March 15, 2009

Jiro Wang's mother and son dream comes true; finds time to go around Disneyland

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by catalie @

"Every year I wish that I can take my mother travelling overseas, this year I've finally achieved it!" At the end of last month, Fahrenheit performed at Hong Kong Coliseum and "Da Dong" Jiro Wang invited his mother to enjoy the performance with him. Once the concert ended, the mother and son also went around Hong Kong Disneyland, enjoying this rare happiness of family life together!

Last year, he finally paid off his family's $5 million debt so filial Da Dong planned to take his mother overseas for a holiday but he has been too busy with work and could never find any time. So taking advantage of their Hong Kong concerts ending, he stayed an extra two days over there to reward himself and also relax with his mum, "To me, this trip really was very pleasant!"

Wang Mama who was travelling overseas for the first time felt very cheerful. Both mother and son admired the parade and fireworks show at the theme park. Even though there were fans who kept following them, asking for autographs and photos, nothing could reduce their high spirits. Da Dong said, next time he wants to take his mum to Thailand for a holiday, "There's beaches and sunshine, Mama will probably be very happy!"

Wow! 5 million debt...that's a lot of $$$. I'm glad he's got that load off his shoulder now. Have fun, Jiro and Jiro Mom!

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