January 18, 2009

Wu Zun only thinks about food when 'scoring girls'; angers Patty Hou

source: Liberty Times
translated by: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Earlier, Fahrenheit went on ‘Azio Superstar’ and Jacky Wu gave them a ‘scoring girls’ test, and asked them to express their love to Patty Hou. Unexpectedly, Wu Zun only said: “Let’s go to eat sushi!” This made Patty angry and she exclaimed: “You just love to eat that much?”

Aaron Yan, who is the youngest, looked at Patty and said: “Looking at you, I don’t want to look at another woman for the rest of my life!” And Jiro Wang said: “What’s happening? I realize that my line of sight cannot leave your face!” As for Calvin Chen, he said deeply: “If there is next life, I don’t want to be a human. I want to be a goldfish. This way, even when I am sleeping, I can keep looking at you!” This made Patty very shy, and as for which one she liked the best, she blushed and replied: “I like all of them, I haven’t been chatted up by younger guys for a long time!”

HAHAHAHAHAAA! Chun's comment is so predictable! Always something to do with food!

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