April 20, 2009

Da Bing caught the second time for drugs abuse

Da Bing caught the second time for drugs abuse
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Taiwanese entertainer Yu Bing-Hsian (commonly known as Da Bing) was arrested on Friday in Taipei for amphetamine use.

According to Taiwan reports, 33-year-old Yu met with police check at the motel where he was putting up for the night with his male friend, Huang. The latter, who did not bring his identification card, refused to let police in. Yu, who opened the door later on, was half naked with just his lower body wrapped in a towel.

Police said the drugs were kept in a Ziploc bag and Yu was preparing to hide them when they were seized. Yu cried in pleas when the police caught him together with one small bag of amphetamine, a bag with the remnants of the used drug and the apparatus used to take in the drugs.

He was wearing a cap and mask when he arrived at the police station where hoards of media were already waiting. Yu admitted in tears to consuming amphetamine, which he claimed were provided by Huang, in the motel room on Thursday night at 11pm. He was later bailed out with NT$30,000 (about S$1,500).

Yu was also arrested for drugs abuse in 2007 and later sent for rehabilitation for 50 days. When he was released, he told the media outside the rehabilitation centre in Taipei that he will not repeat his mistake again; he has also made public apology for his adverse demonstrations.

In February this year, Yu was involved in a drink driving traffic accident where both he and his younger brother were injured. According to reports, his blood alcohol level was at 0.61 when the accident happened, way off from the standard of 0.25. His driving license has also expired in 2000.

Sad to hear this news...this guy was in Fated to Love You and he played that funny lawyer...I never thought that he was a drug addict in real life. I hope he can successfully quit drugs and get back on his feet because crying doesn't help.

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