March 01, 2009

Treasuring Pi Li MIT

I love this show! GuiLun, I love you guys too! Hahahaa! As usual, I feel sad because this mysterious drama ended. But I'm happy too because GuiLun is getting a new series, Tao Hua Ai Wu Di! YES, ITS CONFIRMED!

What Pi Li Mit will do to you:
  • Gui Gui's acting will make your eyes pop.
  • GuiLun moments will knock you off your chair.
  • Arron will enter your dream after you watch an episode.
  • Your favorite day will be Friday cuz that's when Pi Li MIT airs
  • You will rewatch the scene where Arron plays piano at least 5 times
  • You will go to youtube and search up GuiLun videos
  • You patiently wait for Arron to reunite with Gui Gui on HSHMM
  • Because you don't have enough money to buy Pi Li Mit novel, you will feel that money is an evil thing.
Hahahaa! Enough joking! GuiLun is definitely the main attraction in this show but because they're the main attraction, the real meaning of the show is hidden. This drama does not revolve around GuiLun but rather the school. GuiLun is just a sweetener to make this show more enjoyable. This drama is shown from the student's point of view and the intended audience are parents and school administrators.

I don't know how the school system in Taiwan works but this show seems to be criticizing that. The school in Pi Li Mit ranks its students and divide them into two lists: the white list and black list. The white list contains the obedient, the talented, and the intelligent kids. This list defines the "ideal student". On polar opposite, is the black list where all the other kids that don't fit on the white list go. They are the "invisible" bunch, the ignored army left to defend for itself. Luckily, Teacher Cherry established Pi Li Mit and one of her purpose of reestablishing this legendary team is to give a voice to students on the black list. Because when there's a crime, students on the black list are accused of it.

If I'm not mistaken, most of the students receiving the game CD and executing the "perfect crime" are on the white list. Even the so called mastermind behind the games, Lu Ke Ying, is from the white list. This is weird. Why are these students who are doing so well in school running around committing crime?

Remember the first game executer? She harmed two students because she didn't think they deserve to have a higher grade than her. GRADES! Students are hurting each other over numbers! What has school turn into?!?! School is a place where knowledge is exchanged and friends are made. Sadly, this is not true anymore. School has become a place where numbers(grade) are everything. Nobody cares if you get the material or not! As long as you high scores on exams, you can do anything. And why are students so worried about their grades? Because of their parents.

It turns out that parents are the main target of this drama. Parents pressue their kids to have high grades on tests. While they may have good intentions, they tend to forget about whether the kid actually learned anything. Life isn't about taking tests and having high grades. Nobody is going to look at your report card from elementary school or high school after you start working.

In Lu Ke Ying's case, his parents' irresponsibility led to his deep hatred of them. Lu Ke Ying and Tian Mo Xing are twins. Their mother is Teacher Angel and their father is the Principle but the Principle doesn't know of their existence until the end of the drama. Lu Ke Ying and Tian Mo Xing were separated a few weeks after they were born. They met each other for the first time since their birth a year before 007 entered their school. One year ago, after they uncovered the truth, Lu Ke Ying began to plan revenge on their parents.

Lu Ke Ying: I always thought that I only wanted to test you guys, see if you guys really loved us. But once i discovered that i can't stop, when I didn't want to stop these games, I realized the problem is within me. I can't forgive you. Because I can't bring myself to love you guys anymore. Ma, when I was young, I really loved you, I studied hard to learn to make a beautiful shoe tie. Worked hard to get 100s on tests. I held in my pain of not having a father because I wanted you to compliment me. I would feel very happy. Very happy. But I don't know when it happened, my heart was filled with hatred. I really want to love you but I can't...This is the best birthday. The first time we celebrated as a family. I will forever be in this dream and never wake up.

Do you feel the pain, the anguish, the hopelessness in his voice? All he ever wanted was a family full of love. In reality though, he realized that he was in a world of lies. His so called mother whom he loved, lied to him about his father and his twin sister. If you also noticed that throughout the drama, Teacher Angel would only show concern for her son when his life was threatened. She's the exact opposite of her daughter, Tian Mo Xing. While Tian Mo Xing is not afraid to declare her love, Teacher Angel hides her love for her son deep inside. She doesn't show her true emotions 95% of the time. The 5% is at the very end at the dinner table with Ke Ying revealing everything.

Lessons from this drama
  • Get rid of the ranking system because it creates unnecessary jealousy among the students.
  • Schools need to place more emphasis on learning and not tests and grades
  • Parents need to stop yelling at their kids for getting Bs instead of As!
  • Parents should compliment their kids because this is a sign of encouragement but don't overcompliment otherwise their kids will think everything they do is right.
  • A child without love is like a night sky with no moon.
  • Trust your fortune cookies! This one's for TMX and 007!

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