October 26, 2008

2008 Singapore Hit Awards

Translated by: 60699 @ asianfanatics.net
Source: Singapore Hit Awards Official Site

The 2008 Singapore Hit Awards were held on October 25, 2008 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.


Favorite Male Artist
Aska Yang

Favorite Female Artist
A-Mei Chang

Favorite Group

Favorite New Artist
Aska Yang

Album of the Year
Don't Want To Let Go 不想放手 - Eason Chan

Best Producer of an Album
Chen Wei, Salsa Chen, Chen Xiu Zhu, Guo Wen Zong & Wang Zhi Ping
Mystery 神秘嘉宾 - Yoga Lin

Best Producer of a Song
Bing Wong
迷宫 - Joanna Wang

Best Local Lyricist
Xiao Han
達爾文 - Tanya Chua

Best Local Composer
Lee Wei Song
收藏 - Jam Hsiao

Best Local Artist
Tanya Chua - Goodbye and Hello

Best Male Vocalist
Eason Chan - Don't Want To Let Go 不想放手

Best Female Vocalist
Jasmine (Fish) Leong - j'Adore 崇拜

Best Singer-Composer
Tanya Chua - Goodbye and Hello

Best Group
Da Mouth - Da Mouth 大嘴巴同名專輯

Best Band
Sodagreen - Incomparable Beauty 無與倫比的美麗

Outstanding New Artists
Joanna Wang - Start From Here
Yoga Lin - Mystery 神秘嘉宾
Jade Liu - I Am Just What I Am 我就是這樣
Wu Jia Hui - Although I'm Willing 雖然我願意
Jam Hsiao - Jam Hsiao 首張同名專輯
Aska Yang - Dove 鴿子

Asia Media Award
Male Artist - Eason Chan
Female Artist - Jolin Tsai
Group - Mayday

Regional Outstanding Artist
Mainland - Jane Zhang
Hong Kong - Eason Chan
Taiwan - Jay Chou
Malaysia - Jasmine (Fish) Leong

Y.E.S. 93.3FM Music Chart - Top 10 Songs of the Year
路...一直都在 - Eason Chan
小太陽 - Mayday
為你存在 - Fahrenheit
Ti Amo - Aaron Yan & Jade Liu
新窩 - Fahrenheit & S.H.E

牛仔很忙 - Jay Chou
洋蔥 - Aska Yang
西界 - JJ Lin
One World One Dream - Lee Hom Wang
達爾文 - Tanya Chua

Y.E.S 93.3FM Music Chart - Favorite Duets

新窩 - Fahrenheit & S.H.E
Ti Amo - Aaron Yan & Jade Liu

期待愛 - JJ Lin & Kym

Stage Presence Award

Y.E.S 93.3FM Music Chart - Chart Topping Artists
Yoga Lin
Jay Chou
Lee Hom Wang

Y.E.S 93.3FM Music Chart - Gold Song of the Year
洋蔥 - Aska Yang

Year's Popular Artist
Yoga Lin

Most Potential Local Artist
Derrick Hoh

Jean Yip Best Album Design
Wu Fa Gui Lei 無法歸類 - Derrick Hoh

Courts MV Award
結果咧 - Da Mouth

為你存在 - Fahrenheit

Ti Amo - Aaron Yan & Jade Liu

新窩 - Fahrenheit & S.H.E

October 20, 2008

Gigi Lai Announced Retirement from Entertainment Industry

Source: on.cc
Translation: Squirt88 @ http://asianfanatics.net/

When Gigi attended the promotional function for her series, she unexpectedly announced retirement from the entertainment industry to focus on taking care of her brother who was seriously injured in a car accident last year. Gigi expressed that she has thought about this decision for a long time. She cried when saying these, as she is sad to be leaving behind her long acting career. Gigi said that the new TVB series "The Gem of Life" will be the last of her work, a farewell series to the entertainment industry.

AHHH NOOO! This is breaking news! One of the best and most talented TVB artist is leaving us. I'm not a really big fan of Gigi, but I do enjoy her acting a lot! Ah~this is sad but I hope her brother recovers soon. I also hope she unretires and comes back in the future! -sigh- She will be missed a lot! :(

18 Censor Or Not Songs

Themesong - Shalala - EaStyle

Endsong - Donut - Xiao Xun & Ah Ben

October 18, 2008

Celsius' Entertainment Update

College work. College Test. College Projects. College Essays. I hate writing essays the most! I had to pause updating because of two midterms, two essays, and one quiz. Anyway, enough about school stuff, time for some entertainment time!

1) The Four - This series had a good start but it's getting a bit boring but the ending preview is one big cliffhanger. The cases are becoming boring! The zombie case was the best. I jumped when I saw that "dead" lady suddenly wake up! Gosh, that one scene proves that I'm easy to scare. Hahaha! I love the interactions between Ray and Samuel! They're such a funny pair! It seems that Samuel is the only one that can get Ray to tell a cold joke! Haha! Kenneth on the other pair, played a really boring character. I felt so bored watching his scenes. I think Kenneth does a better job playing a funny guy than a serious guy. And by golly, that leaf blowing scene was so well done! It showed the four of them chilling on grass and blowing leaves at one another! Such a placid and relaxing scene!

2) The Last One Standing- This drama is okay. The music is kinda spooky and some of the scenes are really dark. Roger and Kevin both did a good job in this series. Roger's character is a psycho! A very scary one! He's so obsessed with this one word, family! Kevin is in danger because Roger believes that Kevin took his family away. Roger is so going to take revenge on Kevin! His heart is black!

1) 18 Censor Or Not- OMG! What a great series! Everything about this series is sooo awesome! This show aired around the same time as My Lucky Star and it got pretty high ratings. It's about a group of students placed in an "experiment" class. Previously, the classes were unisex. Now, the "experiment" class will be the first class to have both females and males students. This series takes you on the most hilarious and magical high school senior years of four girls and four guys! Another plus is the OST for this show! It's so darn awesome!

2) Hot Shot - What a ridiculously hilarious series! Almost everything here is 110% exaggerated Show Luo's character is such a crackhead! He says the weirdest things at the wrong moments! He's a weirdo. Jerry's character, on the other hand, is the opposite. He says the right things at the right moments. Plus, he's one of the best basketball players in Taiwan and the son of some rich guy. As for Wu Chun, he's more of a guest star than a third male lead. He hardly shows up for more than 10 minutes in each episode.

October 08, 2008

DBSK and Fahrenheit at ASF

FLH (Farenheit) attended the 2008 Asian Music Festival (in which DBSK won best artist! congrats boys) and during the midst of FLH's Chu Shen Ru Hua performance, the mikes broke down. However, the fans were still supportative and backstage, DBSK found the FLH boys and congratulated them on their performance despite the technical difficulties. FLH's Jiro also told DBSK that when DBSK went to Taiwan for a concert, FLH went to see their show despite the typhoon. FLH also invited DBSK to visit Taiwan again and perform there again.

source: fangirlmitz
credit: ChinaTimes,
credit: AF Forum
rough translation by: friend of bl00_4ng31@dbsg

WHOOOAAAA! Taiwan + Korea! What an awesommeee surprise!

World Domination: DBSK

Read World Domination Article Here


They are one perfect kickbutt group! DBSK has 5 members; each with his own unique charm and talent! They are the perfect group! They are Asia's Biggest Star! Their voices harmonize so perfectly, it's no wonder that they have the largest fan club in the world! Their dance is full of energy, it's hard to stay still. You'll melt in their charming smiles.

DBSK is the Jewel of Asia!

*Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Fahrenheit! hehehe!*

DBSK - O Jung Ban Hap - Their Powerful Dancing

DBSK - Hug - Their Angelic Voices

DBSK - My Little Princess Acapella - Their True Talent

DBSK - Unforgettable - Harmonization

October 07, 2008

Chun and Charlene do fashion photo shoot; intimate actions revealed

source: sina.com Sun
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking@asianfanatics.net

Chun and Charlene do fashion photo shoot; intimate actions revealed!

Butterfly Lovers” is airing soon, and lately Chun and Charlene have been attending a variety events to help promote their movie, and their rumours are getting more and more fiery. Everytime they appear with their hands or arm linked together, fans will scream non-stop. Facing this atmosphere, the 2 not only do not avoid this, but even specially went to take some intimate photos together while in Hong Kong, to help promote “Butterfly Lovers”.

Magazine agencies and media fight for their photos

Chun and Charlene are both very popular in the entertainment industry, but even more, they are the pampered pets in the fashion and advertisment world. Chun’s handsome face, tall good body, and his sunshine nature, along with Charlene’s pure and sweet smile have won over many fans’ support. Ever since the 2 accepted the movie “Butterfly Lovers”, many magazine agencies have invited the 2 to shoot magazine covers and spreads, but both of them have their own movies and concerts to keep them busy, so they did not have time to do much photos.

Although Chun and Charlene could not come to Beijing and Shanghai to do photo shoots, but to co-operate with promoting “Butterfly Lovers”, the 2 took a batch of fashion photos in Hong Kong, to satisfy the needs of Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. However, even before the photos were finished, there were already tons of media and fashion industry executives phoning to buy the right to publish the photos, and this caused some chaos. After Chun and Charlene were informed of this news, they replied, “If we had known earlier that we were so popular, we would’ve taken more batches, to prevent the media from fighting with each other.”

Chun and Charlene: best on-screen couple

From this batch of photos, it’s not hard to see their good understanding of each other, and compatibility; it is very surprising that this is their first time they have worked together. Something worth mentioning is that these batch of photos have been designed by the magazine agency to print the words “Boyfriend, Girlfriend”. Plus, with their close, ambiguous actions, they are really a happy modern version of “Butterfly Lovers”.

Chun and Charlene since filming “Butterfly Lovers”, from unfamiliar to familiar, from bumpy to good friends, one movie has turned them into “best on-screen couple”. During filming, Charlene revealed that because of Chun, she found the feeling of first love back, “Everytime I see Chun’s deep soulful expression from his eyes, I cannot help but blush!” Charlene shyly recalled. Facing rumours, the 2 have never avoided, whether it is playfully bickering at the filming scene or attending promotion events together hands/arms linked together, Chun and Charlene use a different style to prove their innocent and pure friendship. Charlene even expressed, “After entering the industry for so long, what type of storm have I not seen! If rumours will help our movie, then of course I won’t mind.”

Whaaaaa! Do you think they match? I think they match! Hahahaha~ best on screen couple! We'll see if that's true when the movie comes out, but looking from their offscreen chemistry, it's probably true. Their movie is coming out next year I think! It's going to be one sad movie...

October 04, 2008

The Four

Mr. Chu Got Chin Orr - Dominic Lam

He is the big guy behind The Four. Without him, The Four would not exist. Dominic does a good job playing him. But he looks really weird with the blue costume up there. I prefer him in regular peasant clothes.

Mo Ching - Raymond Lam

The Four all have the same hair yet Mo Ching's hair style seems much more attractive then the other three. He is a master of brains, secret weapons, and wheelchair. His wheelchair is really cool. There's so many hidden weapons in his chair. His chair is like a Swiss Army Knife.

Tit Sau - Kenneth Ma

He's a young man with iron strength arms and a sense of justice. Nothing outstanding of this character. Maybe later in the series, his family background will make things a bit more interesting.

Jui Ming - Sammul Chan

This guy is an optimistic crackhead. He makes me laugh sooo much! He's a master of disguise, and master of "flying".

Lang Huet - Ron Ng

He's the ancient Tarzan. He's been raised by wolves ever since his parents died. He's a master of swords and a master of pain.

October 01, 2008


I got so bored...I started to watched this drama from China. It's pretty good especially this theme song!