April 02, 2009

Fahrenheit refuses to be ‘wounded group’, declare to be healthy babies in 2009

Fahrenheit refuses to be ‘wounded group’, declare to be healthy babies in 2009

Wu Chun Fever

Popular idol group Fahrenheit had been really unlucky lately, the members had been either injured or sick and almost became a ‘wounded group’, making fans very worried. The four of them rushed to Singapore to promote their new album ‘Loving More and More’ after finishing their Malaysia concert the day before.

Yesterday while accepting the local media interview, Fahrenheit reported their safety, and expressed that there is no major problems with their heath, hope that fans will not worry, Wu Zun said, “We want to be healthy babies of 2009, we are not wounded soldiers!” With regards to members getting hurt time and again, Jiro Wang expressed, “Actually we are rather well, and everyone doesn’t need to look at it so seriously.” Wu Zun also said optimistically, “Look at it from a different angel, it’s not a bad thing getting hurt too, like my injury this time gave me the chance to learn how to play the drums, there is gain and loss.”

Wu Zun, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan all had leg injury, Calvin Chen is the only member who is lucky to be safe, but he is being burdened by rumours and also can’t get any peace. When asked about his rumoured girlfriend, Calvin Chen once again clarified that the other party is only friend; he smiled and said, “Caused my family and friends not to come support my Malaysia concert this time round! But actually everyone is friend, its nothing, I will not don’t dare to make friends because of this.” There were reports stating that there was a fan who tried to kill herself because of news about Calvin Chen having girlfriend, Calvin Chen said seriously, “I don’t know if there is really such a thing, but I did urge fans online not to do such things.”

When asked about the news on his role in the new drama being taken over by newcomer Nick, Aaron Yan said with a serious face, “The company severely reprimand this information, we are considering two dramas at the same time, maybe its because the company spent a longer time on arranging so causing someone to sprout nonsense and spread this type of news. This piece of news is not accurate.”

The ratings for the two dramas had not been good for Jiro Wang, with regards to this Jiro Wang said, “There are bound to be stress during filming, hope that there will be breakthrough… most importantly is that we had worked hard, we felt a sense of achievement filming “ToGetHer”.”

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