April 13, 2009

Quick TVB Drama Review

I've been watching dramas left and right since the beginning of 2008 winter break. I had nothing to do, the weather outside was freezing, and all the dramas were just a few clicks away. And now I'm stuck in this vacation mode, watching dramas everyday. Here are the some of the TVB dramas that I've watched in my vacation mode.

Eternal Happiness

Thumbs up for this series! Michelle really stands out here! She actually looks and sounds like a guy when she dresses up as one. SO MANLY! And quick witted too! I love her strong and independent character! Always relying on herself to solve problems and always thinking on her feet! I especially like the friendship she shares with her two maids/friends: Rain Lau and Tavia Yeung. Rain Lau is hilarious as usual! Tavia's acting here is really good too!

And haha~ Raymond~ he's an innocent slowpoke! It took him 31.8 episodes to finally realize that his financee was the manly Michelle! Dude, even the evil king figured that out a long time ago! Haha~I was surprised when Ray finally pieced it all together and realize that Michelle is his financee. He acted so clueless throughout the series and kinda become smart at the end. Hahaha~ but the ending was...not satisfying, I guess. Everything was perfect except for the ending. This series gets an A!

Favorite Parts:
- Michelle knocks out her brother and takes his place in the poetry competition.
- All the Ray-Michelle scenes
- All the Michelle-Rain and Michelle-Tavia and Tavia-Michelle-Rain scenes
- The bandit queen falls in love with Guy Michelle!
- The court case where Michelle was the judge!
- Michelle realizes that her flute player was Ray not Joe

Bad Point
- Lau Yin Yuk acted by Myolie. I'm not sure if it's the character or the actress that annoys me.

A Step Into The Past

Hahaha~guess who this is! Yepp, it's Raymond! So different from Eternal Happiness! There's something weird about his eyes in this series. But this series is rather fresh and pretty funny too! It's about Louis Koo traveling back in time to the period when the first emperor of China comes to power and unites the six kingdoms. Louis brings 21st century ideas and slang back to ancient China. Hahahaha~his first encounter with toilets in ancient China was hilarious! He couldn't find tissue to wipe and had to use this odd looking instrument instead! And he gave up his only chance to return to present so that he can stay in the past and have two wives which would be illegal in the 21st century. Haha~

The ending of this series was well done surprisingly. Knowing TVB, I was not expecting a very good ending. But this ending was pretty funny and I like it! It wasn't rushed or anything. This series is a B-.

Bad Points:
- Some of the actresses were rather stiff in their performance. (Ex: Princess Qian (played by Michelle Saram), Qin Qing(played bySonija Kwok))
- Some parts were long and draggy...

Greatness of a Hero

This was an okay series. It was funny at some parts, boring at others. I found all the crime solving scenes interesting but the bickering scenes between Sunny and Bernice weren't so interesting. I lost focus in the middle of the series but regained it towards the end when the whole family got locked up in jail. Sonija's acting here surprised me the most. Her acting here was very smooth and well done. Even her death scene was executed perfectly with Kent reciting the same poem with her from far away. Leila was pretty cool in this series too! Her character is calm, intelligent, and fair. I especially like the parts where she dressed up in like an official. She looks manly too! Hahahaa~ Overall, I didn't really like this show....

Emergency Unit

Drama with highest rating in 2009! It was pretty darn exciting series except all the scenes with Fa Yuek Bo. This character is rather annoying and the actress who played this role was pretty bad too. I couldn't feel any chemistry between her and Sammuel. The fact that they got married surprised me. I wish Fiona was still alive! Fiona and Sammuel > Sammuel and Yuek Bo! On the other hand, Elanne who plays Ron's girl did a pretty good job. However, there were times where I felt she was overdoing it. There's room for improvement for both of these actresses.

And hello there, guess who's back! It's Michael Miu! But this time, he's a mob boss. His character is cool, handsome, and very cautious. He doesn't trust people easily and is constantly thinking of ways to test their loyality to him. His character is also very ambigous. Even now, I'm not sure if he ever loved Kathy's character. To me, it seems like he was just using her all the way to the end. Maybe there was a tinge of feeling but not enough to make him regret killing her.

If there's a fourth installment, I want Sammuel to divorce Yuek Bo! They have no chemistry at all! Plus, I want Fiona to come back the same way Michael came back...as a gangster! And then Gangster Fiona and I-always-stick-by-the-rules Sammuel fall for each other! This will sure make Sammuel's character stand out more. Hahaha~ Ron, on the other hand, needs more luck in love. He's always getting dumped. I think it's time for Tavia to come back from Japan (She went to Japan to study architecture or smtg like that). But what's the chance of all this happening? 0%!

Overall, this series was pretty good. The cast did a pretty good job except um..that actress who played Yuek Bo. I hope she improves her acting in the future because I don't want to be tortured like this again. I skimmed through most of her scenes. The storyline of this series was pretty exciting too and it sure got my brother (who normally does not watch TVB) hooked on. Hahahaha~ well, this series will get a B!

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