March 21, 2009

Show Luo is going to New York to learn some dancing, only scared of his bad english

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Show Luo ( Xiao Zhu) had a celebration for his new album "Trendy Man" on the 20th, his recording company gave him a big present, which is to let him go to New York at the end of April to learn some dancing with Rihanna and Fergie's(from black eyed peas) dancing teacher,
but his manager would not follow him throughout the entire journey, he will only go with his dance teacher Da Mu, he's also worried that his "Bad english" would not be able to cope for half a month, he laughed and said :"I think after a week, I'll secretly get a plane to Tokyo!"

100 points turned into 100 dollars.

Xiao Zhu admits that his "bad english" has improved, before when he brought his parents on a holiday to Hawaii, he used movements from his hands to tell the waiters what they wanted to eat, but now he already knows a few words, he says he could go to New York's SOHO, Times Square to play. He also said that he has a good accent.

But before when he went to Malaysia to perform, the media asked him how many points would he give himself, he wanted to say 100 points but 100 dollars slipped out of his mouth, making everyone burst out in laughter!

The 102 charts were revealed and yesterday during the celebration, show's recording company announced that Xiao Zhu got 1st in the 102 charts in the whole of Asia, he has sold around 13 5365 albums, but before releasing his album, Wang Leehom and him got into a dispute because he was being accused of buying charts,
Xiao Zhu confessed that he is still worried that people still question him, so he is still unable to bravely face his own success, but he believes that this is a problem between the two companies, there wouldn't be any awkwardness between him and Wang Leehom, he explained that if they bump into each other they would wave.

OMG~he's coming NYC! I know what I'll be doing at the end of April~hahaa! Time to take a walk in Soho and Times Square! Hahahaaa!

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  1. Oh em gee! Show's coming to New York! Hooray! :]

    We shud parfait at the end of April for that matter