April 30, 2009

GuiGui's Contract

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April 21, 2009 Entry

New hairstyle!!!

April 23, 2009 Entry


See you tomorrow at Guang Zhou
People who waited so long
Hope to see everyone come support Pi Li MIT....

April 26, 2009 Entry

Finished the two day trip to Guang Zhou
Saw a lot of MIT fans in these two days..
007 and TMX feel very happy and touched
Feel that everything was worth it

April 27, 2009 Entry


is what ghost walked out from
My road, I'll walk myself..
Thanks for advice :)

Entries from Gui Gui's Blog, translated by Celsius

I think she has left Channel V and has already chosen her own path to take, whatever that is. I hope there will be more news about which company she's going to go to now, that would be assuming that she stays in the entertainment industry. Hey, Gui Gui fans, let's support her, whatever path she chooses. (Btw, I love that picture up there! It's definitely a treat for all you, GuiLun fans out there!)

Xiao Zhu quits sex and makes net friends ; Identity exposed, Claims does not know the other person

Source: Yam News - Liberty
Translated by Cmiley @ http://www.asianfanatics.net
(Please credit or link properly if this is posted elsewhere)

[Xiao Zhu] Show Luo with intolerable loneliness, is caught in an internet friend making trap, exposing full message context of picking up a girl on the net, the female lead exposes Xiao Zhu [Brother Zhu] plays ambiguity, male lead questions the plot, says naïve and likes making friends, unfortunately enters the complicated world of the internet, Xiao Zhu sadly says he was too careless, apologizes for setting a bad example!

Exposing Female Netizen is Selina-Look-A-Like
The year before Xiao Zhu went to Thailand for pointers from the White Dragon King, if he quits from female (sex) then he could be popular as 10 years, since then he is stuck in a dilemma, says he has “Self Defence Force”, hands can do anything so it solves his physical needs until the end of last year. He and model Tia Li (李毓芬) met when filming an ad, rumours says once in the light the short relationship dies.

Because of helpless loneliness, Xiao Zhu went online to meet friends, meeting a Hong Kong female netizen, the person resembles to Selina, causing him to be caught in a love “net”, the two interacted about 3 months chatting on MSN, texting. The info was all recorded by the female, including cam exposure of Xiao Zhu’s half upper body, and messages of flirting text messages.

Xiao Zhu Half Upper Body Exposed on Cam
Private Interaction All Exposed

This so-called Fanny female netizen, gave all explicit content of their interaction to a magazine. Not only info about the process of them going out, Fanny had even said she’s been to his home, but since the publication of the exposure on the magazine, her site had also closed.

In this regard, Xiao Zhu firmly says he’s never met the person. As for the exposure of the upper body on the cam, he explained, the other party was questioning his identity, so to show his sincerity to be come friends, so he decided to open his cam to prove he identity, “coincidently at that time I was working out”.

Photograph and Name are Different
Female Bait Scam Plot

Xiao Zhu says naïve and wants to make friends, he had good impression of her, but at the end is involved in “Female Bait Scam Plot 仙人跳”, since the female netizen says she didn’t have cam, so he’s only seen the others pictures, also the exposure of the content is also not true, Xiao Zhu says that after the person got his trust, had said interests of entering the entertainment industry, then it made him realize some suspicion, thinking again of the other person’s motive of being friends. Who ever thought just as he had suspicions, he’s exposed by the female netizen, he sadly says: “He’s never going to trust anyone, there’s too man scams on the net, warns everyone to be careful.” He admits he was too careless, setting a bad example, “He will pay attention to his future actions.”

But Xiao Zhu also pointed out, the magazine calls the netizen Fanny, but the one he knows is Tiffany, and the pictures that were provided to the magazine by Fanny, was different from the person he knew as Tiffany showing not the same person, “The magazine and I could both be fooled.”

Xiao Zhu is Sorry to His Mother and Fans
Xiao Zhu meeting female netizen exposure, yesterday he was on GTV’s “100% Entertainment” Live program also says he’s sorry to his mother, fans, company, speaking of mother, words choking says, he’s originally worried about the reaction of the fans, but seeing the messages from fans, say about his making net friends says “Really Strong 很強”, “很行”and other words, all agree “Xiao Zhu is usually like this on “100% Entertainment”!” Giving him support, comforting him, then Xiao Zhu’s feelings was warmer, facing the camera says three statements: “I am Shuo Luo, I don not want to be a fake idol, I am a real person.”

Management Company is to Sue Female Netizen
Xiao Zhu’s management company gives statement, saying this female netizen spread news to the media, the purpose was to use this opportunity to become famous, the manager Zhang says, is looking for this female netizen, if found will sue all the way.

credits to faloveshow2@youtube

images from Mingpao & Liberty Times

Support Xiao Zhu!

Support Mr. Pig! Whoever that girl, she shouldn't have leaked these private information out. This is call back stabbing! And Mr. Pig needs to be more careful on the web too!

命中注定我愛你Fated to Love You MV - Let go of Love

Out of all the FTLY MVs I've watched, this one blows me away! It's soo well done...the song and the mv match so well! It's sooo INTENSEEE! The way the scenes are woven together with the song brings out all that passion and...this is just a jaw dropping video! The song is Let Go of Love by F.I.R. I'm glad the show didn't end the same way as the MV or else I'll be very very very sad. Hahaa! Chen Xin Yi, Jia You!

April 29, 2009

Fahrenheit deny going solo; sing new World Expo song together in Beijing

Source: Sina
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

Yesterday popular group Fahrenheit appeared in Beijing for the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China one year countdown "A Small Change to Create City's New Brilliance" event. On the day, besides exchanging ideas about environmental conservation with outstanding university students, Fahrenheit also performed the new Expo theme song .

Onstage, Jiro Wang, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan sang and danced. Furthermore, in the MV for , the four of them led the crowd in doing gymnastics, using body language to cheer for the World Expo, advocating environmental development and awareness. When it was mentioned that there is often news about people damaging the environment during filming, Fahrenheit said, "We often see this kind of news and this distresses us because once the natural landscape is damaged, it's gone. When we're filming, we will throw out all out used meal containers together in a garbage bag and the staff will throw it away. Also, we will always use re-usable chopsticks rather than disposable ones."

As long as you're in a group, you can't avoid rumours about splitting up and flying solo. Naturally this also applies to the very popular Fahrenheit, often rumoured that there are members wanting to fly solo. "We just finished our concert and have so many endorsements that we have to do together, how could be disband? These rumours will obviously be proven wrong, we still have many dreams that we want to fulfill together." Previously it was rumoured that Wu Chun wanted to fly solo but lately it's been rumoured that Jiro Wang wants to go independent but Jiro said at the press conference, "Go independent? How could that be? I've never thought of doing that."

Wu Chun explained that even though he has constantly been troubled by his leg injury, he still danced enthusiastically in the MV for new song released by Coca-cola. He said, "Earlier, I was continuously busy with the concerts and didn't have time to rest. Now we've finished, I've been trying to rest as much as possible, I've even been walking less. Everyone saw me sitting in a wheelchair at the airport but it's not due to pain but because I want to rest a while so my injury recovers faster. Coming up we still have lots and lots of work so I don't want this injury to hold me back."

OH NO! I'm gonna have to attack Jiro's hair AGAIN! It's soo...blah...he should go back to his old spiky style!

April 28, 2009

GuiLun Guangzhou Videos

Credit: Tudou & TeRonph@youtube

Gui Gui and Arron are playing the dress up game here. They have two "models" and they have to dress them up within a certain time frame. Haha~ Arron's so funny. He takes a pink dress[that looks like a tutu] and puts it on the model's head. HAHAAAAA~ the outcome was really weird...hahaa!

Credit: puiyee0312@youtube

Here, they have to act a scene where they unexpectedly see a corpse on the ground. Gui Gui makes Arron goes first, because she's nervous. Hahaa~ Arron acts all handsome and goes up to investigate the corpse. Hahahaa~ and everyone is shouting "SHUAI!" Hahahaa! Then it's Gui Gui's turn and she screamsssss! Hahahahahahaaa!

Credit as watermarked

April 27, 2009

Gui Gui goes to Guangzhou for Promotions

Translated by: Celsius!
News Source: Baidu Article found on GuiLun Thread

Recently, MFBBT Christine Fan, Hey Girl Gui Gui, Fahrenheit Arron Yan, and BBT Wei Lian[I think the article made a mistake here, it should be Xiao Gui from 100% Entertainment and not BBT Wei Lian] lead in the idol school mystery drama Pi Li MIT which is currently about to air on StarTV. In order to get good ratings, male and female lead Arron Yan and Gui Gui will come to Guang Zhou to do promotions on April 26. Although reporters were prepared at 9am, the hotel's lobby was crowded with fans, as seen the two idols have extremely high popularity.

Arron Yan and Gui Gui play a pair of lover in the drama, but when this couple was first introduced, they weren't accepted, Gui Gui revealed that when she first heard the criticisms, she was quite upset, "My first time being the female lead and I run into these kind of problem, it really isn't pleasing, but good thing Arron supported me and told me that we will work hard in our roles and change their view. Thanks to Arron, the outcome is not too bad, everyone has accepted our collaboration." Playing a love couple, there's certainly a lot of kiss scenes, and for the sake of this drama, the two leads gave up their first on screen kiss. Talking about these kiss scenes, Arron jokingly said, "That time I was really into the scene, because when I was younger I always wanted to be the hero that saves the damsel in distress, and now that has come true."

At the press conference, Arron and Gui Gui had a lot of chemistry. When asked if their ideal partners were each other, Gui Gui boldly said, "We are actually very good friends, a kind of delicate good." Arron generously replied, "Gui Gui is actually very cute. In the drama, I'm very engrossed in it, and really like her. I used to like younger girls but now I feel that mature ones are better, she needs to be able to support me. Because now, work has become very tiring, I hope to return to a warm home. Sometimes, being a toyboy isn't so bad." [toyboy: boyfriend of an older woman]

As a result of filming late at night at spooky area, Arron reveals that he met a spirit. "Because the filming area was an area that was abandoned for a long time, there weren't much people around, sometimes I went into some unknown areas. Before I went though, I was fine but after I came back, I got headaches, vomited. My manager told me to go pray, and afterwards, I became healthy again, don't know if it was psychological thing or whatever but it was quite scary."

OMG! My first attempt at translating news! It took quite some time though... hahaha! But I like this article because there's GuiLun Ai Mei! hahahaa! It doesn't matter to me anymore if they're actually a couple in real life, I'll take good friend as well. They have a tacit understanding! Hahaha! Arron's little ghost story at the end is a bit spooky...cuz if you watched MIT, you would know that the setting is quite dark and spooky...

Some more GuiLun Pictures from the Guang Zhou event!
Credit as watermarked and to GuiLun Thread

Ah~ Arron and his killer smile!

He really likes that thumbs up sign, eh! haha~ handsome!


Awesome Awesome Picture! My favorite one in all! Love both of their facial expressions!

GuiLun forever! Wooo!

Adorable Arron! I love his hair too!

GuiLun Guangzhou Pics!!!

AHHH! Finally! GuiLun unites in Guang zhou for Pi Li MIT Promotion! GuiLun's Thread @ AF is loaded with pictures, articles, and videos from the event! I'll be posting some of them here too! AHHH~ GuiLun!!! What a happy day!

GuiLun!!!!!! Love their new hair!


Hahaha! Their expressions are hilarious, especially Arron! Yayayaaa!

Wah~look at all the fans behind them! I wish I was there!!!

Credit as watermarked and to GuiLun AF Thread

Stay tune for more GuiLun!

April 26, 2009

“Just Wish to Depend / Stick with You” - Jerry Yan, Ella Seek to Woo Viewers

Note: Please credit syyang of Baidu Ella Forum for the translation provided . Please copy this article in its entirery not edit any part of if transferred elsewhere . Thank you for your full co-operation

“Just Wish to Depend / Stick with You” - Jerry Yan, Ella Seek to Woo Viewers

Produced by GTV, Multi-Manny, and Jin Xi Media – “Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni” (lit transl: Just Wish to Depend / Stick with You”), has finally closed in on the Jerry Yan-and-Ella duo casting, bringing a totally new feel to the drama series. Producer Ke Yi Qin shared that since the very beginning, the production team has been eyeing these 2 internationally known A-list artistes for the series. Despite the difficulties encountered in arranging for filming schedule, and the high production budget required for artistes’ remuneration, it is definitely well worth the effort, in consideration of the overall overseas market response.

Among Taiwan idol series’ male leads, almost nobody ever dared to take on the role of a lawyer. But Jerry Yan is set to give a convincing portrayal of a cold-faced lawyer, specializing in cases of divorce and property settlements. The most essential criteria to assume the role of a lawyer would require one to be eloquent and with an imposing charisma. However in Jerry’s previous roles, he was portrayed more as that of a devoted lover with little emphasis for eloquence. Therefore to prepare himself for the composed, intellectual and lethal-tongued lawyer role, Jerry has already started enthusiastically to source for a teacher to brush up on his speech, body language and eye contact in order to give viewers a whole new look.

Although Ella had no new works last year, she has been the female lead for many other series previously. Amongst them, her role as a girl under a boy-disguise within “Hana Kimi” won the hearts of many fans locally and internationally. This time, she will resume her female identity in the collaboration with Jerry, and is ready to dazzle everyone. However at the beginning of the series, she would be mistaken by the male lead as a lesbian.

In order to portray the role of the poor unfortunate girl, yet with ambitions and an optimistic disposition; it is not only going to be a challenge for Ella in terms of acting, but also for physical strength and energy. This is because through the female lead’s attempts to keep the figures within her bank account rising, she has become a “through-to-through-handy-girl” in all aspects - regardless fixing electronic home appliances or taking up moving and cleaning jobs. During her debut scene in the series, Ella’s role as Yang Guo will even be seen roaming the streets with a refrigerator on her back in a KUSO effect.

* Kuso is slang for something like “hilariously funny in an original way”.

Jerry shared on his immense interest in the upcoming collaboration with Ella. When he first learnt that the female lead is to be Ella, he felt strongly that they would definitely be able to create onscreen sparks never before, since all of the female leads from his previous series were the more feminine type. When he imagined about how his role in the series would mistake Yang Guo as a lesbian, and even be piggy-backed by her to the hospital, he is sure that this production will definitely be the one representation to give him the most memorable feel.

“Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni” has closed in on the Jerry Yan-and-Ella-pairing.

translated by : syyang of Baidu Ella Forum
original source : http://www.cdnnews.com.tw/20090424/news/ys...42316511933.htm

Ella and Jerry...interesting..although they don't look like they match but who knows. Maybe they'll have some fireworks since Ella wants to "melt Jerry"! Hahaha! Ella in Hana Kimi was so hilarious. Almost all her facial expressions were exaggerated to a hilarious level! Hana Kimi was good....although I really wished Chun had a haircut before filming it...cuz him and long hair...ehhh...him with short hair= very handsome!

April 25, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Yepp, for the next week, I'll be as busy as bee. I have two big group projects to work and an English paper! AHH~I'm so terrified of the English paper. English is my weakest subject; one paragraph takes me at least an hour to write because I really have no idea what to write. I take too long to think about what to write...ahhhhhh, the only good thing is next year, I don't have to take English anymore! -Sigh- but I have to pass this semester's English class!

Drama-wise...hahaha! I've been going after all of Qiao En's old dramas! I've already watched Fated To Love You, Prince Turned Into Frog, Ying Ye 3 Jia 1, Rock Paper Scissors, and In Love With a Rich Girl. I'm looking forward to watching My MVP Valentine and 100% Senorita! Her acting is sooo goood in all of the series I've watched so far! Best Actress goes to Chen Qiao En! Woooo!

April 22, 2009

Arron Blog Post: Sprite Chart

NOTE: Please credit if you are posting this translated blog entry elsewhere. If we find out whoever has posted this blog entry to other sites without giving proper credits, the person posting it will be held responsible. We will give a 1st warning through PM, if the act continues, we may BAN/DELETE the person's account. Thank you for your cooperation.

Translated by Tiffany@FahrenheitGloba1

After the Sprite Original Music Ceremony ended, is to go Shanghai for my personal photobook

A fulfilling week has passed again, in this trip I saw something that made me very touched

That is a bunch of Pudding wearing red Fanclub shirt, with Yan Ya Lun printed on

Thank you for giving me this surprise, and also thank you for giving me the strength, of course and those who have been accompanying me for the past three years

If I can, I really wish to write all your names up here

Why am I grateful? Because this is the first time I felt that there is a bunch of powerful stregth supporting me in China Mainland

In the past there are also the black banners with yellow words, all of you carrying the name of Protector Armies of Aaron

I felt that now I have to be more responsible, and have to be more careful

Because I no longer have my own dream, I also have to shoulder all your expectations

Hope this will be a good start. When every event has come to an end, I always tell myself to go back to the start

I must maintain the learning attitude for eveything, but in real life it's not that easy

It is even harder in the entertainment circle, the applause that will make one dizzy, the glamourous and fake words, it's easy to make one lose his own directions

It's after the experience that I know how horrible this devil is, thus, I decided to use the applause gotten from every event and change it to the motivation to start from zero

Thank you, it's not only the strength for me to become an artiste, it also gave me the courage to be humble

Hope I can work towards the proverb of "Humbleness as deep as a cliff", remind myself, and hope everyone can also feel it's charm

Remember the beauty of doing charity will be reflected on one's body oh
Let the world become more beautiful, everyone let's do charity together ︿︿Lun

OMG! He mentioned Pudding in his blog post! In case you didn't know, Pudding is the name of one of Arron's fanclubs. Arron's Thread on AF has a lot of puddings members so drop by when you have time and join Puddings! "Humbleness as deep as a cliff" - I'll remember that, Arron! Jia You!

Arron In Three Dramas

Credit: aiwa@FahrenheitGloba1

Last year, gaining popularity with the drama "MIT", Aaron Yan was the first one to renew his contract. This year, he will be strongly supported by Comic Productions & H.I.M as the leading male role in 3 dramas "Momo Love", "Tian Shi Jie 23 Hao", and "Ai Si Bai Hui", at the same time his first solo album and personal photobook will debut next year.

*Aaron also mentioned that he did a personal photoshoot in Shanghai just after the Sprite Awards show in Beijing on April 17*

Whoa~doesn't look like Arron can get rest anytime soon...but ooo Solo Album...does this mean...Fahrenheit is...-----------? Of course not! Fahrenheit's company already came out to disburse the rumour of Fahrenheit disbanding. Their contract, however, is ending in a yeaaaarrr....and nobody can be certain of the future...

April 21, 2009

Fahrenheit won 4 awards @ Sprite Chinese Original Music Festival

Fahrenheit won 4 awards @ Sprite Chinese Original Music Festival

1. Hong Kong & Taiwan Area Golden Melody Award - Existing For You (Fahrenheit)

2. Media Recomendation Award (Taiwan) - Fahrenheit

3.The Best Group Award (Asia Pacific) - Fahrenheit

4.National DJ Voted Award of Excellence - Fahrenheit

Credit to Fahrenheit Globa1 & phiongthaohuynh@Arron's AF Thread & Frh AF Gallery

Ah~ beloved Fahrenheit! Congrats for four awards! Wooooo! Calvin looks his best with short hair! As for Jiro, I prefer his old rocker style hair. Chun's hair hasn't change much. Arron's hair is perfecctttt. Hahaha! Fahrenheit, Jia You!

I can't fall for a girl who annoys me

I can't fall for a girl who annoys me
Drama fans long for reel-life couple to become real-life couple, but actor can't fall for co-star

By Charlene Chua / The New Paper

THEY became a couple in reel life.

And idol drama fans wish Taiwanese stars Matthew Lin and Chen Qiao En would also become a couple in real life.

Matthew and Qiao En first paired up in the 2005 idol drama, The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog.

Their on-screen chemistry made the show a hit and it became the most watched Taiwanese drama of all time.

So will life imitate art?

In a phone interview with The New Paper recently, Matthew, 29, said of his pretty co-star: 'She likes to make me angry. How am I supposed to fall for a girl who always frustrates me like that?'

He revealed that he and Qiao En 'became extremely close' through the hardship that they had to 'endure together' while filming The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog.

In the series, Matthew plays a rich tyrant who gets involved in an accident on his wedding day. Qiao En's character, who thinks she caused the accident, brings Matthew's amnesiac character home and both of them eventually fall in love.

The many filming locations and 5am morning calls wore both of them down physically and mentally - they pulled through only with each other's support.

Still, the pair's on-screen sparks have got fans swooning.

There are scores of forums dedicated to discussing their sizzling chemistry, with fans dubbing them the 'dream combination' and 'most perfect lovers'.

Wrote adrienne83 on the Asian Fanatics Forum: 'Their chemistry in a word... amazing! Whoever thought of pairing these two up is definitely a genius.'

Added another netizen named ramen on the same thread: 'I think they look really good together. Hopefully, they'll be a real couple soon.'

Best Friend

Matthew attributes it to the tight bond he shares with Qiao En, whom he has known for seven years.

But because of that familiarity, he says they know each other too well to fall in love.

He said: 'She would often retort boldly to something I say when we're having a conversation.

'She annoys me like how a child would annoy his or her parents.'

Still, when asked about her redeeming qualities, he quickly said that the way she puts 'her heart and soul' into her acting is something that he admires about her.

And although he has never had that 'girlfriend feeling' with her, he still calls her his 'best friend'.

The success of The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog was beaten only by last year's You're My Destiny - in the latter, a couple must face the consequences of their one mistaken night of passion together.

Coincidentally, Qiao En was also the female lead for the series.

But Matthew turned down a chance to be the show's male lead, a role that eventually went to Ethan Ruan. All he would say is that it was 'my management's decision'.

He admitted that after the series was aired, 'many people' had speculated that the show's ratings would have been even higher if he had acted opposite Qiao En. He said: 'I don't totally agree with them. I think Ethan and I would have brought very different things to the drama.

'And who knows? It could have been a disaster if I had played that role,' he said, with a laugh.

But Matthew is ready to move on from pairing up with Qiao En on-screen?

In his latest series, Knock Knock Loving You, he will cosy up to Taiwanese model Wu Ya Xin.

In the series, currently showing on (Hong Kong/Taiwan) Mei Ah Drama On-demand (SingTel mio TV Ch 314), Matthew plays a wealthy businessman who is secretly in love with Ya Xin's character and finds it tough to express his feelings for her.

'As I am now of an age where I can call myself a man, playing a mature role really suits me.

'It's something that all those infantile young actors will not have a clue about,' he said, with a chuckle.

Hahaha! I'm not exactly a MingEn fan although I love all their collaborations together. They have a ton of onscreen chemistry! I'm totally ready for their thirdcollaboration in that China series. Hehehe! In case you didn't know, TV Qiao En is totally different from real life Qiao En. Hahahaha! If you watch the variety shows with 7 flowers, you'll find out that Qiao En is a very hardworking, straightforward kind of person. Persistant and always having her own view, witty and quick!

Wilber Pan 'opens up his voice' through screaming in rehabilitation

To quickly heal his leg injury in time for his new album promotions, Wilber endures a pain equivalent to 'breaking his leg'.

Source : UDN
translation by ♥Kitsiee @ http://asianfanatics.net

Wilber Pan entered the surgical room the year before to undergo knee ligament surgery. After 2 months of recuperating rest, Wilber is still unable to run or jump around dancing. However, because he starts work and filming in May, Wilber is in a hurry to quicken his rehabilitation. His rehabilitation master is unsparing of pain when he heard of Wilber's request, and Wilber ended up with a face scrunched up in a look as if his trying to still act cool while in pain.

In actuality, Wilber's walking is pretty much okay by now, but when it comes to running or jumping, or any actions that requires more exertion, and he still comes up with some problems. Now, he has to report to his rehabilitation master 3 days a week. When asked, Wilber described the process of rehabilitation like "Unbearably painful, especially when the legs are bent, I'll be screaming, but I can do nothing but bear it and think of something other then the pain." He also said : "Do not look down on the small action of bending my legs once and twice, because everytime I do it, it is painful to the point that my body breaks out in sweat." Because of this injury on his left knee, Wilber's jobs, which were originally scheduled in April, were all delayed by a month, and only a month so as to not affect the rest of his schedules by much. The Wilber that usually loves to act cool and handsome, lost all his cool in the rehabilitation center, screaming when it hurts, or painful. Everytime he undergoes rehabilitation, his body would be drenched in sweat, he would have to continue with many other rehabilitation activities like riding on a 'bike', or even doing some stretching exercises, before he is released for the day. But there is a good side to all of this. Everytime after Wilber has finished screaming, his vocals would sound particularly good, and if he goes directly in to the recording studio, often enough he only has to record once to get the green light, with no mistakes or problems. Fans would probably get to hear a new angle in Wilber's voice when his album comes out in May.

Poor Wilber! Enduring all that pain...it must be tough! Hang in there!

April 20, 2009

Andy arrived in Shenyang secretly, gone in 20 seconds!

Monday April 20, 2009 Hong Kong
News from: Sina.com, Shenyang Daily, ent.tom.com
Credits: to AndyLauSounds @ http://www.andylausounds.com
AF News

Wearing a black hat, blue wind breaker, causal pants and a pair of white sports shoes, Andy Lau arrived on a rainy day in Shengyang on 20 April 2009. Fans did not manage to see him, even reporters armed with “super mega zoom len” DSLR could only take a photograph of his side view.

Andy’s low profile arrival is understandable but it would still disappoint for those fans whom followed him from the airport to his hotel in the rain. This is the third time that Andy come to Shenyang to stage his concert.

The long awaited rain came in Shenyang which delights the fans, they could also catch their idol 3 days prior to the concert as it’s a chance hard to come by. The fans went early to wait for him at Shenyang Taoxian Airport as they held banners like “Love Andy forever, North-east number one Andy’s fan club” await his arrival to welcome him, some crazy fans even held banner like “Hubby, you’re back, Shenyang forever will be your home”. The fans wore t-shirts with Andy’s autograph, they are so excited as they posed for reporters to take photographs.

Around 16:10 hours, the rain had yet to stop, the private jet plane of Andy had successfully touched down at Taoxian Airport from Yantai. When the plane came to a stop, the crew members immediately used umbrellas to create a shield to prevent the reporters from taking any photographs, when they discover the cameras of reporters, they used their body to block their view. At this moment, Andy had already alight from the plane, being shielded by the black umbrellas of the crew members, he immediately walked toward the awaiting blue car, the whole process last not more than 20 seconds, although the difficulties, reporter still managed to take a photograph of his side view.

After exiting from the airport, Andy directly head towards the hotel that he’s staying, although unable to see their idol, the fans still stayed behind, their determination is touching. The car drove into the hotel carpark and Andy took a private lift which will directly bring him to his room, this prohibit anyone getting near him. Reporter understand from the hotel that Andy’s manager had already set some rules for Andy’s security, thus when the hotel staff hear questions on Andy had to stop answering questions.

It’s heard that Andy is staying on the 28th floor presidential suite, nobody is allowed to enter that floor since 18 April. The presidential suite cost $16000 per night, the room is 200 square feet and has a grand interior renovation. There will be a personal housekeeper attached to Andy, the hotel reserved a lift for him as it will directly reach the 28th floor.

The reporter understand from the organizing committee that Andy’s schedule in Shenyang will not be disclose, other than taking a rest to replenish his stamina, he will have his rehearsal in the Shenyang Olympic Centre. Andy will be staying in Shenyang for 4 days, he would not be accepting any interviews.

Being the first singers to stage a concert at Shenyang Olympic Centre, he hope to give the audience an unforgettable night.

WHOOOAAAAA! Look what fame and fortune brings!

Da Bing caught the second time for drugs abuse

Da Bing caught the second time for drugs abuse
Yahoo News
AF News

Taiwanese entertainer Yu Bing-Hsian (commonly known as Da Bing) was arrested on Friday in Taipei for amphetamine use.

According to Taiwan reports, 33-year-old Yu met with police check at the motel where he was putting up for the night with his male friend, Huang. The latter, who did not bring his identification card, refused to let police in. Yu, who opened the door later on, was half naked with just his lower body wrapped in a towel.

Police said the drugs were kept in a Ziploc bag and Yu was preparing to hide them when they were seized. Yu cried in pleas when the police caught him together with one small bag of amphetamine, a bag with the remnants of the used drug and the apparatus used to take in the drugs.

He was wearing a cap and mask when he arrived at the police station where hoards of media were already waiting. Yu admitted in tears to consuming amphetamine, which he claimed were provided by Huang, in the motel room on Thursday night at 11pm. He was later bailed out with NT$30,000 (about S$1,500).

Yu was also arrested for drugs abuse in 2007 and later sent for rehabilitation for 50 days. When he was released, he told the media outside the rehabilitation centre in Taipei that he will not repeat his mistake again; he has also made public apology for his adverse demonstrations.

In February this year, Yu was involved in a drink driving traffic accident where both he and his younger brother were injured. According to reports, his blood alcohol level was at 0.61 when the accident happened, way off from the standard of 0.25. His driving license has also expired in 2000.

Sad to hear this news...this guy was in Fated to Love You and he played that funny lawyer...I never thought that he was a drug addict in real life. I hope he can successfully quit drugs and get back on his feet because crying doesn't help.

TVB Ratings Report (13/04/09-17/04/09)

Credits to: http://drama.tvb.com/

Translated by: ♥ NaNo NaNdOz@asianfanatics.net

1. The King of Snooker (Episode 11-15): 28 PTS (Peaking at 31 PTS)

2. Man in Charge (Episode 06-10): 28 PTS (Peaking at 30 PTS)

3. Off Pedder (Episode 123-128): 25 PTS (Peaking at 28 PTS)

Whoa! The ratings aren't that great...TVB is faalllliiinnnggg....

Linda Chung hasn't slept for 2 days due to rushing the filming for new TV series

Sunday April 19, 2009 Hong Kong
Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net
From: AF News

Linda Chung looked tired while attending a event in Gold Coast. Later she expressed that due to rushing the filming for TVB series "The Legend of Pu Songling" she hasn't slept for 2 days. "I haven't slept for 2 days but I am still very happy. Many colleagues are very nice such as Steven Ma who made Ching Po Leung tea for me." (What is the longest you haven't slept for) "4 days, I haven't experienced that feeling for a while."

Holy moly, 4 days of no sleeping! Being an artist is tough...

7 Flowers- Mi Gong 迷宫

Video: Theballs26
Lyrics: chinesemusicblog

Song Title: 迷宫
Mi Gong

Singer : 7 flower

Jiu jing ni xiang shen me dan yan lei pian bu liao wo
No matter what you said, in the end, tears cannot deceive me
Ru guo shi ming ding lian ren wei he hai yao dui wo
If fate decides for lovers, then why would it still treat me
Ru ci zhe yang can ren
So harsh such as this?

(7)记得你曾说过 有个爱情迷宫
Ji de ni ceng shuo guo you ge ai qing mi gong
I remember you told me once, that there is a love puzzle
Zhi yao wo men neng gou peng tou jiu neng tian chang di jiu
So long as we both can bump into each other, we can then be together forever
Ru guo zhen de ai wo jiu bie guan zen me chuan shuo
If you really love me, then don’t worry about those legends
Rang zi zun ta wu qing zhuo nong
Let self-respect plays no emotion
Guan shen me yong heng bu yong heng
When it comes to eternity or not

Wo bu yao zi ji yi ge ren
I don’t want to be by myself
Qu mian dui wei zhi de mi gong
To go face the unknown puzzle
yan kan zhe xing fu jiu zai qian tou que wu fa dao shou
The happiness right before my eyes, yet it’s unreachable
Bu yao zi ji yi ge ren wu zhu de mang mu qu mo suo
I don’t want to be by myself, helplessly blinded giving it a try
Ai ni… wo xiang ge xiao tou
Loving you…makes me feel like a thief

(qiaoEn) (我可以装做不懂你不爱我)
(Wo ke yi zhuang zuo bu dong ni bu ai wo)
I can pretend not to understand that you don’t love me

(7)Zhong yu you le xuan ze
At the end, a choice needs to be made
Wo bu shi ni de qing kong
I am not your clear sky
(Trans. Note: I believe that this “Qing Kong” probably refers to the character in the series)
Ni de xin bu ai wo
Your heart doesn’t love me
Zhi neng ji xu wei qu
I can only remain resigned,
Zuo ta de dai ti pin
[If I were to continue] To be her replacement

April 19, 2009

Gui Gui! 加油!

Translated by indigo sky@Gui Gui's AF Thread

Hey Girl Isn't Splitting; Gui Gui Wants to Fly Solo

This year Hey Girl has reduced exposure on television, decreased endorsements, also with last year's results aren't worth moving forward, and also previous members Gui Gui, Da Ya, and Xiao Man, whose contracts have expired, don't want to renew their contracts, Hey Girl's popularity is put to the ultimate test, at the brink of dissolution.

Channel [V]'s Director Andy seriously denied this, and stressed that within the group, only Gui Gui's contract has expired, it is impossible for Hey Girl to separate, and this year, Hey Girl's main target was to get closer to the Mainland. [Translator Note: It means like, gain more popularity on the Mainland and whatnot.]

Contract Expired. Channel [V] Keeps People

Andy said, Da Ya and Xiao Man's contracts are both not due to expire, but Gui Gui's contract is due in late April. Gui Gui also took the initiative by saying she wants to express independence, and add everyone's idea of personal development space. Both sides are still talking about the contract renewal. And if so, Hey Girl's common LPs [Translator Note: record, as in albums], advertisement contracts, Gui Gui will still participate in. However, it is understood that Gui Gui already has contacts with other brokerage firms, has not been in the studio and recorded [Wo Ai Hei Se Hui], and is unlikely to renew contracts.

Pressured to Maintain Sexy Image

As for Hey Girl's popularity, Andy said, this year Hey Girl's propaganda is to expand into the Mainland, shift focus, take over the Mainland's beverages, endorse online games, it is inevitable that their popularity in Taiwan will reduce.

However, he also said, still, Taiwan's dramas and and company invitations, but speaking of invitations, because Yao Yao exposed her breasts like crazy*, the company hopes that Hey Girl can expose a sexy feeling, but they also don't want to lose Hey Girl's idol attributes, so they can only extrapolate.

Aww, looks like there'll be no more Gui Gui on WAHSH!!! The only thing I'm worried about now is whether she will continue to film THAWD with Arron since her contract is now expired. Hopefully, she will come out and give us some news on this drama! But yea, Gui Gui, 加油!

April 18, 2009

In New York learning dancing and doing extreme shopping; Show Luo spends all $100k of his cash in 3 days

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

At the beginning of April, Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) went to New York for about two weeks to learn dancing, he praised that his dancing and English had improved immensely but his ability to shop has also strengthened. In a short 3 day period, he spent all of his $100,000 NTD spare cash and even took his unlimited credit card to buy two large suitcases full of goods. Just how much did he spend? He joked, "I don't know either, we'll find out when the bill comes!"

Doesn't want to come back, has become fond of studying abroad

Since graduating from senior high, this is Xiao Zhu's first time studying abroad. Before leaving New York on the 16th, he who has become very fond of being a student, felt reluctant to leave, sighing sadly to his agent, "What am I gonna do? I don't want to come back!" Furthermore, he seized the last day he had in New York to attend another dance class, dancing continuously for 9 hours until he became "Iron-legged Pig". His legs were quite weary as he carried all his luggage to the airport. Even though he was worried that he would use up all his physical stength, affecting tomorrow's gathering with Singaporean fans, he has already planned to study abroad for one month next time he goes to New York.

Announces on MSN first, don't be shocked in the least

In the absence of his agent's supervision, Xiao Zhu couldn't resist going shopping; as soon as he saw brands he liked, he would buy, completely spending two weeks' worth of cash in three days. However, since he had a credit card on hand, he wasn't afraid of having no money, even making a long-distance call asking his agent to quickly send over an empty suitcase for him to fill up. Afraid that his agent would be mad at the large bill, he let his agent know on MSN first, even very mysteriously saying, "Don't be the least bit shocked!"

Xiao Zhu has been madly shopping in New York but advertisements are popular as usual. For a 7-figure sum, he has been endorsing Lays potato chips; his ability to spend and earn money are all astonishing.

Awww, he left before I got a chance to bump into him on the streets of New York.

Raymond Lam bombarded by Malaysian Reporters if Linda Chung will be his guest at Concert

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/
From: AF News

Raymond Lam bombarded by Malaysian Reporters if Linda Chung will be his guest at Concert

Raymond Lam arrived in Malaysia to attend a coffee brand endorsement press conference, unexpected to him, the first thing the local Reporters asked him was how much he was paid? In the middle of drinking his coffee, Raymond splated it out, causing laughter in the entire scene. He glanced over to the Boss and had a smile on his face, showing us that his pay is satisfying. His endorsement fee is approximately 7 figures.

In June, Raymond will be opening his first concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum, he reveals that the costumes for his concert will have some sexiness in it. But when asked if rumored girlfriend Linda Chung will be a guest, he did not respond. He only said that when preparing for who will be the guests, he will pick the ones who have not been on stage with him before and close friends.

Besides his concert, he will be going to Shenzhen and rush to film a 30 episode series and will be recording for her third album. It is estimated that before his concert opens in June, he will be able to perform his new songs.

OoooO...nice concert poster! I wonder if they're giving those out...hehehehe!

April 16, 2009

Blue Lan, Jocelyn Wang - Set to date in bed

Source: Yahoo
Translation by minivicki @ http://asianfanatics.net/

SETTV used bed scene to stir up news and ratings for two dramas and in the new drama "Good Health & Fortune" of Blue Lan, he will be able to enjoy such benefits too. In the drama, he and Jocelyn Wang are set to be the "sensual couple" where they will "do it" every time they meet. Their date location is always the bed. Besides making good use of Jocelyn's good figure, Blue's two dots will also be revealed to everyone!

Treating their body as treasure; Covering their nipples after having popularity

Many male stars started to cover themselves after reaching popularity. For example, in Hana Kimi, Wu Chun had someone stand-in for him for the bath-tub scene in order to keep his "nipples" for the Fahrenheit photobook. Jerry Yan also had a "Three No" rule when filming "The Hospital" and not revealing his nipples when filming bed scene was one of them.

Sacrificing his looks; Blue Lan does not mind
Blue Lan however is very different and expressed willingness in revealing himself for the sake of drama. His manager Billy said "Blue already knew he must strip when he saw the script. As long as the plot is logical and necessary, Blue will cooperate."
To make the bed scene seem more interesting, the director Liu Jun Jie has examined Korean Movie "A Frozen Flower" and jokingly said that the revealing extent can challenge "Lust Caution"

Returning to old career; Jocelyn Wang to act as reporter
Also, in this drama, Jocelyn Wang who started out as a female reporter will return to her own profession in the drama. She will be a female reporter who has always wanted to marry into the upper class. Director Liu said that Jocelyn's biggest problem is that her "speech is too clear". It's okay for news reporting but when she's reading the script, it can become too rigid and awkward. He wants Jocelyn to learn to relax.

In this drama, Blue Lan acts as a "Carnivorous Vulture Man" who, for the sake of money, is relentlses. He even tried to sabotage and trick Joe Chen. However, outside the drama, Blue is a true vegetarian and it is Joe instead that is carnivorous. Workers revealed that she even drinks pig brain soup every morning.

Woo~more news on Qiao En's new drama!

Kingone Wang Plays a Ruffian Drug Lord in Black and White; Like The Dark Knight's Joker

Kingone Wang ChuanYi Plays a Ruffian Drug Lord in Black and White; Like The Dark Knight's Joker
Date: April 16, 2009
News Source: Liberty Times, http://asianfanatics.net/forum/
Translation Credit: tammiest @ http://asianfanatics.net/

* Please credit accordingly if/when posting elsewhere. Thank you!

Kingone Wang ChuanYi plays a drug lord in new drama Black and White. The character's "abnormal" and maniacal nature is a big change for Kingone; it's the first time he's taking on the role of a "villain." Kingone said that playing a "bad guy" was extremely satisfying; he enjoyed himself immensely: although clothed in a black turtleneck sweater in 30-something degree weather (about 90-something degrees Fahrenheit), he didn't feel hot in the least. He said, "The moment the camera begins rolling, it's like I'm taking a drug... I feel "high" to the point of forgetting myself!"

Black and White, which was directed by 蔡岳勳 Tsai YueXun, began airing on PTS last week; TVBS-G will be replaying the episodes this Saturday. The treacherous, brutal, and ruthless drug lord 高義 Gao Yi, played by Kingone, has already left a deep impression on the audience. Netizens have even begun calling him "Taiwan's Heath Ledger," saying directly that he has a bit of The Dark Knight's Joker (as played by Heath Ledger) in him.
* Translator's Note: It is important to note that Kingone most likely began filming his part before The Dark Knight was officially released in July of 2008. At any rate, the article does NOT say that the netizens are accusing him of copying Heath at all, so it's definitely meant as a compliment!

Kingone only appears in the first five episodes of Black and White; his role isn't very big. Despite this, however, he still filmed for three months! It was almost like Kingone was "possessed;" the more he filmed, the more "shockingly" perverse and evil he seemed. Some workers even said that they would actually feel creeped out when they approached him! Kingone, who is currently serving in the military, occasionally acts in skits for the Soldiers' Training and Activity Days. Kingone is scheduled to be released from the military in August of this year.

Whoa! Like since when was Kingone in the military? I never knew...hahaha~the last drama I saw him in was Why Why Love. I guess Black and White will be on my future drama watch list.

Guang Liang-右手边

Video: ChineseMusics@youtube
Lyrics: aznoobyboy@youtube

jing jing de zuo zai ni de shen bian
Calmly sitting next to you

hai hui you duo shao zhe yang de shi jian
How many times will this happen?

wo yao ying zhe zhe chuang wai de guang xian
I welcome the light by the window.

lao lao de ji zhu ni wei xiao de ce lian
Remembering the smile on the side of your face

wo shuo le li bie bu hui shang bei
I said parting will not injure or bring sorrow.

zhe shi wo dui ni wei yi de qi pian
Treating you like this was my most deceiving.

yin wei wo zui xi huan ni de shuang yan
Because I love your eyes the most.

那么美 不适合掉眼泪
na me mei bu shi he diao yan lei
So beautiful, it's not for crying.

你要好好的去飞 不需要对我想念
ni yao hao hao de qu fei bu xu yao dui wo xiang nian
Be good and fly away, don't have to miss me.

wo hui mo mo de liu xia you shou bian de zuo wei
I will quietly remain on the right-hand seat.

有一天 当你看过世界
you yi tian dang ni kan guo shi jie
One day, after you see the world.

zai jue ding ni jiang luo de di dian
You must decide where to land.

而我也会继续地 奔驰在这长长的街
er wo ye hui ji xu de ben chi zai zhe chang chang de jie
And I will continue to run through the long street.

左手边是我的心 右手边没有谁
zuo shou bian shi wo de xin you shou bian mei you shei
The left side is my heart, the right side has nobody.

wei le ni zai ji mo wo dou ke yi cheng quan
Because of you, again being lonely I will succeed.

因为我相信 说过了再见
yin wei wo xang xin shuo guo le zai jian
Because I believe, saying till we meet again.

yi ding hui zai jian
Certainly we'll meet again.

wo shuo le li bie bu hui shang bei
I said parting will not injure or bring sorrow.

zhe shi wo dui ni wei yi de qi pian
Treating you like this is my only deceit.

yin wei wo zui xi huan ni de shuang yan
Because I love your eyes the most.

那么美 不适合掉眼泪
na me mei bu shi he diao yan lei
So beautiful, it's not for crying.

你要好好的去飞 不需要对我想念
ni yao hao hao de qu fei bu xu yao dui wo xiang nian
Be good and fly away, don't have to miss me.

wo hui mo mo de liu xia you shou bian de zuo wei
I will quietly leave the right-hand seat.

有一天 当你看过世界
you yi tian dang ni kan guo shi jie
One day, after you see the world

zai jue ding ni jiang luo de di dian
Then decide your landing point.

而我也会继续地 奔驰在这长长的街
er wo ye hui ji xu de ben chi zai zhe chang chang de jie
And I will continue to run through the long street.

左手边是我的心 右手边没有谁
zuo shou bian shi wo de xin you shou bian mei you shei
The left side is my heart, the right side has nobody.

wei le ni zai ji mo wo dou ke yi cheng quan
Because of you, again being lonely I will succeed.

因为我相信 说过了再见
yin wei wo xang xin shuo guo le zai jian
Because I believe, saying till we meet again.

yi ding hui zai jian
Certainly we'll meet again.

你要好好的去飞 不需要对我想念
ni yao hao hao de qu fei bu xu yao dui wo xiang nian
Be good and fly away, don't have to miss me.

wo hui mo mo de liu xia you shou bian de zuo wei
I will quietly remain on the right-hand seat.

wei le ni zai ji mo wo dou ke yi cheng quan
Because of you, again being lonely I will succeed.

因为我相信 说过了再见
yin wei wo xang xin shuo guo le zai jian
Because I believe, saying till we meet again.

yi ding hui zai jian
Certainly we'll meet again.

“Idol Boss” Jimmy Lin’s net worth is about 1B rmb, provides gears for the paparazzi

translation by l_coco @ http://asianfanatics.net
source : sina.com

When talking about artists who are skilled money managers not many would think of Jimmy Lin, who is just 35.

According to Taiwanese media, Jimmy already sold 10M copies of his 7 albums at the age of 20. Then he started to make tv series and his asking price was about 90,000 rmb to 100,000 rmb per ep. Even though he is still active in showbiz today his achievements in the business world is even more astonishing than in showbiz.

More than an actor, also a car racer
Jimmy’s fans knew that besides being an actor his other more important role is a car racer. At 10, he won 2nd place in a Taiwan remote-controlled cars competition and told reporters that he wanted to become a car racer. At 24, he got his wish and participated in the World Rally Championship class A. At 27, he won 9 professional winner cups and became the most highly paid car racer in Taiwan. His annual racing income was already at several 10M TWD.

Because of his love of cars, he invested in a car dealership in Taipei. In 2005 he raced for the Honghe Rally Team in China for a 7 figures salary. He also opened a racing advisory company in Zhuhai. Insiders reported that the annual income from this company is about 8M rmb.

His company provides gears for the paparazzi
Taiwan media was surprised that jimmy has even more investments. Beside singing, acting, and racing, he also owns an IT company, Jimmy Creative, to handle his showbiz career, photo studios (already closed), the restaurant Dream Family Café, and an online shop. He also owns several real estate properties in China. His net worth is estimated to be over 1B rmb. His friends call him “CEO
Lin”. On one occasion, a reporter asked him how many millions he has. His friends laughed and said, “You should ask him how many billions he has.”

Jimmy love to surf the web so he invested in it with his older brother. He designed the products and his brother took care of the business. He said that selling online is very profitable. If it’s done well, monthly income could be over 1M rmb. His onshop sells several lines of chic products. His IT company is very famous in Taiwan. It develops software, surveillance systems, multi-media, etc. Most interestingly, the gears used by the paparazzi are developed and sold by his company. Because of this, Alec Su joked that jimmy’s company is working for the ‘enemies’.

(On 10/26/2008 jimmy joined the F1 China Tianrong Powerboat racing team and became the first taiwanese to particiapte in F1 Powerboat racing. The Tianrong team will begin to train him for F2 powerboat racing so he could get his F1 racing license. On 3/1/2009 Jimmy also signed with the Guangxi Speedone Car Rally Team and will race in 3 rally races in 2009.)

AH! Finally, some news on Jimmy! CEO Lin is an all rounder! He's like an everybody! Hahahaa~

April 13, 2009

Quick TVB Drama Review

I've been watching dramas left and right since the beginning of 2008 winter break. I had nothing to do, the weather outside was freezing, and all the dramas were just a few clicks away. And now I'm stuck in this vacation mode, watching dramas everyday. Here are the some of the TVB dramas that I've watched in my vacation mode.

Eternal Happiness

Thumbs up for this series! Michelle really stands out here! She actually looks and sounds like a guy when she dresses up as one. SO MANLY! And quick witted too! I love her strong and independent character! Always relying on herself to solve problems and always thinking on her feet! I especially like the friendship she shares with her two maids/friends: Rain Lau and Tavia Yeung. Rain Lau is hilarious as usual! Tavia's acting here is really good too!

And haha~ Raymond~ he's an innocent slowpoke! It took him 31.8 episodes to finally realize that his financee was the manly Michelle! Dude, even the evil king figured that out a long time ago! Haha~I was surprised when Ray finally pieced it all together and realize that Michelle is his financee. He acted so clueless throughout the series and kinda become smart at the end. Hahaha~ but the ending was...not satisfying, I guess. Everything was perfect except for the ending. This series gets an A!

Favorite Parts:
- Michelle knocks out her brother and takes his place in the poetry competition.
- All the Ray-Michelle scenes
- All the Michelle-Rain and Michelle-Tavia and Tavia-Michelle-Rain scenes
- The bandit queen falls in love with Guy Michelle!
- The court case where Michelle was the judge!
- Michelle realizes that her flute player was Ray not Joe

Bad Point
- Lau Yin Yuk acted by Myolie. I'm not sure if it's the character or the actress that annoys me.

A Step Into The Past

Hahaha~guess who this is! Yepp, it's Raymond! So different from Eternal Happiness! There's something weird about his eyes in this series. But this series is rather fresh and pretty funny too! It's about Louis Koo traveling back in time to the period when the first emperor of China comes to power and unites the six kingdoms. Louis brings 21st century ideas and slang back to ancient China. Hahahaha~his first encounter with toilets in ancient China was hilarious! He couldn't find tissue to wipe and had to use this odd looking instrument instead! And he gave up his only chance to return to present so that he can stay in the past and have two wives which would be illegal in the 21st century. Haha~

The ending of this series was well done surprisingly. Knowing TVB, I was not expecting a very good ending. But this ending was pretty funny and I like it! It wasn't rushed or anything. This series is a B-.

Bad Points:
- Some of the actresses were rather stiff in their performance. (Ex: Princess Qian (played by Michelle Saram), Qin Qing(played bySonija Kwok))
- Some parts were long and draggy...

Greatness of a Hero

This was an okay series. It was funny at some parts, boring at others. I found all the crime solving scenes interesting but the bickering scenes between Sunny and Bernice weren't so interesting. I lost focus in the middle of the series but regained it towards the end when the whole family got locked up in jail. Sonija's acting here surprised me the most. Her acting here was very smooth and well done. Even her death scene was executed perfectly with Kent reciting the same poem with her from far away. Leila was pretty cool in this series too! Her character is calm, intelligent, and fair. I especially like the parts where she dressed up in like an official. She looks manly too! Hahahaa~ Overall, I didn't really like this show....

Emergency Unit

Drama with highest rating in 2009! It was pretty darn exciting series except all the scenes with Fa Yuek Bo. This character is rather annoying and the actress who played this role was pretty bad too. I couldn't feel any chemistry between her and Sammuel. The fact that they got married surprised me. I wish Fiona was still alive! Fiona and Sammuel > Sammuel and Yuek Bo! On the other hand, Elanne who plays Ron's girl did a pretty good job. However, there were times where I felt she was overdoing it. There's room for improvement for both of these actresses.

And hello there, guess who's back! It's Michael Miu! But this time, he's a mob boss. His character is cool, handsome, and very cautious. He doesn't trust people easily and is constantly thinking of ways to test their loyality to him. His character is also very ambigous. Even now, I'm not sure if he ever loved Kathy's character. To me, it seems like he was just using her all the way to the end. Maybe there was a tinge of feeling but not enough to make him regret killing her.

If there's a fourth installment, I want Sammuel to divorce Yuek Bo! They have no chemistry at all! Plus, I want Fiona to come back the same way Michael came back...as a gangster! And then Gangster Fiona and I-always-stick-by-the-rules Sammuel fall for each other! This will sure make Sammuel's character stand out more. Hahaha~ Ron, on the other hand, needs more luck in love. He's always getting dumped. I think it's time for Tavia to come back from Japan (She went to Japan to study architecture or smtg like that). But what's the chance of all this happening? 0%!

Overall, this series was pretty good. The cast did a pretty good job except um..that actress who played Yuek Bo. I hope she improves her acting in the future because I don't want to be tortured like this again. I skimmed through most of her scenes. The storyline of this series was pretty exciting too and it sure got my brother (who normally does not watch TVB) hooked on. Hahahaha~ well, this series will get a B!

April 11, 2009

Chen Qiao En - You Do Understand Me

English/Chinese/PinYin Lyrics: minivicki@asianfanatics.net

Chinese Version
By 陳喬恩

我到底是谁 在你心中占有怎样的地位
你不说清楚 你让我们的爱坠在七里雾

爱 很讨厌 总是忽近又忽远的让人追
追半天 你连抱歉 一句抱歉也不给

我向前走 低著头 眼泪不停向後流
一直走 不回头 希望你会找到我
但是始终不如愿 希望都落空 我仍相信 其实你懂我 (其实你爱我)

我发誓千遍 我这一走你就无法挽回
虽然心会痛 总比受尽委屈还要更好过

我 等了等 脑海始终浮现你对我的好
好半天 你连Babe 一句安慰也不给

一前 一後 你跟在我的背後沉默 Yeh…Yeh…Yeh…
前前 後後 希望你握住我的手 Yeh…Yeh…Yeh…Wo..Wo..Wo..

抬起頭 擦掉眼淚向前走
一直走 不回头 希望你会找到我
梦里寻他千百遍 希望都实现 我不想走 无法心不动

抬起頭 擦掉眼淚向前走
一直走 不回头 希望你会找到我
梦里寻他千百遍 希望都实现 我仍相信 其实你懂我

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
English Version
U Do Understand Me
By Joe Chen

Who am I actually What position do I hold in your heart
If you don't say it out clear You're just letting our love dangle in the mist

Love is annoying Sometimes near, sometimes far, letting people chase after
Chased half a day And yet you won't even say a word of apology

I walk forward Heads down Tears rolling back
Walking continuously Never turning back Hoping that you will find me
It wasn't as I wished My hopes were let down But I still believe
That you do understand me (That you do love me)

I swear a thousand times That once I leave this time, you will never get me back
Although my heart hurts But it's still better than suffering so much humiliation

I wait and wait Memories of your good keep popping into my mind
After so much waiting You still won't even say a word of Babe to comfort me

One front, One back You keep silently behind me Yeh…Yeh…Yeh…
Front front, Back back Hoping that you will hold my hands Yeh…Yeh…Yeh…Wo..Wo..Wo..

I walk forward Head held high Wipe my tears and walk forward
Walking continuously Never turning back Hoping that you will find me
In my dreams I searched a thousand times for him Hoping that it will be reality
I don't want to leave My heart can't be controlled

I walk forward
Head held high Wipe my tears and walk forward
Walking continuously Never turning back Hoping that you will find me
In my dreams I searched a thousand times for him Hoping it will be reality
I still believed That you do understand me

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Pin Yin Version
Qi Shi Ni Dong Wo
By Chen Qiao En

Wo Dao Di Shi Shei Zai Ni Xin Zhong Zhan You Zen Yang De Di Wei
Ni Bu Shuo Qing Chu Ni Rang Wo Men De Ai Zhui Zai Qi Li Wu

Ai Hen Tao Yan Zong Shi Hu Jin You Hu Yuan De Rang Ren Zhui
Zhui Ban Tian Ni Lian Bao Qian Yi Ju Bao Qian Ye Bu Gei

Wo Xiang Qian Zou Di Zhe Tou Yan Lei Bu Ting Xiang Hou Liu
Yi Zhi Zou Bu Hui Tou Xi Wang Ni Hui Zhao Dao Wo
Dan Shi Shi Zhong Bu Ru Yuan Xi Wang Dou Luo Kong Wo Ren Xiang Xin Qi Shi Ni Dong Wo (Qi Shi NI Ai Wo)

Wo Fa Shi Qian Bian Wo Zhe Yi Zou Ni Jiu Wu Fa Wan Hui
Sui Ran Xin Hui Tong Zong Bi Shou Jin Wei Qu Hai Yao Geng Hao Guo

Wo Deng Le Deng Nao Hai Shi Zhong Fu Xian Ni Dui Wo De Hao
Hao Ban Tian Ni LIan Babe Yi Ju An Wei Ye Bu Gei

Yi Qian Yi Hou Ni Gen Zai Wo De Bei Hou Chen Mo
Qian Qian Hou Hou Xi Wang Ni Wou Zhu Wo De Shou

Wo Xiang Qian Zou Tai Qi Tou Cha Gan Yan Lei Xiang Qian Zou
Yi Zhi Zou Bu Hui Tou Xi Wang Ni Hui Zhao Dao Wo
Meng Li Xun Ta Qian Bai Bian Xi Wang Dou Shi Xian Wo Bu Xiang Zou Wu Fa Xin Bu Dong

Wo Xiang Qian Zou Tai Qi Tou Cha Gan Yan Lei Xiang Qian Zou
Yi Zhi Zou Bu Hui Tou Xi Wang Ni Hui Zhao Dao Wo
Meng Li Xun Ta Qian Bai Bian Xi Wang Dou Shi Xian Wo Ren Xiang Xin Qi Shi Ni Dong Wo