February 27, 2009

Fahrenheit Endorses Coca Cola; Has Fun Eating and Playing

Wu Cun is famous for ‘loving to eat’, unexpectedly his ‘Big Stomach King’ image helped Fahrenheit accepted the endorsement for Coca Cola, because the new commercial is trying to convey the message of using cola to go with favorite food, making them very happy!

And tonight Fahrenheit will be having their concert at Hong Kong Coliseum, with difference to the concert held in Hong Kong last year, the four of them have plans, they secretly practiced marital arts wanting to let their solo performance be more eye-catching.

Fahrenheit not only earned millions into their pockets for shooting the new cola commercial, they also had fun eating, because the manufacturer arranged for the big chef from five star hotel to cook at the scene, cooking different delicious delicacies to let the four of eat happily, Fahrenheit totally don’t care whether the director shouted ‘action’ or ‘cut’, they just kept eating and drinking cola, totally reaching the effect, Fahrenheit smiled and said, “People pretend to be eating when shooting commercial, after finish eating will vomit it out, we are really eating it!”

Tonight they will stand on the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum, Fahrenheit is anxious and anticipating it, because they won’t be any guest they have extended the time for their solo performance, the four of them separately practiced hard, Calvin Chen will normally bring along phonograph player and phonograph needle everywhere he went to practice his DJ show, but the things went missing after he brought them around, they still could not find it after searching the company, dance studio and recording studio so they had no choice to buy a new set before setting off.

Before departure, Jiro Wang carried his guitar everyday in the company to practice until midnight, Aaron Yan practiced his piano at home, and Wu Chun even requested to go on stage to play on the drums to perfect his drumming skills at the company year end dinner.

Aite~ time to start drinking coke instead of pepsi~hehehe! Wa~se! Looks like they could start a band with everyone playing instruments! Wu Chun + muscles = broken drums! But I'm sure Chun has control! Hehehe! Arron+Piano= Paradise

Wu Chun Secretly Photographed while on Vacation; May Lose Million Dollar Contract

Artist Wu Chun was vacationing in Australia with his father during the Lunar New Year. Unexpectedly he was secretly photographed by the public and exposed his muscular upper body to the media for the first time.

However because he had signed an exclusive copyright contract to publish a photo album with a company interested in his fine physique, now with these photographs floating around, Wu Chun may stand to lose this million dollar contract.

Wu Chun’s muscular upper body was exposed to the camera for the first time. Other people may have a six-pack but upon counting, Wu Chun actually had one two three four five six seven eight, a total of eight-packs and the veins on his forearms could also be seen clearly. It would not be an exaggeration to call him a muscle man. Going to Australia for a vacation during the Lunar New Year was not a big deal. Unfortunately he ended up being photographed in secret.

To avoid being recognized by the public, Wu Chun even wrapped a bathrobe tightly around himself like a mummy. If he kept such a low profile was because the eight-packs behind the bathrobe was under contract for a photo album, then being exposed like this, he might lose his million dollar contract.

Actually Wu Chun had been consistently followed and photographed wherever he went. Previously when he went house-hunting with the boyfriend of Ella’s sister, even with a duck-billed cap on, he was still easily recognized. Nothing could be said other than when a person is popular, news and gossip follow, plus an accidental show of skin…Aiyo, hard to avoid becoming everyone’s focus.

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Wa~se! 8 packs! Whoa! That moves up him back up to #2 on my FRH List! Hahaa~ but those reporters are so nosy! Give the muscle man some privacy!

Fahrenheit to perform in Hong Kong Coliseum, mid air flying boat to get close to fans

[25.2.09]Fahrenheit to perform in Hong Kong Coliseum, mid air flying boat to get close to fans

Note: Please credit jastan87 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Holding concert twice in Hong Kong within half a year, Fahrenheit extremely anticipating.

Fahrenheit’s Hong Kong Coliseum mid air flying boat model.

Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour 2009 Concert’ will be held two nights at Hong Kong Coliseum on the 27 and 28 of this month, holding concert twice in Hong Kong within half a year is a record for Taiwan boy band, and is also the first Taiwan group to perform after the renovation of Hong Kong Coliseum. Last year Fahrenheit had two concerts at AsiaWorld Expo, highly praised for the hanging stage, this time the stage got even bigger changes, spending more than $1,000,000 on the stage, extended stage allows the four of them to be even closer to fans; among it there will be a big ‘mid air flying boat’, bringing Fahrenheit to the mid air of Hong Kong Coliseum, closer to fans who are at a higher position.

Fahrenheit is looking forward to the ‘mid air flying boat’, “Many fans like the hanging stage the last time, this time we can tour Hong Kong Coliseum in mid air, saying hi to fans who are taller, closer to them! Really very excited!” To prepare for this concert, Fahrenheit arrive in Hong Kong this afternoon, tomorrow they will appear at EMax to sign on the concert tickets to thank fans for their support. The event was originally scheduled at 3pm, but to facilitate fans who are working and studying it had been changed to 5pm, they urged fans to come after they end work and finish class, they will definitely complete signing the tickets for 800 fans before leaving!

translated by : jastan87 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and singpao.com
original source : http://www.singpao.com/NewsArticle.aspx?Ne...810&Lang=tc

WHOA! Why am I not in HK right now?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?! GRRRR! Lucky HK fans! I should just move there! Hahahaaa!

February 22, 2009

Before passing away, Jiro Wang's father instructed: having held hands is true love

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

How to determine if Jiro Wang is truly in love? He said, "It only counts if we've held hands." Jiro's father passed away when he was 17; before his father passed away he asked Jiro to stand in front of him then told him, "You have to be like this to your wife..." Jiro's father held his mother's hands tightly with both hands. This image of his father's deep affection for his mother has stayed in his heart. Therefore, holding hands with the person he loves most, was his promise to his father. When asked whether kissing or being intimate counted [as true love]? He said it didn't count.

Doesn't like to eat sweet food; father previously had diabetes

It has been reported that Jiro's father was involved in the printing of soft drink labels. He was previously in hospital for three years due to diabetes. Someone told Jiro that his father acquired diabetes from drinking too much soft drink, therefore Jiro doesn't like to eat sweet food. After Jiro's father passed away, the Wang family's finances went from heaven to hell; after graduating from senior high, Jiro worked simultaneously as an office worker in the daytime, then went to the convenience store to work at night. Because he wanted to enter the entertainment industry to earn more money, he was sacked by companies many times as they laughed, "We don't have what it takes to support for your dreams." No-one expected that after becoming an artist, Jiro would successfully pay off his family's $7 million worth of debts.

Buys car and sheds tears; regrets that his father is no longer here

Jiro's love for his father cannot be forgotten. He said, he used to be part of the "little lamb" group [always carpooling with other people]; when he could finally buy a Volkswagen second-hand car, he was so emotional that he cried. His good friend thought thought that he was crying because he was happy but actually, his heart was full of regret, "I can't take in my car, the person that I most want to take."

Speaking of this, he was still choking in tears and couldn't speak properly, "I never dare to mention my father in front of my mother but every now and again, I will take out his photo and have a look."

Seeing dumplings - the flavour he misses most

The emotional Jiro Wang, broke down in tears over a bowl of dumplings for a scene in CTV & GTV's [ToGetHer]. According to reports, of what his father left behind, dumplings were the flavour that Jiro missed most. His father has passed away for 10 years already but until now, his mother still doesn't dare to cook them for Jiro. The scriptwriter wrote this scene so that he would be completely focused on his performance; he cried even more when he smelt the savoury aroma and still had not recovered when they finished filming.

I haven't watched Together yet but I will start on that after I write my MIT post!

February 20, 2009


THAWD has been confirmed by an AF member!

"Here to tell you all GOOD NEWS !!
tao hua ai wu di is confirm-ed filming ! i saw it on newspaper under the fahrenheit label ; it said : 2009 upcoming dramas from fahrenheit , 炎亚纶:桃花爱无敌 , 汪东城:爱就宅一起 , 飞轮海:天使街23号 !
they will continue filming in at around summer time , because their uniform is short sleeve .

- BAICHI-x from AF

This is awesome! Another GuiLun drama! I'll be looking forward to this one! By the way, Pi Li MIT ended today! I'll post my thoughts on the ending soon.

Click here to visit GuiLun@AF!


Bringing back the old times: Andy Lau

Credit: annelchiu888@youtube

I remember this song! I use to hear it all the time in my dad's car! It's an awesome song with a simple message!

February 15, 2009

Fahrenheit as Perfect Lovers for Valentine's Day

Reporter: Yuan Yu-An / Taipei News Photography: Reporter Chen Yi-Quan
Source: Liberty Times
Translated by: englishrose85 @ AF

If there is one opportunity for a date with Fahrenheit, who would you choose to be your ideal lover? Is it the youngest and trickiest Arron Yan, the sweet talking and long loving Calvin Chen, the wild and unrestrained rocker lover Jiro Wang, or the one who can take you to eat anywhere [love to eat lover] Wu Zun?

Yesterday was the West's Valentine's Day and supermen Fahreneheit held an international fan gathering [Love Fahrenheit More and More Valentine's Day Fan Meeting]. Whilst the Four Prince Charmings sang with deep feelings, played a game of love hugs they referred to the fans as precious lovers, making the fan's hearts itch and scream constantly.

Jiro - The Rocker Lover

At the start of the event, the four guys were asked respectively what kind of lover they were. Lover of rock and roll, Jiro Wang, became the [Rock Lover]. Jiro stated that: "I hope that my partner will like rock and roll so that we can go to a concert together." To Jiro, the most romantic thing is riding with his girlfriend on a motorcycle to watch the sunset.

Motorcycle goes fast tho! Why not ride a bike?!?!

Arron - The Playful Lover

Lively personality Arron Yan likes to take his girlfriend where they can have fun. The best place for him to take her is the amusement park, however he is told "Are you children?" He stated that older brains may be smaller but he can play 100 tricks so was branded the title of "Playful Trick Lover".

Hahaha! He's still thinks of himself as kid! Who wouldn't want to stay as a kid!

Calvin - The Go Numb Lover

Out of the four guys, Calvin is known for his eloquence and sweet talk and so calling him the [Go Numb/Weak Lover] is not an exaggeration. Out of the four of them he alone has a fan base [Hot Mamas Circle] full of mature wives. Thus he couldn't help but make fun of himself and say: "I quickly need to be supported!"

HAHAHAHAAA! Impressive! "Hot Mamas Circle"!

Wu Zun - The Love to Eat Lover

Wu Zun loves food, therefore he is the [Love to Eat Lover]. He boastfully stated: "When my lover is happy I will make food for her." He was asked if he was worried his girlfriend might get fat. He replied carefully saying: "Actually I like fatter girls and I can teach her how to stay fit and healthy!"

As long as you're with him, you never have to worry about starving!

Fahrenheit also played singing games with the fans and tested their knowledge of their songs. The four fans who won were able to dance a romantic waltz with them. With the four of them holding the fans' hands like a prince and princess, the fans in the audience were jealous.

February 14, 2009

Serendipidity led me to this video

Video: lcj663915@youtube

This video is ... AWESOME and the video maker is clever! This person combined scenes from Central Affairs 2 and Heart of Greed to make a video about Ray-Michelle. Hahaaa! AH my god~that fake proposal scene is well done too! I finished watching Lofty Waters Verdant Bow and Eternal Happiness a while ago and I think I have become an RM fan. Hahaaa~ enjoy the video!

Edit: Happy Birthday Michelle Ye!!!

February 12, 2009

Introducing Gui Gui

I meant to post her bio up earlier but laziness took over. Hahaa! Anyways, Gui Gui is a member of Wo Ai He Se Hui Mei Mei, a Taiwan variety show, and Hey Girl, a Taiwan girl band. Frankly, I've never heard her sing solo before so I don't know if I'll enjoy her singing or not. BUT she's really funny on the variety show! She's bought plenty of unforgettable hilarious moments to the show. Like her reactions whenever Hei Ren and the other girls talk about her and Wangzi or Arron! Or the time where she pretended to be angry but failed miserably! Hahaha! She's one hyper and unpredictable girl. Anyone who watches this show knows that she is a crazy stitch fan. There was one episode where they explored her home and Stitch was everywhere. In the bathroom, on the sofa, under her bed, on her bed. EVERYWHERE!

So far, I've seen her in 3 dramas (Brown Sugar Macchiato, The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries, Pi Li MIT) and holy moly her acting is pretty decent for a newbie!

Brown Sugar Macchiato is where the infamous couple, GuiWang(Gui Gui + Wangzi), was born. Their storyline is the typical hyper girl going after the cool and smart guy. I think Gui Gui did exceptionally well in this drama. Her crying scenes are really touching. Wangzi, on the other hand, was a bit stiff. He uses his eyes more than he uses his voice to display his emotions. His eyes are really electrifying. Don't stare at his eyes because they're full of emotion, and if you get stuck in them, I can't help you. Heheheheee!

She played a minor character in The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries! She was only on screen for like three minutes before her character got beat up by the Chivalries! It was a pretty funny scene if you ask me! Hahahaa!

Gui Gui + Arron = Pi Li MIT's GuiLun! A lot of people, including me, doubted her in the beginning when it was announced that she was going to be cast with Arron. (I watched BSM and TLBSC a few weeks before Pi Li MIT was aired) I was an Arron-Hebe supporter before and I thought nothing could deviate me from supporting this couple! -Sigh- As you have witnessed, I've changed course. Damien from Catch Me Now was right: Nothing in life is certain.

Gui Gui is truly impressive in this drama. If you follow her in her variety show, you might notice that Tian Mo Xing is very similiar to Gui Gui. They both have messy rooms (and so does Arron)! They both have bubbly personalities. And they both like Arron! Just kidding. Hahaa! Anyway, what truly impressed me was her crying scenes! The tears just came flowing down and it just made the scene more alive. The tears, the camera view of her face, the camera view of Arron's face, it all fits together perfectly.

February 07, 2009

The Chronicle of Raymond Lam

The Chronicle of Raymond Lam
Friday February 6, 2009 Hong Kong
source : Xingdao
translated by Choccho @ http://asianfanatics.net

Raymond and Ha Yu were contesting over the Best Actor award in 2008, as a result, he has lost to the veteran actor. Some may regard awards as unimportant, but Raymond admitted that he has always aspired to be given the award as a recognition for his 10 years in the industry.

Fung: I aspire to gain recognition and this is a practicable reward.

Coming from a wealthy background and always known as ‘siu-ye-chai’ (young master), was alleged to be depending on ‘special relationships” to get to where he is today. After 10 years, this topic still lingers on. This is most upsetting to Raymond.

Raymond joined the Hong Kong 13th TVB Artistes Training Class in 1998. Just with a twinkle of an eye, 10 years has past and he has been conferred the 10th anniversary gold medal.

Presently, not only is he TVB’s frontline ‘siu-sang’, in recent years, now evolving into the music industry, Raymond is currently managing both areas. One can only say, everything is considered to be running eminently smooth for him. Reflecting upon the past 10 years, Fung is grateful to have people surrounding him with love and care.

Since entering the entertainment circle, he had to sacrifice the quality time spent with his family. Neverthelss, he has also gained something out of it. His character has changed tremendously, he reflected.

Fung: In the past, I’m a super passive person, even if people were to “unbolt” my mouth I will only speak a word or two. This is probably due to the fact that being the eldest in the family, I am always conscious about what I say and do. I entered the industry when I was 18 and I was told then that I was behaving like a matured adult. A friend of mine told me this “Young men are susceptible to making mistakes, but there’s no big deal about it as long as it’s a minor mistake, even if you have said something wrong, it is absolutely fine so long as you know your mistakes and learn from it”.

Born into a wealthy family, his father is a real estate investor in Xiamen and was dubbed as the "Li Ka-shing of Xiamen", living in the most luxurious address and driving luxurious car,initially when he joined the industry, he was rumoured to be Madam Li Hao Wor’s nephew and therefore gaining the support from the company top level management executives.

When asked of this, Fung honestly poured out that up till today, he is still being perceived as someone who is dependent on ‘special relationships’ and this is upsetting.

Fung: It is true, 10 years later, I am still being title-tattled about this and this hurts me immensely. But I am grateful to the people around me who understands me. They know that I am very serious about my work. I am required to double up my effort in order to meet the standards and expectations of others as I understand that I have always been subjected to prejudice. So, taking in disapproving remarks and comments are inevitable. Therefore, before achieving any good results, I would choose to speak less and do more, after all what matters most is that I do not disappoint those who gave me all the opportunities that I needed at that given time. Just do what I am supposed to do, I think that should be good enough.

Losing the Award

Last year Fung was nominated for his role in Moonlight Resonance, but the award slipped out of his hand. But Raymond is still hopeful towards the Best Actor title, is this Raymond’s resolution for 2009?

Fung: Award is an important recgonition by the audience. As an artiste, no one would ever want to give a brush-off an award, the award trophe has an eternal value even after a thousand years when you look back, it bring to one’s mind that you have at some point in life put in that effort and diligence.

I consider every role as important and significant in itself and I will give all that I can in portraying every given role not for the sake of the award but for the simple pleasure that I could get when someone bumped into you in the streets and say to you "I like your acting". To me, this alone is most rewarding as it gives me a great sense of achievement.

Rumour has it that TVB only gives awards to their ‘Biological son and daughter’’. Raymond emphasized that losing an award has all to do with our own doing, perhaps we are not giving as much as we should, or we have been slacked, then we will not be able to carry the ‘weighty’ award.

If an award is meant to be yours, it will be yours anyway. I will not do things like what was said of me, for instance, renewing a contract in exchange for award because I am an egotistical person.

Perhaps Fung has grown up, he seems to be spared from baffling rumours now as compared with the past. In the past, papparazis revealed pictures of him hanging out late nights in mainland china. But in the recent years, he is rarely ‘spotted’. Having an appearance that is seemingly playful but little do we know that Raymond actually hopes to settle down and have family of his own.

Fung: It is certainly my hope to have a family, I have strong family values and I like the feeling of ‘home’. Whenever I am off from work, I like to be ‘lodged’ at home and the feeling of having every of my family member around me, I am comfortable. I don’t have to think before I say anything and I can be myself, like a kid in front of their parents.

My brother and I are 11 years of age difference and back home, we play games together.

As to the question of the right time to settle down in marriage, I have not deliberately planned for it as I do not set a time limit for everything that I do. But all in all, after I am married, I will not let my wife work so that she will not be distressed.

February 06, 2009

Sweetness in Salt Ending

I am somewhat perplexed by the ending.
  • Tin Hin(Raymond Wong) recovers from his disease only to be killed by Tou Ying Lung. What's the point of having him recover from his disease if he's going to die anyway?
  • Tou Ying Lun and Choi Ngan Fa are lovers in the end?!?!?! Wth happened? I thought they were siblings...
  • Suet(Tavia Yeung) runs away...to some snowy mountain? What's this all about? Off all places, why the snowy mountains?
  • Ji Yuen (Steven Ma): The last episode made me HATE this character. He hid the truth about the death of Suet's parents! If that third uncle hadn't crashed his wedding party, he would have hid this from Suet till his death. What he said about loving Suet so much that he don't want to lie to her is just a lie! A very convincing lie though!
  • I was rooting for a Suet+Hin ending! Hin died so that Suet could end up with Yuen. That's unfair to Hin! He shouldn't dieeee! But ironically, his death scene was done very well. The fireflies, the tears, the dialouge, the emotions makes this one indelible scene.
Anyhow, this series was great except for the ending.
  • Raymond Wong shines in this series as Wu Ting Hin! I liked all his scenes with Tavia especially the scenes with the fireflies included. Fireflies are so cool, they give off a magical green glow.
  • Most Funniest Moment: Tavia's plan to get married with both guys and run away to the mountains and live happily ever after! She'll be the first woman to have two husbands!
  • Most Memorable Scene: Raymond last moment on Earth with Tavia and the fireflies! That scene was really well done!
  • Comedy Factor: The judge so funny! He makes this series more enjoyable! The rest of the characters seem to lack a sense of humour.

February 02, 2009

Breaking The Wall With GuiLun

007 and TMX have finally broken the "wall" that has separated them for 11 episodes! Previously, I said that 007 needed a push from either 747 or 187 to get his relationship with TMX on a roll. Click here to refresh your memory (scroll down to Pi Li MIT part). Well, he got the push from 747, his love rival. 747 told TMX that 007 was getting ready to go to America and TMX runs to the school shop to buy up all the chocolate they have. Meanwhile, 747 calls 007 and tells him that he will back out from the triangle. He demands that if 007 sees TMX, 007 shall not make her cry again!

Hehe~ our 007 and TMX meet on a bridge! She gives him all the chocolate that she bought and assures him that she will will send him chocolate if he runs out. And while she is spilling out all her worries about him, 007 silently stares at her. Hehe! It's so cute! Hehehe! Well, she finally couldn't stand it anymore. She couldn't hold back her tears and turned to leave. And just when she turned, he said, "I'm not leaving." Holy Moly! That sentence changes their whole relationship! Right after TMX hears that, she runs back into his arms. He hugs her back! And [007+TMX] is born! First hug is at end of episode 11! Wooo!