February 27, 2009

Fahrenheit Endorses Coca Cola; Has Fun Eating and Playing

Wu Cun is famous for ‘loving to eat’, unexpectedly his ‘Big Stomach King’ image helped Fahrenheit accepted the endorsement for Coca Cola, because the new commercial is trying to convey the message of using cola to go with favorite food, making them very happy!

And tonight Fahrenheit will be having their concert at Hong Kong Coliseum, with difference to the concert held in Hong Kong last year, the four of them have plans, they secretly practiced marital arts wanting to let their solo performance be more eye-catching.

Fahrenheit not only earned millions into their pockets for shooting the new cola commercial, they also had fun eating, because the manufacturer arranged for the big chef from five star hotel to cook at the scene, cooking different delicious delicacies to let the four of eat happily, Fahrenheit totally don’t care whether the director shouted ‘action’ or ‘cut’, they just kept eating and drinking cola, totally reaching the effect, Fahrenheit smiled and said, “People pretend to be eating when shooting commercial, after finish eating will vomit it out, we are really eating it!”

Tonight they will stand on the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum, Fahrenheit is anxious and anticipating it, because they won’t be any guest they have extended the time for their solo performance, the four of them separately practiced hard, Calvin Chen will normally bring along phonograph player and phonograph needle everywhere he went to practice his DJ show, but the things went missing after he brought them around, they still could not find it after searching the company, dance studio and recording studio so they had no choice to buy a new set before setting off.

Before departure, Jiro Wang carried his guitar everyday in the company to practice until midnight, Aaron Yan practiced his piano at home, and Wu Chun even requested to go on stage to play on the drums to perfect his drumming skills at the company year end dinner.

Aite~ time to start drinking coke instead of pepsi~hehehe! Wa~se! Looks like they could start a band with everyone playing instruments! Wu Chun + muscles = broken drums! But I'm sure Chun has control! Hehehe! Arron+Piano= Paradise

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