February 06, 2009

Sweetness in Salt Ending

I am somewhat perplexed by the ending.
  • Tin Hin(Raymond Wong) recovers from his disease only to be killed by Tou Ying Lung. What's the point of having him recover from his disease if he's going to die anyway?
  • Tou Ying Lun and Choi Ngan Fa are lovers in the end?!?!?! Wth happened? I thought they were siblings...
  • Suet(Tavia Yeung) runs away...to some snowy mountain? What's this all about? Off all places, why the snowy mountains?
  • Ji Yuen (Steven Ma): The last episode made me HATE this character. He hid the truth about the death of Suet's parents! If that third uncle hadn't crashed his wedding party, he would have hid this from Suet till his death. What he said about loving Suet so much that he don't want to lie to her is just a lie! A very convincing lie though!
  • I was rooting for a Suet+Hin ending! Hin died so that Suet could end up with Yuen. That's unfair to Hin! He shouldn't dieeee! But ironically, his death scene was done very well. The fireflies, the tears, the dialouge, the emotions makes this one indelible scene.
Anyhow, this series was great except for the ending.
  • Raymond Wong shines in this series as Wu Ting Hin! I liked all his scenes with Tavia especially the scenes with the fireflies included. Fireflies are so cool, they give off a magical green glow.
  • Most Funniest Moment: Tavia's plan to get married with both guys and run away to the mountains and live happily ever after! She'll be the first woman to have two husbands!
  • Most Memorable Scene: Raymond last moment on Earth with Tavia and the fireflies! That scene was really well done!
  • Comedy Factor: The judge so funny! He makes this series more enjoyable! The rest of the characters seem to lack a sense of humour.


  1. Hie!juz wan 2 share my thoughts too!!i love this drama too!can watch it 4 second time!this drama makes me more craze for Tavia Yeung n Steven Ma although im their fans adi!but 2 agree wif u the ending not so gd leh!how com if Tin Hin recovered from his terminate illness but at the end got kill by Tou Ying Lung???really can't understand why they plot the story like that?like giving us the audience 'fake hope'!!but anyhow if Tin Hin don't die,it made Suet vy hard 2 choose btwn both of them!the last scene of Tin Hin n Suet was so touching though!i cried a lotz!!but the ending where Suet saw Ji Yuen in the snowy cave was like so-so only!why can't just do a happily ever after ending like they married n end the drama??

  2. Thanks for dropping a comment Kelly! I want to know who suet would choose if tin hin hadn't died. I just think she would walk out on both of them. hehehee! YEA! that last scene of tin hin and suet was my favorite scene in the whole scene so beautifully done. complete with fireflies!