January 20, 2009

Wu Zun and Jolin Tsai to co-star in "Jue Dui Bi Shi" (Absolute Boyfriend)

Source : Baidu
translation by englishrose85 @ http://asianfanatics.net

Taiwan's top male idol, Wu Zun has some new action once again. After a year he will be returning to the small screen with Chinese music diva Jolin Tsai in the new drama "Absolute Boyfriend" adapted from a Japanese manga.

Comic book adaptions are the norm for Taiwan dramas. From the distant beginnings of Meteor Garden, there has been a comic book adaption almost every year. For example the recent drama "Honey and Clover" and in 2007 Hana Kimi set off an upsurge of ratings.

Earlier reports stated that Wu Zun will be focussing on the big screen, becoming more popular and improving his acting skills at the same time. The unexpected pairing of Wu Zun and Ah Sa for the movie "Butterfly Lovers" has just been fixed (?). The new drama has held a meeting and so there are many more surprises for the fans to look forward to.

As the male lead of the drama "Absolute Boyfriend" Wu Zun will be acting a challenging role. The main lead is a robot therefore Wu Zun must express feelings without using too much body language or too many expressions. He can only rely on his eyes and tone of voice. Wu Zun has never attempted this before, but is happy to accept the challenge, make new breakthroughs in his acting and allow the fans to see a different side to him.

Another focus of attention for this drama is singer Jolin Tsai. In recent years, Jolin has concentrated on her singing and dancing career. The fans have forgotten that more than six years ago Jolin and Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) worked together on "Hi! Working Girl". Jolin is in the entertainment circle and quite different from that time and full of confidence. In addition, Jolin has gained experience in shooting MVs and filming drama. In addition to the wonderful story of the original comic book, another idol drama with King Wu Zun will make great achievements!

Written by author Watase Yu and originally published in 2003, Absolute Boyfriend is about a boyfriend who has everything a girl wants. The comic book is about the love operations between a fussy young woman and a robot boyfriend. There are arguments, joy, moving moments and the human feelings go on from here. The new series will soon be announced, hoping that you will look forward to it.

OoooO...I saw the Japanese version of Absolute Boyfriend. Now there's a Taiwan version.

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