January 20, 2009

I'm Going Insane for GuiLun

Credit: vietphokoreanbbqbeef@youtube

*Spoilers Ahead*
Geez! I'm going to faint again and I bet you will too! This video contains actual clips of GuiLun interaction. I'm sooo excited for the real episodes to come out! This video is soo good.

Scene 1: TMX gives a box of chocolate to 007. She's afraid that he'll forget her when he goes to America. 007 tells her "I'm not going anywhere". She feels relieve and happy and runs into his arms. 007 hugs her back!

Scene 2: They standing extremely close to each other. She has her arms around his head. It seems as if they standing on a puzzle and the only way to solve it is by moving together. Just when they step on the last piece of the puzzle, TMX turns her head and -oops- their lips touch. TMX is startled and suddenly steps back causing the puzzle to explode.

Scene 3: TMX sees an airplane fly by and immediately "eats" it and makes a wish. 007 is curious about her wish. TMX says, "007, I said that when I get my hundredth plane, I'll tell you my secret. I hope after you hear this secret, you won't hate Tian Mo Xing. If you want to hate, you can hate Li Xiao Xing." 007 replies, "Tian Mo Xing is you. Li Xiao Xing is also you. You are you. I will never hate you. But you can declare that your boyfriend can't hate you." TMX says, "But what if I hate myself. I'm not the Tian Mo Xing that you know." 007 GRABS HER IN FOR A KISS! And he secretly places a computer chip in her pocket.

Scene 4: TMX is blaming herself for causing trouble. 007

Scene 5: TMX is peeling an apple for 007 and askes him what he wanted to say to her before. 007 is acting all shy again and TMX threatens to call the doctor to check his brain. Hahahaa! So cute! Hahaa! Anyway, 007 gives TMX a gift, a fortune cookie. Inside the cookie is a slip that reads, "You are my chocolate." WOW! This scene made me smile the most! Hahaha! They both act so shy after TMX reads the fortune slip! HAHAHAAA!

Okay, I'm going to stop here. I still have to study for a final today... whack.

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