April 22, 2009

Arron Blog Post: Sprite Chart

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Translated by Tiffany@FahrenheitGloba1

After the Sprite Original Music Ceremony ended, is to go Shanghai for my personal photobook

A fulfilling week has passed again, in this trip I saw something that made me very touched

That is a bunch of Pudding wearing red Fanclub shirt, with Yan Ya Lun printed on

Thank you for giving me this surprise, and also thank you for giving me the strength, of course and those who have been accompanying me for the past three years

If I can, I really wish to write all your names up here

Why am I grateful? Because this is the first time I felt that there is a bunch of powerful stregth supporting me in China Mainland

In the past there are also the black banners with yellow words, all of you carrying the name of Protector Armies of Aaron

I felt that now I have to be more responsible, and have to be more careful

Because I no longer have my own dream, I also have to shoulder all your expectations

Hope this will be a good start. When every event has come to an end, I always tell myself to go back to the start

I must maintain the learning attitude for eveything, but in real life it's not that easy

It is even harder in the entertainment circle, the applause that will make one dizzy, the glamourous and fake words, it's easy to make one lose his own directions

It's after the experience that I know how horrible this devil is, thus, I decided to use the applause gotten from every event and change it to the motivation to start from zero

Thank you, it's not only the strength for me to become an artiste, it also gave me the courage to be humble

Hope I can work towards the proverb of "Humbleness as deep as a cliff", remind myself, and hope everyone can also feel it's charm

Remember the beauty of doing charity will be reflected on one's body oh
Let the world become more beautiful, everyone let's do charity together ︿︿Lun

OMG! He mentioned Pudding in his blog post! In case you didn't know, Pudding is the name of one of Arron's fanclubs. Arron's Thread on AF has a lot of puddings members so drop by when you have time and join Puddings! "Humbleness as deep as a cliff" - I'll remember that, Arron! Jia You!

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