April 03, 2009

Blackie & Fan Fan combine bodies; push A-Mei & Leehom on same stage together

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Following the Golden-Horse winning film clip, Blackie (Hei Ren) directs again for ‘Love Life, cherish life, never give up’ charity advertisement, and will record the moving process of cancer patients’ never give up attitude. He specially invited Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, A-Mei Zhang, David Tao, Da Xiao S, Kwai Lun-Mei etc artists to participate. Besides filming the advertisement, they are also planning on holding a charity concert in September. Under the efforts of Blackie, ex-rumoured couple A-Mei & Leehom may be on the same stage together.

Blackie has been caring for a child with cancer for a very long time. During Chinese New Year, he took Fan Fan with him to the hospital to visit the child in ward no. 93. Blackie said: “That place is like my home, ward no. 93 has given me the greatest strength, and I hope to share it with everyone.” That night, he & Fan Fan decided to film a charity advertisement, receiving the sponsorship from Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation.

This ‘Love Life’ advertisement is directed by Blackie with Fan Fan in charge of the soundtrack and will air tomorrow night at 9:30pm on the news channels and all 19 TV channels in Taiwan. When Blackie sent a text to Jay Chou, inviting him to participate, Jay had just finished filming ‘Pandaman’ that night, and at 3am, sent a text back to Blackie saying: “Count me in.” And on the day of filming, Jay’s back was in extreme pain that he couldn’t even stand straight, but still kept his promise and filmed for 2 hours, making Blackie extremely touched.

On the 25th of February this year, a child died of bone cancer, and his greatest idol had been Leehom. Blackie specially phoned Leehom, who was in Yun Nan filming at the time, so to let the 2 talk on the phone. Leehom sung ‘唯一 (The One & Only)’ over the phone to the dying child and he sung till he choked up.

A-Mei, Fan Fan & Kwai Lun-Mei also went to visit the child in ward no. 93 and played cards with him. David Tao played his guitar and sung to him, and David specially told Blackie: “Doing charity work, please use me.”

Blackie & Fan Fan have been dating for 8 years, but we have never seen an intimate photo of them together. However, for this event, they put on one ‘Love Life’ t-shirt together, intimately combining bodies, hoping to draw more positive strength.

What a compassionate man! Putting his heart and mind into charity projects and doing so much for these kids! This is the same guy that hosts Wo Ai Hei Se Hui, he's really funny and childish on that show! A master prankster, I tell you! Go Blackie!

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