April 16, 2009

Kingone Wang Plays a Ruffian Drug Lord in Black and White; Like The Dark Knight's Joker

Kingone Wang ChuanYi Plays a Ruffian Drug Lord in Black and White; Like The Dark Knight's Joker
Date: April 16, 2009
News Source: Liberty Times, http://asianfanatics.net/forum/
Translation Credit: tammiest @ http://asianfanatics.net/

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Kingone Wang ChuanYi plays a drug lord in new drama Black and White. The character's "abnormal" and maniacal nature is a big change for Kingone; it's the first time he's taking on the role of a "villain." Kingone said that playing a "bad guy" was extremely satisfying; he enjoyed himself immensely: although clothed in a black turtleneck sweater in 30-something degree weather (about 90-something degrees Fahrenheit), he didn't feel hot in the least. He said, "The moment the camera begins rolling, it's like I'm taking a drug... I feel "high" to the point of forgetting myself!"

Black and White, which was directed by 蔡岳勳 Tsai YueXun, began airing on PTS last week; TVBS-G will be replaying the episodes this Saturday. The treacherous, brutal, and ruthless drug lord 高義 Gao Yi, played by Kingone, has already left a deep impression on the audience. Netizens have even begun calling him "Taiwan's Heath Ledger," saying directly that he has a bit of The Dark Knight's Joker (as played by Heath Ledger) in him.
* Translator's Note: It is important to note that Kingone most likely began filming his part before The Dark Knight was officially released in July of 2008. At any rate, the article does NOT say that the netizens are accusing him of copying Heath at all, so it's definitely meant as a compliment!

Kingone only appears in the first five episodes of Black and White; his role isn't very big. Despite this, however, he still filmed for three months! It was almost like Kingone was "possessed;" the more he filmed, the more "shockingly" perverse and evil he seemed. Some workers even said that they would actually feel creeped out when they approached him! Kingone, who is currently serving in the military, occasionally acts in skits for the Soldiers' Training and Activity Days. Kingone is scheduled to be released from the military in August of this year.

Whoa! Like since when was Kingone in the military? I never knew...hahaha~the last drama I saw him in was Why Why Love. I guess Black and White will be on my future drama watch list.


  1. What? He's only in the first 5 episodes??? How disappointing. Makes me not want to watch anymore...

  2. Awww, dun get turned off by that. The whole storyline is actually pretty exciting!