April 28, 2009

GuiLun Guangzhou Videos

Credit: Tudou & TeRonph@youtube

Gui Gui and Arron are playing the dress up game here. They have two "models" and they have to dress them up within a certain time frame. Haha~ Arron's so funny. He takes a pink dress[that looks like a tutu] and puts it on the model's head. HAHAAAAA~ the outcome was really weird...hahaa!

Credit: puiyee0312@youtube

Here, they have to act a scene where they unexpectedly see a corpse on the ground. Gui Gui makes Arron goes first, because she's nervous. Hahaa~ Arron acts all handsome and goes up to investigate the corpse. Hahahaa~ and everyone is shouting "SHUAI!" Hahahaa! Then it's Gui Gui's turn and she screamsssss! Hahahahahahaaa!

Credit as watermarked

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