January 09, 2009

It’s Tough to be An Idol!Maintaining a Smile while Working Out,Jiro Wang Almost Had Internal Injuries

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Pop idol group Fahrenheit went on the variety show [College Students, Are You Ready] on Jan 6th and in the show, talked about the hardships of being a pop idol. Jiro Wang expressed that in order to maintain the friendliness of being an idol, he must always plastered a smile on his face, even if he was working out in a gym. However, some weight training equipments were very heavy. Having to use strength and smiling at the same time made him exclaimed that he [almost ended up internal injuries!] Calvin Chan also said that once when he was using the toilet, someone called his name while sneaking looks at him and made him felt extremely embarrassed at the time.

Fahrenheit went on [College Student] to be tested by the female college students who examined them in minute details from top to bottom. Wu Chun’s fingernails and Jiro Wang’s hair both received a pass but the students refused to let them off so easily and closely examined the “body odor” of the four. Finally it was Calvin who won and received the title of [Fragrant Prince]. However, Jiro who was nicknamed [the Sweaty Warrior] by Calvin did not agree to this. He said that males should smell a little sweaty to showcase their masculinity, but the other members of the group did not support him and said frankly that his sweat glands were fearfully overactive and the amount of sweat was shocking.

The students in the show also revealed information about Jiro saying that he liked to go to the gym late at night. Jiro immediately explained that as a pop idol, he must maintain a smile at all times. Other than afraid of hurting fans’ feelings, he was also that he may be accused of putting on haughty airs. Therefore so even to going to the gym at midnight, he felt that he was not free and must maintain a smile while exercising. Jiro laughed: [Some of these equipments were really heavy and I must use a lot of strength while using them. And I had to continue doing them with a smile. Sometimes, I felt that I am almost getting injured internally.]

The program also prepared some foods that were tough to eat to test whether the four could maintain their suaveness while eating. The first one up was Calvin. He had to eat the teeth-sticking corn and his skill was not bad. There was nothing between the teeth after eating and no reduction to his suaveness. Next Jiro had to chew on a sugar cane. His look of serious concentration was teased by the host Selina who laughingly said that he looked at a mafia boss chewing betel nuts. Wu Chun tried Squid noodles for the first time. Not only did his mouth not dyed black by the squid’s ink, he even taught everyone how to keep one’s mouth clean. Persuaded by Selina, Arron amused everyone by placing pieces of seaweed on his teeth and pretended to be ugly.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and nownews.com
original source : http://www.nownews.com/2009/01/07/340-2391394.htm

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