January 04, 2009

My Stash For Today

My notebook- Arron side

My Notebook-Jiro Side

My Stash - Show Luo Poster, Fahrenheit Poster, Fahrenheit Album, Arron/Jiro Notebook

HOLY COW! I love the music store! I went this morning to pick up my Fahrenheit stash and then I saw Show's new album, Trendy Man. I want to get it but...couldn't. Money is evil. I decided to get his poster instead. It's better than nothing. Hahahaha~

Wah~ I like the packaging of Frh's third album. The album comes in an 8 by 8 inch cover and there's also a big lyric boook! There's lots of big pictures of Fahrenheit in here! The CD is not in a case but on a very sturdy plastic thing and on the back of that thing is another big picture of Fahrenheit!!! AHH~ my favorite stash of the day is the notebook! The first couple of pages are pictures of Arron and Jiro. Then there's blank white pages for writing!

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  1. Ahh~ I'm so jealous T-T

    I need to go to the music store soon... got to restock on my asian music collection