April 16, 2009

Blue Lan, Jocelyn Wang - Set to date in bed

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SETTV used bed scene to stir up news and ratings for two dramas and in the new drama "Good Health & Fortune" of Blue Lan, he will be able to enjoy such benefits too. In the drama, he and Jocelyn Wang are set to be the "sensual couple" where they will "do it" every time they meet. Their date location is always the bed. Besides making good use of Jocelyn's good figure, Blue's two dots will also be revealed to everyone!

Treating their body as treasure; Covering their nipples after having popularity

Many male stars started to cover themselves after reaching popularity. For example, in Hana Kimi, Wu Chun had someone stand-in for him for the bath-tub scene in order to keep his "nipples" for the Fahrenheit photobook. Jerry Yan also had a "Three No" rule when filming "The Hospital" and not revealing his nipples when filming bed scene was one of them.

Sacrificing his looks; Blue Lan does not mind
Blue Lan however is very different and expressed willingness in revealing himself for the sake of drama. His manager Billy said "Blue already knew he must strip when he saw the script. As long as the plot is logical and necessary, Blue will cooperate."
To make the bed scene seem more interesting, the director Liu Jun Jie has examined Korean Movie "A Frozen Flower" and jokingly said that the revealing extent can challenge "Lust Caution"

Returning to old career; Jocelyn Wang to act as reporter
Also, in this drama, Jocelyn Wang who started out as a female reporter will return to her own profession in the drama. She will be a female reporter who has always wanted to marry into the upper class. Director Liu said that Jocelyn's biggest problem is that her "speech is too clear". It's okay for news reporting but when she's reading the script, it can become too rigid and awkward. He wants Jocelyn to learn to relax.

In this drama, Blue Lan acts as a "Carnivorous Vulture Man" who, for the sake of money, is relentlses. He even tried to sabotage and trick Joe Chen. However, outside the drama, Blue is a true vegetarian and it is Joe instead that is carnivorous. Workers revealed that she even drinks pig brain soup every morning.

Woo~more news on Qiao En's new drama!

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