April 27, 2009

Gui Gui goes to Guangzhou for Promotions

Translated by: Celsius!
News Source: Baidu Article found on GuiLun Thread

Recently, MFBBT Christine Fan, Hey Girl Gui Gui, Fahrenheit Arron Yan, and BBT Wei Lian[I think the article made a mistake here, it should be Xiao Gui from 100% Entertainment and not BBT Wei Lian] lead in the idol school mystery drama Pi Li MIT which is currently about to air on StarTV. In order to get good ratings, male and female lead Arron Yan and Gui Gui will come to Guang Zhou to do promotions on April 26. Although reporters were prepared at 9am, the hotel's lobby was crowded with fans, as seen the two idols have extremely high popularity.

Arron Yan and Gui Gui play a pair of lover in the drama, but when this couple was first introduced, they weren't accepted, Gui Gui revealed that when she first heard the criticisms, she was quite upset, "My first time being the female lead and I run into these kind of problem, it really isn't pleasing, but good thing Arron supported me and told me that we will work hard in our roles and change their view. Thanks to Arron, the outcome is not too bad, everyone has accepted our collaboration." Playing a love couple, there's certainly a lot of kiss scenes, and for the sake of this drama, the two leads gave up their first on screen kiss. Talking about these kiss scenes, Arron jokingly said, "That time I was really into the scene, because when I was younger I always wanted to be the hero that saves the damsel in distress, and now that has come true."

At the press conference, Arron and Gui Gui had a lot of chemistry. When asked if their ideal partners were each other, Gui Gui boldly said, "We are actually very good friends, a kind of delicate good." Arron generously replied, "Gui Gui is actually very cute. In the drama, I'm very engrossed in it, and really like her. I used to like younger girls but now I feel that mature ones are better, she needs to be able to support me. Because now, work has become very tiring, I hope to return to a warm home. Sometimes, being a toyboy isn't so bad." [toyboy: boyfriend of an older woman]

As a result of filming late at night at spooky area, Arron reveals that he met a spirit. "Because the filming area was an area that was abandoned for a long time, there weren't much people around, sometimes I went into some unknown areas. Before I went though, I was fine but after I came back, I got headaches, vomited. My manager told me to go pray, and afterwards, I became healthy again, don't know if it was psychological thing or whatever but it was quite scary."

OMG! My first attempt at translating news! It took quite some time though... hahaha! But I like this article because there's GuiLun Ai Mei! hahahaa! It doesn't matter to me anymore if they're actually a couple in real life, I'll take good friend as well. They have a tacit understanding! Hahaha! Arron's little ghost story at the end is a bit spooky...cuz if you watched MIT, you would know that the setting is quite dark and spooky...

Some more GuiLun Pictures from the Guang Zhou event!
Credit as watermarked and to GuiLun Thread

Ah~ Arron and his killer smile!

He really likes that thumbs up sign, eh! haha~ handsome!


Awesome Awesome Picture! My favorite one in all! Love both of their facial expressions!

GuiLun forever! Wooo!

Adorable Arron! I love his hair too!

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