April 16, 2009

“Idol Boss” Jimmy Lin’s net worth is about 1B rmb, provides gears for the paparazzi

translation by l_coco @ http://asianfanatics.net
source : sina.com

When talking about artists who are skilled money managers not many would think of Jimmy Lin, who is just 35.

According to Taiwanese media, Jimmy already sold 10M copies of his 7 albums at the age of 20. Then he started to make tv series and his asking price was about 90,000 rmb to 100,000 rmb per ep. Even though he is still active in showbiz today his achievements in the business world is even more astonishing than in showbiz.

More than an actor, also a car racer
Jimmy’s fans knew that besides being an actor his other more important role is a car racer. At 10, he won 2nd place in a Taiwan remote-controlled cars competition and told reporters that he wanted to become a car racer. At 24, he got his wish and participated in the World Rally Championship class A. At 27, he won 9 professional winner cups and became the most highly paid car racer in Taiwan. His annual racing income was already at several 10M TWD.

Because of his love of cars, he invested in a car dealership in Taipei. In 2005 he raced for the Honghe Rally Team in China for a 7 figures salary. He also opened a racing advisory company in Zhuhai. Insiders reported that the annual income from this company is about 8M rmb.

His company provides gears for the paparazzi
Taiwan media was surprised that jimmy has even more investments. Beside singing, acting, and racing, he also owns an IT company, Jimmy Creative, to handle his showbiz career, photo studios (already closed), the restaurant Dream Family Café, and an online shop. He also owns several real estate properties in China. His net worth is estimated to be over 1B rmb. His friends call him “CEO
Lin”. On one occasion, a reporter asked him how many millions he has. His friends laughed and said, “You should ask him how many billions he has.”

Jimmy love to surf the web so he invested in it with his older brother. He designed the products and his brother took care of the business. He said that selling online is very profitable. If it’s done well, monthly income could be over 1M rmb. His onshop sells several lines of chic products. His IT company is very famous in Taiwan. It develops software, surveillance systems, multi-media, etc. Most interestingly, the gears used by the paparazzi are developed and sold by his company. Because of this, Alec Su joked that jimmy’s company is working for the ‘enemies’.

(On 10/26/2008 jimmy joined the F1 China Tianrong Powerboat racing team and became the first taiwanese to particiapte in F1 Powerboat racing. The Tianrong team will begin to train him for F2 powerboat racing so he could get his F1 racing license. On 3/1/2009 Jimmy also signed with the Guangxi Speedone Car Rally Team and will race in 3 rally races in 2009.)

AH! Finally, some news on Jimmy! CEO Lin is an all rounder! He's like an everybody! Hahahaa~

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