March 17, 2009

Fahrenheit reactions to a woman who feels cold

Credit to mylittlekiarinha@youtube

Hahahaha~lucky fan! The task was to have Fahrenheit come up with different ways to warm up their fan! And Jiro's the first one to go and he puts his jacket around her. Hahaa! Arron was going to give her his jacket too but he has to do something different and so then he kinda puts his arms around her. Hahahaa! Calvin is hilarious~ he uses his finger to test the wind direction and uses his jacket to sheild her from the wind! HAHAA~fangirl screaming in the background! And of course, the last one is Wu Chun and the pressure is on because all the ideas he thought of were taken by his three bandmates. Haha!

Show: There are a lot of other ways.
Wu Chun: Like what?
Show: Ehh~the thing you did with me last time.(Hahaha! who knows what they were doing!)
The fan tells him in canto: I'm cold.
And he responds in canto: What do you want me to do? [Everyone laughs]
Show: Wah~you're so unromantic!
Wu Chun: Yes! I have idea! [He reaches into pocket and pulls out a heat pad!]
I have heat pad. I can help her keep warm.

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