February 15, 2009

Fahrenheit as Perfect Lovers for Valentine's Day

Reporter: Yuan Yu-An / Taipei News Photography: Reporter Chen Yi-Quan
Source: Liberty Times
Translated by: englishrose85 @ AF

If there is one opportunity for a date with Fahrenheit, who would you choose to be your ideal lover? Is it the youngest and trickiest Arron Yan, the sweet talking and long loving Calvin Chen, the wild and unrestrained rocker lover Jiro Wang, or the one who can take you to eat anywhere [love to eat lover] Wu Zun?

Yesterday was the West's Valentine's Day and supermen Fahreneheit held an international fan gathering [Love Fahrenheit More and More Valentine's Day Fan Meeting]. Whilst the Four Prince Charmings sang with deep feelings, played a game of love hugs they referred to the fans as precious lovers, making the fan's hearts itch and scream constantly.

Jiro - The Rocker Lover

At the start of the event, the four guys were asked respectively what kind of lover they were. Lover of rock and roll, Jiro Wang, became the [Rock Lover]. Jiro stated that: "I hope that my partner will like rock and roll so that we can go to a concert together." To Jiro, the most romantic thing is riding with his girlfriend on a motorcycle to watch the sunset.

Motorcycle goes fast tho! Why not ride a bike?!?!

Arron - The Playful Lover

Lively personality Arron Yan likes to take his girlfriend where they can have fun. The best place for him to take her is the amusement park, however he is told "Are you children?" He stated that older brains may be smaller but he can play 100 tricks so was branded the title of "Playful Trick Lover".

Hahaha! He's still thinks of himself as kid! Who wouldn't want to stay as a kid!

Calvin - The Go Numb Lover

Out of the four guys, Calvin is known for his eloquence and sweet talk and so calling him the [Go Numb/Weak Lover] is not an exaggeration. Out of the four of them he alone has a fan base [Hot Mamas Circle] full of mature wives. Thus he couldn't help but make fun of himself and say: "I quickly need to be supported!"

HAHAHAHAAA! Impressive! "Hot Mamas Circle"!

Wu Zun - The Love to Eat Lover

Wu Zun loves food, therefore he is the [Love to Eat Lover]. He boastfully stated: "When my lover is happy I will make food for her." He was asked if he was worried his girlfriend might get fat. He replied carefully saying: "Actually I like fatter girls and I can teach her how to stay fit and healthy!"

As long as you're with him, you never have to worry about starving!

Fahrenheit also played singing games with the fans and tested their knowledge of their songs. The four fans who won were able to dance a romantic waltz with them. With the four of them holding the fans' hands like a prince and princess, the fans in the audience were jealous.

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