January 03, 2010

New Janurary Birthday List 2010

Happy New Year! Happy Birthday to all who are born in January!!!

January 1: (HK) Sunny Chan in A Chip Off the Block
January 1: (TW) Jerry Yan in Down With Love
January 6: (HK) Bernice Liu in The Greatness of a Hero
January 16: (HK) Louisa So in Wasabi Mon Amour
January 17: (HK) Sharon Chan in Beauty of the Game
January 18: (TW) Jay Chou in Treasure Hunter
January 19: (TW) Angela Zhang in Romantic Princess
January 20: (HK) Joyce Tang in Wars of In Laws II
January 21: (KR) Hero in Heaven's Postman
January 27: (TW) Ruby Lin in Duke of Mount Deer

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