January 29, 2009

Pi Li MIT Ratings

Ratings from Asianfanatics Pi Li MIT Thread

Episode 1: 0.79
Episode 2: 0.81
Episode 3: 0.95
Episode 4: 0.91
Episode 5: 0.91
Episode 6: 0.76
Episode 7: 0.87
Episode 8: 1.01
Episode 9: 1.06
Episode 10: 0.75
Episode 11: 0.85
Episode 12: 1.01
Episode 13: 1.24
Episode 14: 1.13
Episode 15: 1.06
Episode 16: 1.10

Don't get too discouraged by the ratings! The ratings posted here are the average rating. MIT's peak ratings are much much higher. Episode 1 peaked at 2.34! If you want to a more detailed look at the ratings, pay a visit to the Pi Li MIT Ratings Thread at AF!

January 28, 2009

Calvin Chen: Chinese New Year Fans Magazine Interview

Photo: Fans Magazine / Source: China Press
Translated By: englishrose85 @ http://asianfanatics.net/

New Year Meal: Do you have any special meal during New Year?

To celebrate the New Year we go to my Grandma's house to eat dinner. Grandma is the chef during the family reunion. My mother and two aunts also help out in the kitchen. Grandma usually makes some dishes that are quite rich. My favourite dish is cow belly with garlic onions in a thick gravy sauce.

Uh, cow belly...I've never heard of that as a dish.....

Playing Mahjong and Poker: During New Year will there be any poker?

I don't play Mahjong, because only four people can play it and you have to play for several hours. Every year I hang out with my high school friends but I don't gamble as these past two years I have lost money. After losing I can't play anymore.

Everytime they ask me to get out money to play but I will lose anyway.

Spring Festival: From the start of Chinese New Year's Eve, what is your favourite day?

New Year's Eve. After new year's eve I will begin to feel lost. The atmosphere of Chinese New Year seems to go down after the first, second and third day. On New Year's Eve I am with my family at my grandmother's house eating dinner. After about midday I start to have fun with my high school friends. Every year we take it in turns to go to each other's houses to celebrate the new year.

Chinese New Year with relatives:

My grandparents' home is in Wu Gu, which is actually only 30 minutes drive from Taipei City. Even though it is in the remote north there are mountains behind the house and fish and shrimp in front of it. I will go back over there to celebrate Chinese New Year. Often will go back during a free weekend. I am very close with my grandparents, because I used to live with them when I was little. When I was nine I moved to Taipei City. Other people will drive south to celebrate the new year. However, I just drive from Tian Mu to Wu Gu so I am very lucky.

Whoa! Mountains and fishes and shrimps! Sounds like one of those settings you find in ancient dramas. I would love to visit that place!

Red packets: What’s the largest amount he got in a red packet?

10,000 (approximately 1073 ringgit) was the biggest amount I got in a red packet. I remember it was my paternal grandparents who gave them to me. They were biased because I’m the eldest grandson. They love me the most and gave the biggest amount to me. Other grandchildren did not get such an amount, when my elder sister found out she complained. [translated by Corina @AF]

I suppose that's 10,000 TW which translates to roughly 296.91 US Dollar. Holy Money! And that's just one red packet he's talking about!

Year of the Ox: What kind of beef do you like?

Raw beef. The ox is a very gentle animal. In fact I cannot bear to eat it, but it is too delicious. I feel really sorry for the ox. Beef is my favourite kind of meat. Everytime we go to Japan and go to a meat restaurant I always want beef. I apply a little sauce or sprinkle a little salt onto it which makes it delicious. Between us, Jiro doesn't eat beef, therefore when we go to eat beef he has his own table.

RAW BEEF! That reminds me of someone. Raw Beef....dripping with blood.....poor cow...

Film: How do you feel about this? If Fahrenheit did one together, what content do you want?

I am very impressed with the actors in Stephen Crow's movies. They usually allow everyone to laugh at the story. If Fahrenheit did a movie together, I think that we should play four funny thieves., four very clever thieves. Or we could play inadequate policemen. I think this should be very funny.

Good idea! They can be four funny thieves, I could care less about how clever they are!

New Year phone (SMS): During Chinese New Year will you call or SMS your friends and family?

Sometimes, because I will meet up with my best friends. If my friends are very far away and there is no way to meet up with them then I will SMS them. But I don't like the kind of New Year message that you forward to everyone. Receiving one of these messages is very cold. If I want to send a New Year SMS then I will use my sincerity to write it.

Lucky words: Do you have anything Ox-related to say to everyone?

I hope that everyone has an "Ox City" year!

January 27, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the new year! I hope everyone, and especially Arron, have good health this year! I hope everyone continue to work hard and succeed in life! Life is tough but this year we have the power of the ox with us! So work hard!

Ox: Ada Choi, Andy Lau, Arron Yan
Tiger: Kenneth Ma
Rabbit: Charmaine Sheh
Dragon: Wayne Lai, Annie Man
Snake: Gui Gui, Dicky Cheung
Horse: Sammul Chan
Goat: Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Myolie, Wu Chun
Monkey: Bosco Wong, Calvin Chen
Rooster: Benny Chan, Jiro Wang, Selina Ren, Ella Chen
Dog: Ariel Lin
Pig: Gigi Lai, Moses Chan, Hebe Tian

*Arron is either 1985 or 1986.

January 23, 2009

Zui Jia Ting Zhong MV

Ahhhh! This is MV has a very warm family-like feeling. I love the way this MV incorporates snippets of fan meets! I think this MV and the song are dedicated to Fahrenheit fans. Hahaha! They're singing about us! Or rather to us! We are their best listeners! Hahahahaaaa!

I got the lryics from The Land of Pineapples

Wo duo HIGH ni dou pei wo feng
No matter how hyper I am, you’re there being insane with me
Wo sha le ni xiao dao tou tong
I’m being silly and you’re laughing until your head hurts
Wo jue qiang nan guo bu jiang dan ni dong
I’m stubborn, upset and won’t speak but you understand
Yi ju hua jiu bang wo xiang tong
One word would help me think it through
Yi yong bao gan dong bu yan zhong
An embrace and the effect isn’t serious
Yi xiang xin wei zhi de qian li dou xiong yong
Once I trust in possibilities, it’s raging

Ni huan hu fen xiang wo fen li yi bo de guang rong
You cheer, sharing your glory with me
Ni pai shou ti xing wo bu ting zuo meng
You applaud me to remind me to not stop dreaming
Bie pa bai ri meng
Don’t be afraid of daydreams

Ni jiang xin bi xin shi zui jia ting zhong
You feeling for others makes you the best listener
Ni gei de jian yi zong chao ji you yong
The advice you give is always incredibly useful
Zai jin yao guan tou
At the crucial moment
Yao bi lian ren hai geng ti liang wo
You’re even more considerate than a lover

Ni bao shou mi mi shi zui jia ting zhong
The way you guard secrets makes you the best listener
Ni jiang de shi hua neng bi wo zhen zuo
The truth you speak compels me to perk up
Hen shao shuo xie xie
I don’t say thanks very much
Dan wo ai ni jiu xiang ni ai wo
But I love you just like you love me

Zai ban ye zhao ni qu da qiu
I look for you at midnight to play ball
Da yu li qi che qu dou feng
Ride around on a bike in the rain
Wo shi lian ta neng shi wo de peng you
I have a failed relationship and she’s still my friend
Tai chou pi ni hui ba wo tou
A stinky fart, you will throw me out
Tai ya yi ni zai wo ye you
Too depressed and you’re also with me
Tai shang xin ni hao bu liu qing deng hou wo
Too heartbroken and you relentlessly wait for me

January 20, 2009

I'm Going Insane for GuiLun

Credit: vietphokoreanbbqbeef@youtube

*Spoilers Ahead*
Geez! I'm going to faint again and I bet you will too! This video contains actual clips of GuiLun interaction. I'm sooo excited for the real episodes to come out! This video is soo good.

Scene 1: TMX gives a box of chocolate to 007. She's afraid that he'll forget her when he goes to America. 007 tells her "I'm not going anywhere". She feels relieve and happy and runs into his arms. 007 hugs her back!

Scene 2: They standing extremely close to each other. She has her arms around his head. It seems as if they standing on a puzzle and the only way to solve it is by moving together. Just when they step on the last piece of the puzzle, TMX turns her head and -oops- their lips touch. TMX is startled and suddenly steps back causing the puzzle to explode.

Scene 3: TMX sees an airplane fly by and immediately "eats" it and makes a wish. 007 is curious about her wish. TMX says, "007, I said that when I get my hundredth plane, I'll tell you my secret. I hope after you hear this secret, you won't hate Tian Mo Xing. If you want to hate, you can hate Li Xiao Xing." 007 replies, "Tian Mo Xing is you. Li Xiao Xing is also you. You are you. I will never hate you. But you can declare that your boyfriend can't hate you." TMX says, "But what if I hate myself. I'm not the Tian Mo Xing that you know." 007 GRABS HER IN FOR A KISS! And he secretly places a computer chip in her pocket.

Scene 4: TMX is blaming herself for causing trouble. 007

Scene 5: TMX is peeling an apple for 007 and askes him what he wanted to say to her before. 007 is acting all shy again and TMX threatens to call the doctor to check his brain. Hahahaa! So cute! Hahaa! Anyway, 007 gives TMX a gift, a fortune cookie. Inside the cookie is a slip that reads, "You are my chocolate." WOW! This scene made me smile the most! Hahaha! They both act so shy after TMX reads the fortune slip! HAHAHAAA!

Okay, I'm going to stop here. I still have to study for a final today... whack.

Aaron Yan is the biggest spender on candy; Wu Chun's luggage returning to Brunei is too heavy, only spends $NT300

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

Fahrenheit took time out of their busy schedules and headed towards the large New Year goods street to purchase their New Year goods. Their eyes all sparkled when they saw that the street was filled with lots of good food. Aaron couldn't stop purchasing just 娃娃酥 (1) and took home a large amount of candy, becoming the biggest spender. On the contrary, Wu Chun who loves to eat, was unexpectedly very controlled, buying the least out of the four members. Only spending $NT300, he said with embarrassment, "The luggage I'm taking back to Brunei is already over the weight limit so I can't fit anymore."

Calvin Chen is given free pickled plum candy

When Fahrenheit all went to Di Hua Street [迪化街], they were immediately surrounded by fans and shopkeepers. Shopkeepers took the initiative to load them with more food and make discounts. As a result, Calvin was given a large amount of free pickled plum candy. The four of them spent a lot fo money with Aaron, Chun and Calvin mainly buying food. Jiro Wang [Da Dong] on the other hand, was extremely happy when he saw a New Year scrolls store. In one go, he grabbed a stack of "Spring" [春], "Good Fortune" [福] as well as other scrolls, hoping to decorate the house with them. He didn't expect that in the midst of the rush, he forgot to take them. He had no choice but to say, "I'll just have to find a day to shop here again with my mother."

Jiro Wang lifts his own ban; Loves to eat fried new year cake

When talking about foods that must be eaten during the New Year celebrations, Jiro Wang first recommends fried new year cake (2), "Because I usually have to look after my throat, I can't eat it and only break this rule during New Year. I can eat it everyday, at every meal - one year I ate so much that the heat gave me a nosebleed" Wu Chun also supports new year cake; his personal secret recipe is adding a slice of taro and frying with the new year cake. He drooled as he said this: "I really want to eat it!"

Unmarried Brunei man doesn't give red packet to father

This year, Fahrenheit has achieved good results in advertisements, concerts and dramas. Da Dong, Aaron and Calvin will show filial respect and give their parents red packets of 6-digit figures and above. However, because in Brunei unmarried people aren't supposed to give out red packets, Chun will not be giving his father one but has prepared red packets for his gym workers and this figure will be over 6 digits.

Translator's notes
(1) 娃娃酥 is a type of crispy snack (dessert) from 大黑松小倆口 - information provided by tammiest
(2) New year cake [炸年糕] is a type of cake made from steamed glutinous rice.

OooO, looks like someone's going to have to visit the dentist after eating all those sweets! Hehehee! "The luggage I'm taking back to Brunei is already over the weight limit so I can't fit anymore." Hahahaa! I can't stop laughing at Chun's response!

Wu Zun and Jolin Tsai to co-star in "Jue Dui Bi Shi" (Absolute Boyfriend)

Source : Baidu
translation by englishrose85 @ http://asianfanatics.net

Taiwan's top male idol, Wu Zun has some new action once again. After a year he will be returning to the small screen with Chinese music diva Jolin Tsai in the new drama "Absolute Boyfriend" adapted from a Japanese manga.

Comic book adaptions are the norm for Taiwan dramas. From the distant beginnings of Meteor Garden, there has been a comic book adaption almost every year. For example the recent drama "Honey and Clover" and in 2007 Hana Kimi set off an upsurge of ratings.

Earlier reports stated that Wu Zun will be focussing on the big screen, becoming more popular and improving his acting skills at the same time. The unexpected pairing of Wu Zun and Ah Sa for the movie "Butterfly Lovers" has just been fixed (?). The new drama has held a meeting and so there are many more surprises for the fans to look forward to.

As the male lead of the drama "Absolute Boyfriend" Wu Zun will be acting a challenging role. The main lead is a robot therefore Wu Zun must express feelings without using too much body language or too many expressions. He can only rely on his eyes and tone of voice. Wu Zun has never attempted this before, but is happy to accept the challenge, make new breakthroughs in his acting and allow the fans to see a different side to him.

Another focus of attention for this drama is singer Jolin Tsai. In recent years, Jolin has concentrated on her singing and dancing career. The fans have forgotten that more than six years ago Jolin and Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) worked together on "Hi! Working Girl". Jolin is in the entertainment circle and quite different from that time and full of confidence. In addition, Jolin has gained experience in shooting MVs and filming drama. In addition to the wonderful story of the original comic book, another idol drama with King Wu Zun will make great achievements!

Written by author Watase Yu and originally published in 2003, Absolute Boyfriend is about a boyfriend who has everything a girl wants. The comic book is about the love operations between a fussy young woman and a robot boyfriend. There are arguments, joy, moving moments and the human feelings go on from here. The new series will soon be announced, hoping that you will look forward to it.

OoooO...I saw the Japanese version of Absolute Boyfriend. Now there's a Taiwan version.

January 18, 2009

Wu Zun only thinks about food when 'scoring girls'; angers Patty Hou

source: Liberty Times
translated by: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Earlier, Fahrenheit went on ‘Azio Superstar’ and Jacky Wu gave them a ‘scoring girls’ test, and asked them to express their love to Patty Hou. Unexpectedly, Wu Zun only said: “Let’s go to eat sushi!” This made Patty angry and she exclaimed: “You just love to eat that much?”

Aaron Yan, who is the youngest, looked at Patty and said: “Looking at you, I don’t want to look at another woman for the rest of my life!” And Jiro Wang said: “What’s happening? I realize that my line of sight cannot leave your face!” As for Calvin Chen, he said deeply: “If there is next life, I don’t want to be a human. I want to be a goldfish. This way, even when I am sleeping, I can keep looking at you!” This made Patty very shy, and as for which one she liked the best, she blushed and replied: “I like all of them, I haven’t been chatted up by younger guys for a long time!”

HAHAHAHAHAAA! Chun's comment is so predictable! Always something to do with food!

Danson Tang asks Yue Lao Temple for support; relies on "lovers" to purchase New Year goods

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by catalie @

Even though the economy isn't doing well, New Year should still be celebrated happily! Recently, Danson Tang took spare time out of his schedule to try spending some money at a New Year goods street, taking the challenge of spending only $NT200 to buy purchase eight types of items.

Electrifying eyes + flirting; Danson gives away autographs and helps out as shop assistant

Coming to Di Hua street [迪化街] to buy New Year goods, Danson didn't forget to pay a visit to the famous Yue Lao temple [月老廟], praying that he will find love in the new year. Danson who hasn't dated in three years, wants to date and also hopes to attract good fate, "In the entertainment industry, only when you have fans [lovers], will you flourish and have a successful career!"

Before setting out, workers gave Danson $NT200 and reminded him that he must buy abalone, dried shredded squid, pistachio nuts and dried fruit, etc - all up 8 types of new year goods. Unexpectedly, Danson spent all his money at the first stop purchasing pistachio nuts and even overspent! In the end, he had no choice but to use his electrifying eyes and flirting abilities: along the way, he would take photos and give out autographs to store managers, then helping out as shop assistant. After all that trouble, he finally completed his task causing him to laugh saying, "How embarrassing!"

Overseas fans chase crazily; handsome guy becomes shy

On his trip, besides attracting the attention of citizens shopping in the area, Danson's charm even caused many stores to be very eager to have him help sell their products, calling to him, "Handsome guy! Handsome guy! Quickly come here and help us sell!" causing him to become considerably shy. In the end, there was even a Japanese fangirl who asked for an autographed photo with Danson. In regards to discovering that he was popular overseas having not been in the industry for very long, Danson felt extremely flattered.

Yesterday Danson held autograph sessions in Tainan and at Kaohsiung; there were also many overseas fans there including those from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other places. Hearing that fans were planning to stay longer in Taiwan to sightsee, Danson joked and said, "This way, I guess I've contributed to boosting Taiwan's economy!"

January 16, 2009

The Drama Life Savior

My dramas suddenly started to get more interesting and TVB's Sweetness in Salt started it all! Just when I was about to temporarily stop TVB-ing, Sweetness in the Salt was released. It's a drama savior-TVB's drama savior! I was getting so tired of Gem of Life, I gave up three quarters of the way through. I'm probably just going to watch the last few episodes when they come out-even though I probably won't know what's going on. And if the ending is good, maybe I'll start back tracking the episodes, otherwise forget it. And the sitcom, Off Peddlers, is just not as deep as Best Selling Secrets. The magic in Best Selling Secrets is lost in Off Peddlers.

I was hooked onto SITS(Sweetness in the Salt) since episode 1. Tavia never fails to amaze me with her acting. She just gets better and better. Her character in this drama is very independent and strong willed. She's going to be in a triangle with Raymond and Steven. Both guys are desirable partners (caring, intelligent, blah blah). One guy has a disease and will die from it. The other guy indirectly caused the death of her parents. Oh~ isn't life tough...

Thank goodness, Love or Bread started to pick up after SITS came out. Seriously, I think the director spent a bit too long to introduce the characters and plot. Shan Mei (played by Ariel Lin) quits her job, leaves her family, and runs away to America in hopes of being with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, within 48 hours, her boyfriend breaks up with her. So she lost her boyfriend, her family, and her job. She goes back to Taiwan and she finds a ring on the floor. You would think she's lucky but oh no she gives the ring as rent to a renter and ends sharing a house with the owner of the ring, Frank (played by Joe Cheng) who demands that she pays him for the loss of his ring (his mother's ring). Oh~what torture she goes through! Frank is a total jerk in the beginning! He bullies her, teases her, forces her to do all the housework, and then later (when he starts to change)he falls in love with her. Ah~ this is where the plot starts to move faster. She unknowingly develops feelings for him but of course at this time a third person would appear. A rich and handsome guy who had befriended her suddenly confesses to her and she is troubled. Ooo! Who will she choose? The rich guy or the poor jerk who starts to change for her. I suggest the poor jerk because you know after watching Gem of Life, you probably won't want to marry the rich, because they seem to have problems. That's what Gem of Life has been telling me: rich people are ruthless and paranoid.

OMGOMG! It's Pi Li MIT time! I love this show! I love this show! I love this show! Right after SITS came out, GuiLun (Gui Gui + Arron) scenes started to increase and intensify! Ooo! Episode 11 is coming out tomorrow and people who watched it said that it's scary but worth it because GuiLun moves up another emotional level! Like Holy Moly! It's a known fact among MIT viewers that 007(Arron) has already fallen for TMX(Gui Gui). It's just a matter of time before he finally makes his move and accepts her.

For 10 episodes, 007 has rejected her confessions but accepted her help. This guy who claims to have no feeling for her panics when she is kidnapped in a few episodes (She's been kidnapped a few times). He rejects her boiled egg which she claims will cure his disease until he finds out that she made it just for him and he finally eats the egg. She takes a picture of him and herself with his cellphone and makes it the wallpaper and demands that he don't delete it. Surprisingly, he complies and even snatches his phone back from his ex-girlfriend who wanted to delete the picture. She gave him a charm necklace and told him to keep it on for protection. In one episode, he finds out that the charm necklace was missing and frantically looks everywhere for it. And when he finds it, a smile stretches across his face. In the same episode, she overhears his conversation with his father. He is getting better as his disease is not acting up as much as before. Although she is happy for him, she is also sad for herself. For this means, that he won't be needing her anymore. He won't need her to help him get his medicine because the disease will not affect him as much as before. She tearfully announces that she will give up on him. She permits him to delete the wallpaper on his paper and pleads him to keep the charm necklace by his side because it would protect him in her absence and then she leaves. He obviously did not want her to leave. It was written all over his face, especially his eyes. People say that the eyes are windows to the soul. His eyes expressed the pain, the hurt, the undeniable feelings he had for her. Yet, he could not speak those words that would make her very happy.

Why does 007 keep rejecting TMX? Simple. He hasn't accepted himself yet. How could he accept TMX when he hasn't accepted himself? 007 is plagued by a disease called [MD] which he got after a car accident when he was young. His famous detective father teaches 007 the principles of crime solving in hopes of making his son a detective but unfortunately, 007 was rejected from police academy due to his disease. His disease is like a disability to him. In his eyes, his disease prevents him from being the detective he wants to be. It prevents him from opening up to others. It causes him to build a wall around himself because he feels insecure. However, after he enters MIT, the wall is starting to come down. He learns to trust others and the frequency of his disease acting up has decreased. I mentioned about the conversation he had with his father in the previous paragraph. In the conversation, he tells his father that he understands that his father hasn't given up on him. His father sent him to this school so that 007 can conquer his disease because he won't be under as much pressure as he was at the police academy. He also tells his father that his disease hasn't been acting up as much as before. And he hopes that he won't need the medicine to conquer the disease in the future. At this point, I can say that 007 has already accepted himself as well as his disease. From the previous paragraph, you recall that TMX overhears this conversation yet 007 still didn't reveal his feelings for her. Although, he has fully accepted himself, he is still the cool and quiet 007. For him to suddenly confess to her is very unlike him. What he needs now is a push from either 747 or 187.

WHOA! GuiLun makes me hyper just like coffee. There's so much more to this pairing than meets the eye. Okay~ at this point, I have no idea what I'm talking about anymore because I'm overly ecstatic for today's episode! Hahahahaa! I really have no idea how to end my posts other than laughing it away. Hahahahaaa!

Pi Li MIT Fanart: kaying730/ MIT Creative Thread

Love or Bread Fanart: lilea@AF

January 14, 2009

Wu Chun's Chinese is poor, drags Calvin Chen down with him

Source: http://marukoisme.blog17.fc2.com/ , UDN Late News
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

Fahrenheit recently accepted an interview by "Azio Channel" and on the show they played a language game. After ten questions, Jiro Wang with his achievement of six questions, became Fahrenheit's king of literature and language knowledge; Aaron Yan came second with five questions; coming from Brunei, Wu Chun usually has an accent when he speaks and only answered three correctly. He who was told that his achievements in the national language were not good, dragged Calvin who also only answered three correctly, down with him, stating that he was on the same level as Calvin Chen who graduated from the Senior High School of National Taiwan University so Calvin had no choice but to apologise to his senior high Chinese teacher in front of everyone.

During the Azio Channel show, questions included "delicate smoke from kitchen chimneys" and "to yearn day and night"* where Fahrenheit members were required to complete the expressions, one character each. Wu Chun unexpectedly wrote the "delicate" in "delicate smoke from kitchen chimneys" as "bird", and the character meaning "wind around" in the phrase "to yearn day and night" as "win". He even explained to the host that he hadn't written the wrong word, it's just that he couldn't even understand the phrase so he just wrote words that he knew.

* The phrase "to yearn day and night" (魂牽夢縈) literally means "soul and dreams winding around hand in hand".

Hahaha~ Wu Chun looks a bit lost in the picture!

January 09, 2009

Tao Hua Ai Wu Di MV

Credit to TeARonph@youtube

Another GuiLun drama! Please! Please! Please continue filming this! Apparently, the filming for this drama was temporarily stopped in the summer because of the Fahrenheit Tour Concerts. Although, the media argue that it's because Arron and Gui Gui had a big fight and blah blah blah. Right now, nobody knows for sure if they're going to continue filming this drama. There are rumours that it will continue filming after Arron finishes Fahrenheit's Concerts.

It’s Tough to be An Idol!Maintaining a Smile while Working Out,Jiro Wang Almost Had Internal Injuries

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Pop idol group Fahrenheit went on the variety show [College Students, Are You Ready] on Jan 6th and in the show, talked about the hardships of being a pop idol. Jiro Wang expressed that in order to maintain the friendliness of being an idol, he must always plastered a smile on his face, even if he was working out in a gym. However, some weight training equipments were very heavy. Having to use strength and smiling at the same time made him exclaimed that he [almost ended up internal injuries!] Calvin Chan also said that once when he was using the toilet, someone called his name while sneaking looks at him and made him felt extremely embarrassed at the time.

Fahrenheit went on [College Student] to be tested by the female college students who examined them in minute details from top to bottom. Wu Chun’s fingernails and Jiro Wang’s hair both received a pass but the students refused to let them off so easily and closely examined the “body odor” of the four. Finally it was Calvin who won and received the title of [Fragrant Prince]. However, Jiro who was nicknamed [the Sweaty Warrior] by Calvin did not agree to this. He said that males should smell a little sweaty to showcase their masculinity, but the other members of the group did not support him and said frankly that his sweat glands were fearfully overactive and the amount of sweat was shocking.

The students in the show also revealed information about Jiro saying that he liked to go to the gym late at night. Jiro immediately explained that as a pop idol, he must maintain a smile at all times. Other than afraid of hurting fans’ feelings, he was also that he may be accused of putting on haughty airs. Therefore so even to going to the gym at midnight, he felt that he was not free and must maintain a smile while exercising. Jiro laughed: [Some of these equipments were really heavy and I must use a lot of strength while using them. And I had to continue doing them with a smile. Sometimes, I felt that I am almost getting injured internally.]

The program also prepared some foods that were tough to eat to test whether the four could maintain their suaveness while eating. The first one up was Calvin. He had to eat the teeth-sticking corn and his skill was not bad. There was nothing between the teeth after eating and no reduction to his suaveness. Next Jiro had to chew on a sugar cane. His look of serious concentration was teased by the host Selina who laughingly said that he looked at a mafia boss chewing betel nuts. Wu Chun tried Squid noodles for the first time. Not only did his mouth not dyed black by the squid’s ink, he even taught everyone how to keep one’s mouth clean. Persuaded by Selina, Arron amused everyone by placing pieces of seaweed on his teeth and pretended to be ugly.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and nownews.com
original source : http://www.nownews.com/2009/01/07/340-2391394.htm

HAHAHAAA! Look at Arron! Hahahahaa! OMG! I have to watch this video~

January 06, 2009

Fahrenheit Album Tracks

Dong Mai-Artery

Yue Lai Yue Ai-Loving You More and More

Ji Mo Bao Zou-Lonesome Sprint

Heng Xing-Shining Star

Mo Mo-The Love of Silence

Zui Jia Ting Zhong-The Best Listener

Liu Xia Lai-Stay With Me

Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun-Lonely Ferris Wheel

Yu Shi Yan Lei-Rain and Tear

Ni Ying Gai Bei Zhen Xi-Cherish

Credit to JiroWangDongCheng@youtube for vids.


January 04, 2009

Show Luo-幸福不滅 (Cause I Believe)

IT'S FINALLY OUT! I've been waiting for this song since like forever! Hahaaa~Hot Shot memories! ♪cause i believee♪

Lyrics from getalyric.com

沒原因 就是喜歡妳
在初次相遇 又重逢的心情
深呼吸 讓心動隱形
完美的愛情 是無聲的旋律
聽 我聽妳不確定的語氣
等 我等妳放下妳的憂鬱
嘿 如果你輕輕閉上眼睛

Cause i believe 那幸福不滅的定律
在你手心 會有誰誰給你的美麗
緊張痕跡 就讓我的心安靜地守著妳

沒原因 就是喜歡你
就像海全面 天空般的心情
妳靜靜 看著妳背影
妳 如果妳愛上他的心靈
愛 如果已沒有我的空隙
嘿 只有妳可以用點開心

Cause i believe 那幸福不滅的定律
在你手心 會有誰誰給妳的美麗
緊張痕跡 就讓我的心安靜地守著妳

oh i believe
Cause i believe 那幸福不滅的定律
妳的手心 不一定要由我握緊
就像恆星 總會有發光的原因
oh i believe

Fahrenheit Pictures

My Stash For Today

My notebook- Arron side

My Notebook-Jiro Side

My Stash - Show Luo Poster, Fahrenheit Poster, Fahrenheit Album, Arron/Jiro Notebook

HOLY COW! I love the music store! I went this morning to pick up my Fahrenheit stash and then I saw Show's new album, Trendy Man. I want to get it but...couldn't. Money is evil. I decided to get his poster instead. It's better than nothing. Hahahaha~

Wah~ I like the packaging of Frh's third album. The album comes in an 8 by 8 inch cover and there's also a big lyric boook! There's lots of big pictures of Fahrenheit in here! The CD is not in a case but on a very sturdy plastic thing and on the back of that thing is another big picture of Fahrenheit!!! AHH~ my favorite stash of the day is the notebook! The first couple of pages are pictures of Arron and Jiro. Then there's blank white pages for writing!

Starting Over

The music store that I frequent had moved to a new place a few months ago. Initially, I thought it was because the building that the music store was in was leaning and could topple anytime. I eventually found out where they moved to and recently I went there to preorder my Fahrenheit Album but that's another story. Today, I found out a shocking news. The music store owners were literally kicked out and they lost all their inventory! Luckily, they found a new place or else Chinatown would have lost one of its best music stores! I hope 2009 will be a better year for them!

January 03, 2009

Christine Fan-黑白配

Thanks to Peggyngpakwai @ youtube

Lyrics from asukaWorld

作詞:范瑋琪 作曲:范瑋琪

太陽曬的我 眼睛睜不開 你的好脾氣 讓我心情壞不起來
下雨下的我 眼神發呆 你的道歉 聽著聽著我都快要笑出來

誰說不能黑白配 世界上沒有什麼事 能夠如此的絕對
曾經有人這樣唱過 白天它不懂夜的黑 你卻懂得我的美

有時候我會 感覺非常累 有時候也會 不自覺把你拖累
你有時會說 我們不配 只要能依偎 真的真的我什麼都無所謂

誰說不能黑白配 世界上沒有什麼事 能夠如此的絕對
曾經有人這樣唱過 白天它不懂夜的黑 你卻懂得我的美

鋼琴也是黑白鍵 一樣能彈出我對你 只有滿滿的感謝
也許黑永遠不明白 在這個彩色的世界 有你我才會存在

January 02, 2009

Ariel Lin-Taste of Bread LIVE

CHAO HAO TING AHHH! WAHHH!TWO THUMBS UP! I never she could sing until I watched Love or Bread! She PWNS most of those TVB ppl who recently went into the music industry!

Fahrenheit promotes new album, Arron agrees to parade around Hong Kong

[3.1.09]Fahrenheit promotes new album, Arron agrees to parade around Hong Kong

Note: Please credit jastan87 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Fahrenheit hopes that their new album will reach number one step by step and get good results.

Wu Zun, Calvin Chen were crowd around by big group of fans, chaotic when leaving Hong Kong, Wu Zun urged everyone not to rush.

Fahrenheit came to Hong Kong to promote non-stop for their new album ‘Loving More and More’, all of them did not hesitate to put their brothers on stage for promotion, following the idea of asking Aaron Yan to wear see through outfit for celebration if the album sales broke 150,000 copies, Jiro Wang, Wu Zun and Calvin Chen strike again during the promotion event last night. The three of them forced Aaron Yan to wear swim trunks to swim in Victoria Harbour for celebration if the album sales in Hong Kong broke 50,000 copies; Aaron Yan asked them why and the three of them feel that since he is the youngest, he has to satisfy the younger fans. Aaron Yan could only agree to it unwillingly.

Why do the three of them ganged up to bully Aaron Yan? All of them said, “Because he is the youngest!” When Wu Zun was asked if he would imitate Aaron Kwok who showed his chest muscles at the concert if the album sales are good, he said, “Nope! I don’t have a figure as good as him, and also not a status like him, wait until we have it then will show it!”

Countdown at record store and had autograph session

Following the huge autograph session that they had the day before, Fahrenheit specially went to the record store at midnight to have a countdown ceremony for their new album, the four of them immediately signed on 600 copies of albums which the fans had bought, they also spent their own money to buy their own albums, after which they placed the new album on the number one rack in the sales chart. Calvin Chen and Wu Zun revealed that they felt proud, hope that the new album will reach the number one position step by step, they also said that for the new album they had been promoting from 08 to 09 without sleeping.

200 fans send them off at the airport pushing down the railing

Did they suffer convulsions from signing? They all said that they are happy signing but had to keep changing hands, when they signed until they felt hot, had to spray cooling mist to bring the temperature down. Fahrenheit ended their two days Hong Kong schedule yesterday and left for the airport in their car at 5:30pm. Jiro Wang who had not fully recovered from his leg injury continued to sit on the wheelchair, Wu Zun, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen alighted from the car first and got the attention of many fans to let Jiro Wang get to the departure hall easily. On the way 200 fans kept pushing so as to get closer to their idols, the scene was chaotic, railings and fans were pushed down, Wu Zun and the rest stopped and asked everyone not to push.

O>M>G! I so wish I could get their autograph! One day...I will go to HK or Taiwan and get their autograph! HAHAA!

January 01, 2009

Fahrenheit Beijing Concert YO

Yue Lai Yue Ai

FRH Third Album will be in my hands in a few days.

Yi Ge Ren Liu Lang

One of my favorite!

Wo You Wo De Young

OooO! Haven't heard this one in a while.

Xiao Xiao Da Ren Wu

Arron is scared of heights but he still got on that thing! BRAVO!

Xia Xue

Another favorite!

Ti Amo

Melting in his vocalssssssss

Thanks JoannaFuu for videos!

And here's an article that comes with these videos