August 30, 2008

RC for Roller Coaster

News Article - Samatha Ko grabs attention again with tears while riding a roller coaster. That's not the roller coaster she rode on.

I recently went to Six Flags and came back alive.

What is Six Flags famous for? Roller Coasters, of course!

What am I scared of? Roller Coasters, of course!

Getting on one of those scary things takes a lot of manliness!So clap for those who climb one to one of those scary things! By the way, that picture up there is Kingda Ka at Six Flags! It's plunges downward! That's the most scariest one of them all...and I know only one person who has the manliness to get on that ride!

Hot Shot Hot Shot

There's Hot Shot with English Subs at Crunchy Roll!

Episode 1
Part 1
Part 2

Episode 2
Part 1
Part 2

Episode 3
Part 1
Part 2

They have up to Episode 3 right now! That's pretty fast for a subbed drama! Keep it up! Wooo! Regular Hot Shot just aired episode 5 today!

Update- Episode 4
Part 1
Part 2

August 24, 2008

F for Family

Contract Lover Movie

Richie sang this in the comedy movie, Contract Lover! This movie is sooo funny; it's going to make your stomach hurt! Watch what happens when a modern lady meets a very traditional martial arts family! Here's a better synopsis!

Richie Ren - The main character who wants his family to accept his westernized girlfriend.
Fan Bing Bing - Richie's temp girlfriend
Kate Tsui - Richie's real lawyer girlfriend

Contract Lover With English Subs!

Part 1
- Chinese Traditional Exercise VS Western Tennis
- Richie and Bing Bing making weird noises...ahem...

Part 2
- Bing Bing teaches Richie's Mom to be a sexy lady!
- Bing Bing teaches Richie's Sister Pole Dancing!
- Martial Art artistes practice pole dancing! HAHAHAAAA!

Part 3
- White Guy takes on Chinese Martial Artist and wins by a spit!
- Awkward Triangle Singing...

Richie Ren - 老地方

August 22, 2008

Richie Ren: Too Soft Hearted 心太軟

This song came up in either episode 17 or episode 18. Linda was talking to Ray about a heart surgery operation where she had the opportunity to hold a live human heart...-gulp-

O btw, happy birthday to my brother!

August 19, 2008

Good Bye

This kiddy song is dedicated to Arrow. I'll see you next year!

August 17, 2008

G for Gold

Photo from here

ABCDEFG! Gold! Badminton! China! OMA! Too happy to type correctly! Hahaha! Men's single match for gold medal! It was China's Lin Dan versus Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei! Lin Dan won the first set with 21-12 and then the second set 21-8 to grab the gold medal!

Lin Dan got a bye in the first round so he automatically qualified for round 2 where he went up against Hong Kong's Ng Wei. Ng Wei put a good fight and but still lost to the quick Lin Dan! The first set was 21-16 and the second set was 21-13! Lin Dan is so fast! His reaction is really quick too! A really good player!

Lin Dan advances to the third round and plays against Korea's Park Sungwan. The first set went to Lin Dan 21-8 and then second set 21-11 went to Lin Dan again! This guy hasn't lost a single match yet!

Super Dan advances to the next round to face Denmark's Peter Gade! Again, only two sets were played and both were won by Super Dan. First set 21-13 and the second set 21-16! Now Super Dan moves into the semi final!

In the semi final, Lin Dan goes up against fellow countryman, Jin Chen! Jin Chen put up another good fight but still lost to Super Dan! 21-12 and 21-18! He was close in the second set to beating Super Dan! But Super Dan is too powerful for Jin Chen!

Super Dan in the finals with Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei! His greatest opponent who beat him in badminton last year somewhere. However, in this final match, Super Dan easily defeats Lee Chong Wei in just two sets again! 21-12 and 21-8! Super Dan gets gold!!!!!

Hahaha! After Super Dan wins, he threw his shoes into the crowd! HAHAHAAA! He's so happy, he got a little crazy!

Hot Shot OST


"I Believe" sung by Show Luo is not in this OST.
** The song sung by Jerry Yan is also not in this OST.

August 16, 2008

The Final Step in Best Selling Secret

08.07.08 marked the official end of my dinner time show, Best Selling Secret. –Sniff Sniff- I will miss you a lot! Best Selling Secret! Whooo! It was definitely an enjoyable sitcom even though Esther was MIA(missing in action) for half the show! The ending was definitely my cup of tea! Not too sweet, not too bitter, just right! EXCEPT for one small thing that I disliked. It has something to do with hair….I’ll expose it later! Hehe

A short ‘WASSUP’ of the last two chapters

Queenie had gone up to Bei Jing to get Yung back, however, Yung was nowhere to be found. Instead she got scolded by Chun for not using her heart to treat Yung! Feeling depressed and all, she returned to Hong Kong and at the airport she saw Yung! Yung, like Queenie, had traveled back to Hong Kong to look for Queenie. And so once they saw each other, they ran to each other and “exploded” in the elevator! Ah Jit who was leaving for America happened to enter that elevator with his short buddy, Lau Wah, and Grandma. And boy were they in for a big surprise! Hahaha!

Two Years Later in 2010

Tian Zai Shan constantly experimented with cooking and won the “Chef God” award!

She dated twenty guys in two years time and unfortunately all twenty dates failed to bloom successfully. Candy now works at a wedding shop as a love advisor of sorts.

She’s getting married! Congrats! She now has control over another wallet!

He is proof that life is full of surprises! Who knew that this office clown would one day become a lawyer!

Looks like Lady Tam has become Mrs. Tam. She’s married to Philip, the rich dude who use to be a player. Other than her appearance, she hasn’t change at all.

First Brother’s wife is three months pregnant! Congrats Congrats!

Oh man! This was hilarious! Only two years passed by, and this shorty looks really old! He grew a mustache AND a couple of inches with the help of some high heels! He’s married to Pearl Pearl now!

Ah Yung and Queenie are married and have two babies! Queenie has changed into a housewife! BUT you should still be careful because she still hasn’t gotten rid of her suing syndrome! She will threaten to sue you if you get on her bad side! Hehehe! And Ah Yung finally broke out of his old fashioned checkered vests!

Big Boss and Granny are together…not much to say about them…

His hair! What the hell happened to his hair! He went Bosco style! AHHH~

Vincent and Ka Lam are now married! Esther did not appear in the last episode…sniff sniff…

The Golden Couple

After 10 years, 300ish episodes, and 2 more years, they finally get together again! Kau Chun proposes to Diana and they marry! The End!

August 12, 2008

Badminton@Olympics 2008

Badminton is my favorite sport! And when I found out it was one of those official Olympic Games, I was thrilled! I get to watch professional badminton players smash their rackets on each other's heads! just kidding...hehehe!

Anyways, China has some really solid players in this sport! World's Number One Male Badminton player, Lin Dan, and World's Number One Female Badminton player, Xie Xing Fang, both hail from China! Hope they can add some more gold to China's gold pile! The last time I checked Yahoo!, China had 13 gold metals! Go China! Go #1s! Go Badminton!

"GO,GO,GO!" - Roger Kwok in a one his series.

The Olympic Mascots

Bei Bei
Jing Jing
Huan Huan
Ying Ying
Ni Ni

Tiny Singer Wins Heart of Nation


AF Forum

Lin Miaoke might be only 9 years old, but she is already well on her way to becoming a star, thanks to her heartwarming performance of Ode to the Motherland at Friday's opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics.

"She is delightful," Atul Dalakoti, executive director of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, told China Daily yesterday in Beijing.

Lin's performance was so charming that even Zhang Yimou, who directed the ceremony, was impressed, her mother Liu Zheping said.

The third-grader at Xizhongjie primary school in Beijing's Dongcheng district got her first taste of celebrity at the age of 6, when she appeared in a television advertisement with actress Zhao Wei, news website said.

Last year, she appeared in a TV ad with reigning Olympic champion hurdler Liu Xiang, and shortly before this year's Spring Festival featured in an advertisement for the Beijing Olympics.

Despite her experience, however, Lin was not an automatic choice for the Bird's Nest show.

In April, she and thousands of other talented tots took part in auditions for the parts of the 56 children who accompanied the national flag into the stadium.

Lin's father Lin Hui, who works as a photojournalist at Beijing's Legal Evening News, said he was not that confident about his daughter's chances until June, when he was told she had made it into the final four.

He then found out she would be singing the lead just 15 minutes before the opening ceremony began, he said.

The 9-year-old songbird said she was thrilled to be part of Friday night's performance, mostly "because I felt so beautiful in my red dress", she told China Daily yesterday.

Lin Hui said he still cannot believe his daughter has become an international singing sensation.

She already has fans all over the country, just three days after her performance, he said.

And it seems her fame is not limited to Chinese mainland. On Saturday, she appeared on the cover of the New York Times.

"But it is too early for Miaoke to be part of the world of entertainment," Lin Hui said.

"As her parents we have to make sure she gets a good education first," he said, adding that the youngster would soon be returning to school.

August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

I had said that I wasn't going to watch the Olympics BUT the opening ceremony was so beautiful that I just got absorbed into this Olympics stuff! But seriously, no joke, the opening ceremony was well coordinated and just amazing! The performers stood in perfect circles, perfect lines, perfect everything! Almost everything was human-made! The moving blocks were operated by people, it was no computer doing that, it was people who spent three years practicing! Practice makes perfect! And dang, that torch lighting was sooo coool! The guy flew into the air and ran around the stadium to the torch! I'm proud of you, China! Whooo!

Here's an update on the metals
US - 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze
China - 6 Gold, 2 Silver

China is really "Aiming for the Gold"!

Here's the torch lighting ceremony:

August 06, 2008

Calvin got enlisted for 12 days and had a haircut

On August 8th, Fahrenheit will be having a show and press conference in HK and the situation will likely be "three lacking one", because Calvin won't be present since he will be undergoing military service. Yesterday, as early as 9 o'clock in the morning, Calvin went straight to I-Lan for his 12-day service and he accomplished his registration without getting noticed much. The day before Calvin goes to serve the military, Fahrenheit's three other members prepared/did something funny and special before sending him off. DaDong, who worked as a hairstylist before, was the one who took the razor away and shaved Calvin's hair off while Wu Zun had the honor of doing the 'first 'cut'. Calvin was complimented and was told that he looked younger. He forced a smile and said, "It's really short! I will need time to get used to this".

Source: Baidu
Article credit to chamomaile, posted in AF
Pics credit to Chinatimes and UDN, posted in AF
Fahrenheit Global Fanclub

OooO, I like his new haircut! It gives him a martial arts sort of feel...And don't worry, girls, he'll be back after 12 days! It's only 12 days...

August 03, 2008

I for Interesting

O. M. A. nothing better to say than O. M. A.

OooO...lookie here! Wi-Fi available in...the PHONE BOOTH?!?! So I guess the phone booth now serves another purpose. Not only has it become a place to make phonecalls, hide, stay dry from the rain, it now offers free Wi-Fi!

August 02, 2008

T for Touching

Fala's Job Interview

I like laughing a lot.
I want to laugh like normal people.

I remember when I was little
I was scared to laugh.
Even if I saw or heard about really funny things
I would hold back my laughter
because I think
everyone can laugh out loud
But when I laugh, there is no sound.
I think it's really embarrassing.
The same thing goes with crying.

I remember back in 7th grade
I did study for the test
but the result came out to be 52, just passed.
I was really sad, but I was scared of crying.
My brother encouraged me
"If you are really sad, just cry your heart out".
However, a teacher came by.
She saw me crying so hard,
and thought my brother gave me a hard time.
I wanted to explain to the teacher
but she didn't understand my sign language.
As a result, she ordered my brother to stand in the middle of the playground
and made him copy a 100 times
"I would never bully my little sister again".

My brother really loves me a lot.
Actually I think I am very lucky,
I am a mute
but I have a mom and a brother who love me deeply.

What else do I want?
go to college like normal people?
go outside to get a job?

Actually I don't really like to make bread,
my brother is the one who likes to make bread.
I am the one who wants to work outside.

No one knows
really, nobody knows.
Only my brother knows.
No matter what I think,
my brother would know.
I really want this job
Can you guys give me a chance?
I would try my best.

Translated By: Strawberry who teared upon hearing this touching story. This is a really well written script! Kudos to the MR Scripting Team!

"Hot Shot" celebrates success of first episode

source: UDN
translated by:

Idol drama “Hot Shot” set a new record with the ratings of the first episode. The average rating was 2.79, which is higher than the 2.56 rating of the first episode of “Fated to Love You”.

Yesterday (07/31), the cast celebrated the success of the first episode. Main lead Show Luo, who just returned after celebrating his birthday in Hong Kong, also attended the celebration. Show said that when he was in Hong Kong, there were already many fans asking when “Hot Shot” will air in Hong Kong. This made him feel very happy. Show promised on paper that if ratings break 8, he will blow horns with Zhou Cai Shi, if ratings break 9, Coco and George will jet bounce (?), and if ratings break 10, he and Wu Zun will strip naked.

At the celebration, Show had a parrot and it was very obedient, while standing on Show’s hand and letting everyone take photos. Initially, Show was very nervous about embarrassing himself again, but luckily, the parrot was very obedient. He also hoped that the parrot would leave some “gold” on his hand, bringing good luck.

GTV said that initially, the celebration was going to be held on Tuesday and when they informed Jerry, he did not have time to attend. Later, when the date changed to Thursday, they did not inform him. Jerry’s manager expressed, “GTV probably thought that our schedule is very busy lately, so did not especially inform us, however Jerry is very happy with the ratings of the first episode.”

Wu Zun, also could not attend the celebration as he is currently in Korea promoting “Romantic Princess”. However, Show especially phoned him to share the good news. Although Wu Zun could not personally come to celebrate with them, when he heard the good news, he was also very excited.

In the drama, there are many sad scenes. Female Lead Zhou Cai Shi said that she admires Show’s crying skills, saying that he is male version of Liu Xue Hua. She said that Show can cry whenever he wants to, very easily, and can cry with just one eye. Show replied proudly, “When I am filming crying scene, I just need to think of the plot in which I’m acting, and I can very quickly put myself into the situation." When asked who is the hottest of the 3 guys, Show replied, “Jerry is the serious kind of hot, Wu Zun is white and hot, while I am black and hot.”

“Hot Shot” will air episode one again on Sunday at 8pm, and then episode 2 will follow after that. Fans should be happy that they can see 2 episodes in one night!

I still haven't watched the first episode of Hot Shot yet! But I will soon! Show is always the funny one! "serious kind of hot....white and and hot"....HAHAHA!

P for Posters

Credit: AF Forum

August 01, 2008

M for Mean

Moonlight Resonance started off with a blast! The first five episodes were so intense and the storyline moved pretty quick too!

However, there is one character that I would really want to punch! I'm pretty sure most of you who are watching this show want to punch her too! It's Ah Sa(Suzanna Kwan)! The auntie whose mouth is full of nasty remarks and specious condolences.

On my "nasty scale", when Ah Sa just came back from Europe, her "nasty rating" was a 3.5 because I thought Jo Pa was worse! But after watching Episode 4, Ah Sa's "nasty rating" became a 6.5! She framed Ah Yuet(Tavia Yeung)! What a b----! I just wanted to beat her up for all the hurtful things she said to Ah Yuet! Dang! That woman don't know when to shut her mouth!

And then comes Episode 5, where my "nasty scale" broke because she's too nasty to be rated.... I hate how she treats everyone like crap and pretends that she's an upper class woman.

Whew! My anger is all out now!