January 18, 2009

Danson Tang asks Yue Lao Temple for support; relies on "lovers" to purchase New Year goods

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by catalie @

Even though the economy isn't doing well, New Year should still be celebrated happily! Recently, Danson Tang took spare time out of his schedule to try spending some money at a New Year goods street, taking the challenge of spending only $NT200 to buy purchase eight types of items.

Electrifying eyes + flirting; Danson gives away autographs and helps out as shop assistant

Coming to Di Hua street [迪化街] to buy New Year goods, Danson didn't forget to pay a visit to the famous Yue Lao temple [月老廟], praying that he will find love in the new year. Danson who hasn't dated in three years, wants to date and also hopes to attract good fate, "In the entertainment industry, only when you have fans [lovers], will you flourish and have a successful career!"

Before setting out, workers gave Danson $NT200 and reminded him that he must buy abalone, dried shredded squid, pistachio nuts and dried fruit, etc - all up 8 types of new year goods. Unexpectedly, Danson spent all his money at the first stop purchasing pistachio nuts and even overspent! In the end, he had no choice but to use his electrifying eyes and flirting abilities: along the way, he would take photos and give out autographs to store managers, then helping out as shop assistant. After all that trouble, he finally completed his task causing him to laugh saying, "How embarrassing!"

Overseas fans chase crazily; handsome guy becomes shy

On his trip, besides attracting the attention of citizens shopping in the area, Danson's charm even caused many stores to be very eager to have him help sell their products, calling to him, "Handsome guy! Handsome guy! Quickly come here and help us sell!" causing him to become considerably shy. In the end, there was even a Japanese fangirl who asked for an autographed photo with Danson. In regards to discovering that he was popular overseas having not been in the industry for very long, Danson felt extremely flattered.

Yesterday Danson held autograph sessions in Tainan and at Kaohsiung; there were also many overseas fans there including those from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other places. Hearing that fans were planning to stay longer in Taiwan to sightsee, Danson joked and said, "This way, I guess I've contributed to boosting Taiwan's economy!"

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