January 20, 2009

Aaron Yan is the biggest spender on candy; Wu Chun's luggage returning to Brunei is too heavy, only spends $NT300

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

Fahrenheit took time out of their busy schedules and headed towards the large New Year goods street to purchase their New Year goods. Their eyes all sparkled when they saw that the street was filled with lots of good food. Aaron couldn't stop purchasing just 娃娃酥 (1) and took home a large amount of candy, becoming the biggest spender. On the contrary, Wu Chun who loves to eat, was unexpectedly very controlled, buying the least out of the four members. Only spending $NT300, he said with embarrassment, "The luggage I'm taking back to Brunei is already over the weight limit so I can't fit anymore."

Calvin Chen is given free pickled plum candy

When Fahrenheit all went to Di Hua Street [迪化街], they were immediately surrounded by fans and shopkeepers. Shopkeepers took the initiative to load them with more food and make discounts. As a result, Calvin was given a large amount of free pickled plum candy. The four of them spent a lot fo money with Aaron, Chun and Calvin mainly buying food. Jiro Wang [Da Dong] on the other hand, was extremely happy when he saw a New Year scrolls store. In one go, he grabbed a stack of "Spring" [春], "Good Fortune" [福] as well as other scrolls, hoping to decorate the house with them. He didn't expect that in the midst of the rush, he forgot to take them. He had no choice but to say, "I'll just have to find a day to shop here again with my mother."

Jiro Wang lifts his own ban; Loves to eat fried new year cake

When talking about foods that must be eaten during the New Year celebrations, Jiro Wang first recommends fried new year cake (2), "Because I usually have to look after my throat, I can't eat it and only break this rule during New Year. I can eat it everyday, at every meal - one year I ate so much that the heat gave me a nosebleed" Wu Chun also supports new year cake; his personal secret recipe is adding a slice of taro and frying with the new year cake. He drooled as he said this: "I really want to eat it!"

Unmarried Brunei man doesn't give red packet to father

This year, Fahrenheit has achieved good results in advertisements, concerts and dramas. Da Dong, Aaron and Calvin will show filial respect and give their parents red packets of 6-digit figures and above. However, because in Brunei unmarried people aren't supposed to give out red packets, Chun will not be giving his father one but has prepared red packets for his gym workers and this figure will be over 6 digits.

Translator's notes
(1) 娃娃酥 is a type of crispy snack (dessert) from 大黑松小倆口 - information provided by tammiest
(2) New year cake [炸年糕] is a type of cake made from steamed glutinous rice.

OooO, looks like someone's going to have to visit the dentist after eating all those sweets! Hehehee! "The luggage I'm taking back to Brunei is already over the weight limit so I can't fit anymore." Hahahaa! I can't stop laughing at Chun's response!

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