April 18, 2009

In New York learning dancing and doing extreme shopping; Show Luo spends all $100k of his cash in 3 days

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

At the beginning of April, Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) went to New York for about two weeks to learn dancing, he praised that his dancing and English had improved immensely but his ability to shop has also strengthened. In a short 3 day period, he spent all of his $100,000 NTD spare cash and even took his unlimited credit card to buy two large suitcases full of goods. Just how much did he spend? He joked, "I don't know either, we'll find out when the bill comes!"

Doesn't want to come back, has become fond of studying abroad

Since graduating from senior high, this is Xiao Zhu's first time studying abroad. Before leaving New York on the 16th, he who has become very fond of being a student, felt reluctant to leave, sighing sadly to his agent, "What am I gonna do? I don't want to come back!" Furthermore, he seized the last day he had in New York to attend another dance class, dancing continuously for 9 hours until he became "Iron-legged Pig". His legs were quite weary as he carried all his luggage to the airport. Even though he was worried that he would use up all his physical stength, affecting tomorrow's gathering with Singaporean fans, he has already planned to study abroad for one month next time he goes to New York.

Announces on MSN first, don't be shocked in the least

In the absence of his agent's supervision, Xiao Zhu couldn't resist going shopping; as soon as he saw brands he liked, he would buy, completely spending two weeks' worth of cash in three days. However, since he had a credit card on hand, he wasn't afraid of having no money, even making a long-distance call asking his agent to quickly send over an empty suitcase for him to fill up. Afraid that his agent would be mad at the large bill, he let his agent know on MSN first, even very mysteriously saying, "Don't be the least bit shocked!"

Xiao Zhu has been madly shopping in New York but advertisements are popular as usual. For a 7-figure sum, he has been endorsing Lays potato chips; his ability to spend and earn money are all astonishing.

Awww, he left before I got a chance to bump into him on the streets of New York.

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