March 29, 2009

Wounded Soldiers Fahrenheit Go Into Battle; Sing and Dance For Three Hours

Reporter: Zheng Si Yin
Photographer: Wen Hua Da

Source: Kwongwah News
Translator: englishrose85 @ Asian Fanatics

Event: Fahrenheit "Xiang Ru Fei Fei" World Tour Malaysia Concert
Date: March 28th 2009
Time: 8:31pm

(Reported on the 29th March) Fahrenheit's World Tour Malaysia Concert was psotponed from November 15th 2008 to March 28th 2009 because of Jiro's injury. Before the Malaysia concert, Wu Zun injured his ankle during the Hong Kong concert. This caused fans to worry that the concert would be postponed again.

Despite this, Fahrenheit didn't want to disappoint their fans. Despite Wu Zun's foot fracture, Jiro's foot and Arron suffering from gastroenteritis, the concert still proceeded on time.

Fahrenheit's Arron suffered from gastroenteritis after arriving in Malaysia. Unfortunately, during the concert his performance was marred by his suffering and was walking around on the stage to decrease it. However, he still performs his best like doing 100 hours of homework!

Arron's Performance

The concert was performed for almost a full three hours, towards the end the 4 of them sang "Shuang Jie Gun" and Arron made a mistake in his performance. Whilst he was walking around on the stage, it was obvious that he was feeling uncomfortable walking and turning on the stage. He needed more assistance from Calvin and Jiro before he could stand.

Despite this, Arron gave his best performance and didn't let the fans be disappointed. Despite the risk during the performance he still sang and danced again, not allowing his performance standard to be affected.

Fahrenheit let the fans wait so long, therefore from start to finish, regardless of what the four of them were doing on the stage, they waited before saying anything and the fans never stopped waving and swaying their bodies. Outside many fans from all over sent Fahrenheit flower baskets to wish them a successful concert. In addition, whenever the four of them were on the extended platform, fans rushed to them to put flowers in their hands.

During the Looking For Cinderella portion when the four girls were singing Ai Dao, Wu Zun had the most female fans holding his hand. The other three also had close contact with the other three winners.

Jiro Bows and Apologises

Due to his foot injury and the postponement of the concert, Jiro bowed 90 degrees and apologised to the fans. Wu Zun said that the Malaysia concert was a lot of fun and very warming, therefore his will not cry. When Jiro asked if his father and relatives were there or not, Wu Zun replied: "They are all very low key." Calvin said: "I am very happy, because my three brothers (Arron, Wu Zun and Jiro) live up to their expectations. Despite a broken foot (Arron corrects him saying: "It's not broken la!"), they continue to perform professionally. Thank you everyone for your support."

Many local artists were warmly invited to be guests at the concert. In addition, Energy also arrived to join in the fun.

In order to join in with the "Save the Earth - 1 Hour Lights Out", for one minute before starting the concert, Fahrenheit turned the lights off. Despite this, the fans still could not wait and at the end of the one minute the air erupted very quickly with screams and cheers to greet their idols.

Pro! Performing despite injury! I hope the three of them get better soon. Calvin seems to be immune to injuries. Hahaha~that's a good thing!

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