March 19, 2009

Michael Tse's character Laughing Gor very popular on the internet

Source: The Sun
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Michael Tse's character Laughing Gor very popular on the internet

Michael Tse's character in E.U., Laughing Gor has become very popular, many netizens have been discussing his performance on the major forums, this made him a popular person (紅人) on the internet. In addition, someone created a Laughing Gor Facebook group, until yesterday has attracted over 66,000 members to join, because of what will happen to his character, many people left comments saying they do not want him to die. Some people even said if Laughing Gor dies, the whole drama will lose its soul, this topic had over 1000 posts. Many netizens left comments praising Michael's acting skill and some wrote his epigrams (golden words) from E.U. on Facebook.


He sacrificed himself in episode 22. Michael Miu knows that Michael Tse is an undercover and tells Ron to kill him. Michael Miu's left hand man, the driver, drives Ron and Michael Tse somewhere and the two of them go to an empty house. Ron pulls out a gun and points it at Michael Tse and they start to fight because they know that the driver is watching them. In the midst of it all, Sammul comes along and hears gunshot. He sees Michael Tse pointing a gun at Ron and he fires at Michael Tse. Ron tries to save him and drive him to the hospital but Michael stops him. He tells Ron to bring his dead body to Michael Miu and expose his(Michael Tse) undercover identity so that Ron can get Michael Miu's trust and hopefully get a police raid to the drug making place. Poor guy...I'm going to join Laughing Gor's facebook group now. Hahahaa~

Edit: Holy Moly, I just found a bunch of other EU related groups. There's a Kong Sai Hau Group(Michael Miu), Dou Yik Tian Group(Lam Lei), and some other ones too!

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