April 19, 2009

Gui Gui! 加油!

Translated by indigo sky@Gui Gui's AF Thread

Hey Girl Isn't Splitting; Gui Gui Wants to Fly Solo

This year Hey Girl has reduced exposure on television, decreased endorsements, also with last year's results aren't worth moving forward, and also previous members Gui Gui, Da Ya, and Xiao Man, whose contracts have expired, don't want to renew their contracts, Hey Girl's popularity is put to the ultimate test, at the brink of dissolution.

Channel [V]'s Director Andy seriously denied this, and stressed that within the group, only Gui Gui's contract has expired, it is impossible for Hey Girl to separate, and this year, Hey Girl's main target was to get closer to the Mainland. [Translator Note: It means like, gain more popularity on the Mainland and whatnot.]

Contract Expired. Channel [V] Keeps People

Andy said, Da Ya and Xiao Man's contracts are both not due to expire, but Gui Gui's contract is due in late April. Gui Gui also took the initiative by saying she wants to express independence, and add everyone's idea of personal development space. Both sides are still talking about the contract renewal. And if so, Hey Girl's common LPs [Translator Note: record, as in albums], advertisement contracts, Gui Gui will still participate in. However, it is understood that Gui Gui already has contacts with other brokerage firms, has not been in the studio and recorded [Wo Ai Hei Se Hui], and is unlikely to renew contracts.

Pressured to Maintain Sexy Image

As for Hey Girl's popularity, Andy said, this year Hey Girl's propaganda is to expand into the Mainland, shift focus, take over the Mainland's beverages, endorse online games, it is inevitable that their popularity in Taiwan will reduce.

However, he also said, still, Taiwan's dramas and and company invitations, but speaking of invitations, because Yao Yao exposed her breasts like crazy*, the company hopes that Hey Girl can expose a sexy feeling, but they also don't want to lose Hey Girl's idol attributes, so they can only extrapolate.

Aww, looks like there'll be no more Gui Gui on WAHSH!!! The only thing I'm worried about now is whether she will continue to film THAWD with Arron since her contract is now expired. Hopefully, she will come out and give us some news on this drama! But yea, Gui Gui, 加油!

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