March 02, 2009

Celebrity Quirks & Phobias

Credit: francesca@AF News, AsiaOne

Who doesn't like to wear underwear, what is Jackie Chan's greatest fear and who doesn't like to bathe?

Pop commando: The Taiwanese Prince of Pop is well-known for 'going commando', i.e. not wearing underwear. The story goes that when he first started out, he liked to sleep at his company, and it was just inconvenient to wash them.

Haha~I remember S.H.E. talking about this when they were interviewing him!

Rodent revulsion: Andy Lau may play macho heroes on screen, but he runs at the sight of rats. When filming in a rat-infested alley, he set off fireworks to scare the rodents everyday.

AHHHH~me too! They are scary looking!

Bugs bug him: Stephen Chow once called the cockroach "Xiao Qiang" affectionately in a movie, but he is terrified of the creepy-crawly and would ask others to remove them whenever he saw one.

AHH~I'm scared of roaches and bugs too! Except for fireflies! I like fireflies but the other flies are annoying. They keep flying around making buzz buzz noise!

No to needles: Despite suffering all kinds of injuries while filming, Jackie Chan has a phobia of injections. He once ran out of a Switzerland hospital upon learning that he had to take a flu shot.


Shy guy: Heavenly king Jacky Cheung has a horror of filming intimate scenes in the bedroom. He once requested a pillow be placed between him and the actress before they started filming.


Knuckle cruncher: Singapore singer Stephanie Sun reputedly has to crack her knuckles both for her hands and feet 30 times before bed

Cracking knuckles are bad for you, aren't they? But holy moly, cracking them 30 times before bed...yikes!

Nail fixation: Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai 'feels ugly' if her nails are not painted, and once tucked her toes under as she walked so that no one could see her unpainted toe nails.

............ i sense some insecurity here......

Hygiene freak: Taiwanese idol Show Luo, also known as Alan Luo or "Piggy" pees sitting down as he doesn't want to dirty the toilet seat with reckless aiming.

Hahahahahaa! Reckless aiming...fair enough.

Scaredy S.H.E: Selina of Taiwanese pop group S.H.E is afraid of the dark, and refuses to sleep alone in hotels.

I use to be scared of the dark too but not anymore cuz I stopped watching scary movies...hahahahahaa!

Sleepy S.H.E: Hebe also of S.H.E is so often late that production assistants would wait for her at her house to make sure she is on time for shoots.

HAHAHAHAHAA~ sleepy head~hebe~hahahaa!

Thorny diva: Chinese actress Carina Lau can't stand durians. She once threw away all the food in her fridge because she could not stand the smell after her father left a box of durians in it.

There was a time when I didn't know of the existence of durians. I always thought they were pineapples. Hahahaaa~

Dirty Nicky: Hong Kong bad boy Nicholas Tse was (in)famous for not washing his hair or bathing regularly and once suffered an eye infection because his unwashed hair got into his eyes. Luckily his personal hygiene has improved after marriage.

Whoa! You could eye infection from poor hygiene!

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