April 06, 2009

Qiao En humorously eats grass; Blue Lan fated to love vegetarians

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Yesterday, Qiao En went for costume fitting for new SETTV/TTV drama ‘Good Health & Fortune.’ She entered the scene as ‘Bai Cao*’ girl, and in the drama, her character will learn herbal knowledge from her grandma. Coincidentally, previously when Blue Lan was dating Da S, he turned into a vegetarian. Now, he is about to fall in love with ‘bai cao’ Qiao En. This made the staff members joke, saying Blue is fated to love vegetarians.

Qiao En is extremely anticipating this drama, she said: “I’ve always wanted to do a comedy, now my wish has finally come true.”

As for the outside world curiously guessing how long it will take the 2, who are both the slow-to-warm up type to warm up? Earlier, Ethan Ruan replied: “2 weeks.” Yesterday, Qiao En exclaimed: "How can Xiao Tian (Ethan) reply like that on my behalf!" She added: “Actually, I get along quite well with guys, as long as the frequency is right, then it should be okay. Especially when we start talking about our hobbies and interests, particularly films, then we should warm up very quickly.” She and Blue have never met before, and her understanding of Blue has all come from the media, Qiao En said: “Looking forward to producing some unexpected sparks with him!”

*Bai Cao = a chinese herb

OOO! I'm looking forward to Qiao En's next drama! Can't wait to see her onscreen again after Fated to Love You! Woo! Actually, I really want to see her and Xiao Tian reunite in another drama! Hahahaaa! OooO, the wonders of FTLY!

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