Did the pilot think they were filming a movie or something?)

Calvin: Once we were on a domestic flight and the flight attendant was our fan so she treated us extra warmly, she even had afternoon tea all prepared for us.

Arron: Once, because the plane was very full, we were upgraded to first class. The first class seats are very luxurious, the seats are very big and very comfortable, it feels really relaxing.

Out of Taiwan's night markets, which do you love most? What snacks at night markets do you love most?

Chun: I love Shilin night market because it's really big and has all types of food and they sell the most things there. My favourite snacks are oyster omelette and teppanyaki.

Jiro: Raohe Street night market because that place is filled with my childhood memories. My favourite snack is small sausage in large sausage.

Calvin: Shilin night market is my territory. I've been there since I was young so I know what's delicious, what's fun, any questions, just ask me! Oyster omelette, salt and pepper deep fried chicken, chicken steak, winter melon tea are all my favourite snacks.

Arron: Tainan garden night market is the biggest I've seen. There's lots of food, lots to choose from, whatever you want to eat, you'll be able to find there. My favourite food is lamb fried rice.

As Taiwan's tourism spokespersons, if you had to introduce Taiwan's places of interest to friends and fans overseas, which place would you choose? While you're at it, practise introducing the advantages of this place~

Chun: I would recommend Kenting. Kenting has a beautiful beach and warm sunshine. You can enjoy the sunshine on the beach and can also surf and play water activities. Every year, Kenting also holds quite a few concerts like Spring Scream, Spring Wave, etc. You definitely can't miss these.

Jiro: Yushan National Park because it has beautiful scenery and it's a natural ecological place. You can also go hiking there so it gives tourists the opportunity to see Taiwan's beauty.

Calvin: You can't miss out on Dan Shuei and Yang Ming Shan. There's beautiful scenery, delicious vegetables, free range chickens. You can also watch the sunset and see Taipei's night scenery, enjoy the hotsprings, this is great relaxation for a person.

Arron: Sun Moon Lake is very beautiful. This New Year I went on holidays with my family to Sun Moon Lake. Over there, there's a newly-opened hotel which complete with all the facilities as well as beautiful scenery. Having a holiday over there, allows people to relax and feel its natural beauty.

On April 11, you will be performing in Shanghai, what aspect of this city attract you the most?

Chun: Shanghai's city scenery and food both attract me and also, Shanghainese people have a very cute accent!

Jiro: I have a lot of friends and elders that work and live in Shanghai. Because these friends are in Shanghai, it gives me a warm feeling towards the place.

Calvin: Shanghai's high-rise buildings look very unique, and are also the new place of financial importance. I really like seeing the financial centre and business regions together, like it's going at the same pace as the world.

Arron: Shanghai has too much delicious cuisine and I love eating Shanghai dishes. I hope this time we go to Shanghai, we can pig out.

In the past when you went to Malaysia to promote, what impression did you have of Malaysia and the fans there? What can you say in Malay?

Chun: Everytime I go to Malaysia I feel like I've come home because the accent of Malaysian fans is very much like in the people of Brunei so each time I hear it, it feels especially warm. When I was a child, I often went to Malaysia to play and I love Genting because there are so many amusement park rides, every time I have so much fun I don't want to go home! Malay is also one of my native languages so it doesn't trouble me.

Jiro: Malaysian fans are very warm, this I can never forget. "Apa khabar" (How are you), "Terima Kasih" (Thank you) are the Malaysian phrases I remember the most.

Calvin: Malaysia fans are very enthusiastic, everytime we see fans completely pack the place of the event and then sing with us, making me feel touched and also very grateful. I can say in Malay "How are you", "Thank you" and "Idiot", Wu Chun taught me this.

Arron: Malaysian fans are very enthusiastic and Malaysian food is also great. Bah kut teh, pepper crab, I'm drooling right now as I speak. In Malay I can only say "I love you", "Thank you" and "Ladies and gentlemen".

Regardless of whether it's for holiday or work, Fahrenheit has probably been to many countries. Which country do you want to go to the most but still haven't gone to?

Chun: I've always wanted to go to Italy. I want to experience the Italian streets and enjoy drinking a cup of Italian coffee, that very relaxed, free feeling.

Jiro: Probably England! Many of the classmates that I used to study arts with, went to study abroad in England once they graduated. I also hope that I have this opportunity in the future to study Designing or Art, and enrich myself.

Calvin: I haven't been to Europe at all. In particular, I'd most like to go to England and France. The buildings in these two countries are very unique while the English accent gives people a very gentlemanly feel and French sounds very romantic. I'd really like to experience this feeling for myself.

Arron: I'd like to go to France and walk down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and feel the romance of France.

Hahaha! I think Arron has been influenced by Chun...he wants to "pig out" in Shanghai!

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