April 22, 2009

Arron In Three Dramas

Credit: aiwa@FahrenheitGloba1

Last year, gaining popularity with the drama "MIT", Aaron Yan was the first one to renew his contract. This year, he will be strongly supported by Comic Productions & H.I.M as the leading male role in 3 dramas "Momo Love", "Tian Shi Jie 23 Hao", and "Ai Si Bai Hui", at the same time his first solo album and personal photobook will debut next year.

*Aaron also mentioned that he did a personal photoshoot in Shanghai just after the Sprite Awards show in Beijing on April 17*

Whoa~doesn't look like Arron can get rest anytime soon...but ooo Solo Album...does this mean...Fahrenheit is...-----------? Of course not! Fahrenheit's company already came out to disburse the rumour of Fahrenheit disbanding. Their contract, however, is ending in a yeaaaarrr....and nobody can be certain of the future...

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