February 02, 2009

Breaking The Wall With GuiLun

007 and TMX have finally broken the "wall" that has separated them for 11 episodes! Previously, I said that 007 needed a push from either 747 or 187 to get his relationship with TMX on a roll. Click here to refresh your memory (scroll down to Pi Li MIT part). Well, he got the push from 747, his love rival. 747 told TMX that 007 was getting ready to go to America and TMX runs to the school shop to buy up all the chocolate they have. Meanwhile, 747 calls 007 and tells him that he will back out from the triangle. He demands that if 007 sees TMX, 007 shall not make her cry again!

Hehe~ our 007 and TMX meet on a bridge! She gives him all the chocolate that she bought and assures him that she will will send him chocolate if he runs out. And while she is spilling out all her worries about him, 007 silently stares at her. Hehe! It's so cute! Hehehe! Well, she finally couldn't stand it anymore. She couldn't hold back her tears and turned to leave. And just when she turned, he said, "I'm not leaving." Holy Moly! That sentence changes their whole relationship! Right after TMX hears that, she runs back into his arms. He hugs her back! And [007+TMX] is born! First hug is at end of episode 11! Wooo!

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