January 28, 2009

Calvin Chen: Chinese New Year Fans Magazine Interview

Photo: Fans Magazine / Source: China Press
Translated By: englishrose85 @ http://asianfanatics.net/

New Year Meal: Do you have any special meal during New Year?

To celebrate the New Year we go to my Grandma's house to eat dinner. Grandma is the chef during the family reunion. My mother and two aunts also help out in the kitchen. Grandma usually makes some dishes that are quite rich. My favourite dish is cow belly with garlic onions in a thick gravy sauce.

Uh, cow belly...I've never heard of that as a dish.....

Playing Mahjong and Poker: During New Year will there be any poker?

I don't play Mahjong, because only four people can play it and you have to play for several hours. Every year I hang out with my high school friends but I don't gamble as these past two years I have lost money. After losing I can't play anymore.

Everytime they ask me to get out money to play but I will lose anyway.

Spring Festival: From the start of Chinese New Year's Eve, what is your favourite day?

New Year's Eve. After new year's eve I will begin to feel lost. The atmosphere of Chinese New Year seems to go down after the first, second and third day. On New Year's Eve I am with my family at my grandmother's house eating dinner. After about midday I start to have fun with my high school friends. Every year we take it in turns to go to each other's houses to celebrate the new year.

Chinese New Year with relatives:

My grandparents' home is in Wu Gu, which is actually only 30 minutes drive from Taipei City. Even though it is in the remote north there are mountains behind the house and fish and shrimp in front of it. I will go back over there to celebrate Chinese New Year. Often will go back during a free weekend. I am very close with my grandparents, because I used to live with them when I was little. When I was nine I moved to Taipei City. Other people will drive south to celebrate the new year. However, I just drive from Tian Mu to Wu Gu so I am very lucky.

Whoa! Mountains and fishes and shrimps! Sounds like one of those settings you find in ancient dramas. I would love to visit that place!

Red packets: What’s the largest amount he got in a red packet?

10,000 (approximately 1073 ringgit) was the biggest amount I got in a red packet. I remember it was my paternal grandparents who gave them to me. They were biased because I’m the eldest grandson. They love me the most and gave the biggest amount to me. Other grandchildren did not get such an amount, when my elder sister found out she complained. [translated by Corina @AF]

I suppose that's 10,000 TW which translates to roughly 296.91 US Dollar. Holy Money! And that's just one red packet he's talking about!

Year of the Ox: What kind of beef do you like?

Raw beef. The ox is a very gentle animal. In fact I cannot bear to eat it, but it is too delicious. I feel really sorry for the ox. Beef is my favourite kind of meat. Everytime we go to Japan and go to a meat restaurant I always want beef. I apply a little sauce or sprinkle a little salt onto it which makes it delicious. Between us, Jiro doesn't eat beef, therefore when we go to eat beef he has his own table.

RAW BEEF! That reminds me of someone. Raw Beef....dripping with blood.....poor cow...

Film: How do you feel about this? If Fahrenheit did one together, what content do you want?

I am very impressed with the actors in Stephen Crow's movies. They usually allow everyone to laugh at the story. If Fahrenheit did a movie together, I think that we should play four funny thieves., four very clever thieves. Or we could play inadequate policemen. I think this should be very funny.

Good idea! They can be four funny thieves, I could care less about how clever they are!

New Year phone (SMS): During Chinese New Year will you call or SMS your friends and family?

Sometimes, because I will meet up with my best friends. If my friends are very far away and there is no way to meet up with them then I will SMS them. But I don't like the kind of New Year message that you forward to everyone. Receiving one of these messages is very cold. If I want to send a New Year SMS then I will use my sincerity to write it.

Lucky words: Do you have anything Ox-related to say to everyone?

I hope that everyone has an "Ox City" year!

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