January 16, 2009

The Drama Life Savior

My dramas suddenly started to get more interesting and TVB's Sweetness in Salt started it all! Just when I was about to temporarily stop TVB-ing, Sweetness in the Salt was released. It's a drama savior-TVB's drama savior! I was getting so tired of Gem of Life, I gave up three quarters of the way through. I'm probably just going to watch the last few episodes when they come out-even though I probably won't know what's going on. And if the ending is good, maybe I'll start back tracking the episodes, otherwise forget it. And the sitcom, Off Peddlers, is just not as deep as Best Selling Secrets. The magic in Best Selling Secrets is lost in Off Peddlers.

I was hooked onto SITS(Sweetness in the Salt) since episode 1. Tavia never fails to amaze me with her acting. She just gets better and better. Her character in this drama is very independent and strong willed. She's going to be in a triangle with Raymond and Steven. Both guys are desirable partners (caring, intelligent, blah blah). One guy has a disease and will die from it. The other guy indirectly caused the death of her parents. Oh~ isn't life tough...

Thank goodness, Love or Bread started to pick up after SITS came out. Seriously, I think the director spent a bit too long to introduce the characters and plot. Shan Mei (played by Ariel Lin) quits her job, leaves her family, and runs away to America in hopes of being with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, within 48 hours, her boyfriend breaks up with her. So she lost her boyfriend, her family, and her job. She goes back to Taiwan and she finds a ring on the floor. You would think she's lucky but oh no she gives the ring as rent to a renter and ends sharing a house with the owner of the ring, Frank (played by Joe Cheng) who demands that she pays him for the loss of his ring (his mother's ring). Oh~what torture she goes through! Frank is a total jerk in the beginning! He bullies her, teases her, forces her to do all the housework, and then later (when he starts to change)he falls in love with her. Ah~ this is where the plot starts to move faster. She unknowingly develops feelings for him but of course at this time a third person would appear. A rich and handsome guy who had befriended her suddenly confesses to her and she is troubled. Ooo! Who will she choose? The rich guy or the poor jerk who starts to change for her. I suggest the poor jerk because you know after watching Gem of Life, you probably won't want to marry the rich, because they seem to have problems. That's what Gem of Life has been telling me: rich people are ruthless and paranoid.

OMGOMG! It's Pi Li MIT time! I love this show! I love this show! I love this show! Right after SITS came out, GuiLun (Gui Gui + Arron) scenes started to increase and intensify! Ooo! Episode 11 is coming out tomorrow and people who watched it said that it's scary but worth it because GuiLun moves up another emotional level! Like Holy Moly! It's a known fact among MIT viewers that 007(Arron) has already fallen for TMX(Gui Gui). It's just a matter of time before he finally makes his move and accepts her.

For 10 episodes, 007 has rejected her confessions but accepted her help. This guy who claims to have no feeling for her panics when she is kidnapped in a few episodes (She's been kidnapped a few times). He rejects her boiled egg which she claims will cure his disease until he finds out that she made it just for him and he finally eats the egg. She takes a picture of him and herself with his cellphone and makes it the wallpaper and demands that he don't delete it. Surprisingly, he complies and even snatches his phone back from his ex-girlfriend who wanted to delete the picture. She gave him a charm necklace and told him to keep it on for protection. In one episode, he finds out that the charm necklace was missing and frantically looks everywhere for it. And when he finds it, a smile stretches across his face. In the same episode, she overhears his conversation with his father. He is getting better as his disease is not acting up as much as before. Although she is happy for him, she is also sad for herself. For this means, that he won't be needing her anymore. He won't need her to help him get his medicine because the disease will not affect him as much as before. She tearfully announces that she will give up on him. She permits him to delete the wallpaper on his paper and pleads him to keep the charm necklace by his side because it would protect him in her absence and then she leaves. He obviously did not want her to leave. It was written all over his face, especially his eyes. People say that the eyes are windows to the soul. His eyes expressed the pain, the hurt, the undeniable feelings he had for her. Yet, he could not speak those words that would make her very happy.

Why does 007 keep rejecting TMX? Simple. He hasn't accepted himself yet. How could he accept TMX when he hasn't accepted himself? 007 is plagued by a disease called [MD] which he got after a car accident when he was young. His famous detective father teaches 007 the principles of crime solving in hopes of making his son a detective but unfortunately, 007 was rejected from police academy due to his disease. His disease is like a disability to him. In his eyes, his disease prevents him from being the detective he wants to be. It prevents him from opening up to others. It causes him to build a wall around himself because he feels insecure. However, after he enters MIT, the wall is starting to come down. He learns to trust others and the frequency of his disease acting up has decreased. I mentioned about the conversation he had with his father in the previous paragraph. In the conversation, he tells his father that he understands that his father hasn't given up on him. His father sent him to this school so that 007 can conquer his disease because he won't be under as much pressure as he was at the police academy. He also tells his father that his disease hasn't been acting up as much as before. And he hopes that he won't need the medicine to conquer the disease in the future. At this point, I can say that 007 has already accepted himself as well as his disease. From the previous paragraph, you recall that TMX overhears this conversation yet 007 still didn't reveal his feelings for her. Although, he has fully accepted himself, he is still the cool and quiet 007. For him to suddenly confess to her is very unlike him. What he needs now is a push from either 747 or 187.

WHOA! GuiLun makes me hyper just like coffee. There's so much more to this pairing than meets the eye. Okay~ at this point, I have no idea what I'm talking about anymore because I'm overly ecstatic for today's episode! Hahahahaa! I really have no idea how to end my posts other than laughing it away. Hahahahaaa!

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