July 29, 2008

The Future is Near

Today I login to my old email account and found 6000 junk mail waiting for me! As I was deleting the junk mail, I came across a mail that I wrote to myself a year ago. A year and a few weeks ago, Kiwi wrote a short letter for me and we decided to have the letter sent to my email address a year later! Hahahaaaa! It's really fun to read letters that you write to yourself from the past! Here go try it out! It's free!

And here's my letter:

Dear FutureMe, i'm at -------- house right now, lmao. We're studying for the Math B regents for tomoro :D Note To Self: Virtues of Harmony 2 is the best show on Earth! (ps. I'm a loser :D) ok see you in one year! ahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahh

July 28, 2008

N for Nature

So I just got back from my awesome camping trip and I miss nature already! The camp place is called Black Rock Forest and its a totally cool place to stay at. A lot of scientists go there to do research on the environment and some of the animals that live there. There's a modern day lodge, a science building, and solar panels in the forest! (along with bears, coyotes, spiders, snake, deers, and wasps..and FLIES!)

Those are the solar panels in the back.

There's the science building and the building on the very right is our lodge! By the way, most of the electricity used to power these two buildings are generated by solar panels alone! Now that's living green!

This is my room which I share with 4 other people! Back to the good old days bunk bed! The top bed is mine!

My room number is the Cedar room! Each room has its own unique name! There's a Hemlock room, Cedar Room, and some other rooms..

Thats the water fountain made from a huge rock! I want one of those in my house too! It's just so cool! This lodge is neat!

O.M.A. this is the weirdest and most "green" toilet I've ever encountered. (green as in good for the environment) It's called a composting toilet. The first thing our tour guide showed us was their toilet system! It's really cool. All your waste falls down this dark hole into a big black box where it decomposes. The black box is in the basement of the lodge and surprisingly it doesn't stink down there because there's this fan inside the box that sucks air thru the toilet. So as your sitting on the toilet, you will feel air being sucked down the hole...hahaha

This is the shower! 5 minute showers to save water!

Here's Nature! This is one of the turtle ponds where we set turtle traps to study turtles! I got my chance to set up one of the traps too..and dang I'm not going to do that again because the it's very hard to walk around in the water...there's lots of mud and I kept sinking..

This is a female turtle. It probably weighs ~300 grams...It's bigggg!

There's a good reason why that sign is there...there are bears

I had planned to get up at 5:00 to watch the sunrise..but I was too sleepy. So instead, I woke up a bit later and went to the lake, which is a 8 minute walk from the lodge, and took this picture!

We went hiking through a very narrow and dangerous trail but we got to see this awesome view! That's a town in the background. It's about 70 miles away!

Dang! Look how steep the trail is! Lucky me, I am safe and sound.

The lake is right behind this hill!

The turtle pond again~

And the turtle pond again!

Nature is beautiful!

July 24, 2008

Summer Camp

I'll be out this weekend on a mini camping trip to upstate New York! The weather for this weekend in NYC looks great! No rain! I shall bring my badminton stuff with me! hehehe! Have fun weekend, everyone! Until next time...

July 21, 2008

Hilarious Moment #1

It's a short clip from Dressage to Win Episode 6 featuring Fiona Sit and the crew! I fell on the floor laughing when I saw this!!! HAHAHAHAA! Fiona's face when she's laughing is sooo crazy funny!!!! HAHAHAAA!

July 16, 2008

More Hot Shot

Hot Shot Breaks Record of Taiwanese Idol Dramas

At the moment it seems hard to get all three of the stars of Taiwan idol drama “Hot Shot,” Show Lo, Jerry Yan, and Chun Wu together, so the television station put an emphasis in merchandise, using $3 million NTD to design 40+ merchandise products, becoming the Taiwanese drama with the most merchandising in the history of idol dramas. Besides photos and video games(?), there are also all types of stationary, key chains, digital photo frames, and what they believe will be the best-selling, the bolster. The television station says that the price of the bolster has yet to be set, but they will probably auction if off in limited editions.

The television station had originally wanted to release bed sheets with the 3 main characters imprinted on them. But afterwards, the management of the three guys heard screaming from the fans, so they decided to release bolsters instead. A staff members said, “Being able to hug their idol to sleep, fans would probably be satisfied enough.”

“Hot Shot” is soon to air, and ever since the drama started filming, there has been tons of news from the media about the three’s fighting over being the main character, and now Jerry Yan is unable to attend the “Hot Shot” premiere, with clamor from netizens. “Yan-huggers” are complaining about how the television station is maltreating Jerry, “When the drama was first filmed, they should have known that he was going to go on promotions that fit into his schedule, so they shouldn’t say that he’s being uncompromising.” “Pig-huggers” are all extremely excited for Show’s magnificent performance, complimenting him about how he’s handsome and eye-catching.

Source: QianLong
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Show Lo's International English Forum

WOW! 40+ Merchandise products! I want some! I want some! I want some! Awww, they're not making the blankie anymore! The one with all three of 'em on it! That sucks! Actually I want blankie with Fahrenheit on it! (Or maybe just Arron on it...hahaha)

Yan-Huggers = Jerry Yan's Fans
Pig-Huggers = Show Luo's Fans
so Wu Chun's Fans = ?Food-Huggers?

July 15, 2008

Yesterday Once More

Speech of Silence: Mr. OK's favorite song!

Name: Yesterday Once More
By: Karen Carpenter

July 13, 2008

Chun & Calvin Interview

This is part two of the interview from the previous post.

Girl Host: I want to ask the both of you. I heard that it takes two hours to do your hair. Is that true? Are you vain?

Calvin: No, it's not true! It's two hours for four of us.

Guy Host: Chun, here has a fitness center which is called Fitness Zone and 80% of his staff are Philippines.

Chun: Yea, that's right.

Guy Host: Do you learn some words in (Philippine language)?

Chun: (He said some words...i bet they're related to food!)

Girl Host: How do you feel now that you're being treated as super stars in Philippines?

Calvin: We didn't know that before we come yesterday because it's the first time we work in Philippines so we don't know how many supporters there will be.

Guy Host: Well, you have a lot.

Chun: Actually, before we landed on the airport, right, we are very nervous because it's our first time.

Girl Host: You tried the seafood here in Philippines.

Chun: Adobo! There's a dish called Adobo, right? Because, uh, they always cook in the gym, chicken adobo. It's very nice! With steam rice! yea, very good.

Guy Host: Chun, Calvin, you have seen lots of movie stars in the country. Did you find anyone really big?

Calvin: Wow, so many!

Guy Host: Do you remember the names?

...somehow...the conversation became a promotion for Hot Shot.

Guy Host: How many girlfriends have you had in your life?

Chun: Uh, not many. Not many. Only a few.

Guy Host: Calvin, how many girlfriends have you have?

Calvin: Uh, four.

Girl Host: What do you look for in a woman? You know, chinky eyes? Big eyes? Tall or short?

Calvin: There's no certain type for me. It's the feeling and the willing to share. (Ladies! It's a free for all!)

Girl host: Did you have a Philippine girlfriend?

Chun: Uh, not yet.

Fan Question: How are you and Ella going on? What is your relationship with Ella?

Chun: A very food friend. She's not my girlfriend. In the drama, Hana Kimi, she's my girlfriend, but in real life she's our...we belong to the same company.

Guy Host: Are you coming back to do a concert?

Chun: Hopefully.

Calvin: Yea, we going to Malaysia and Singapore for sure but now after this time, we will talk with our company to consider this place.

Girl Host: And please invite everyone to watch the last two weeks of Romantic Princess.

Chun: Yeahhhh, because I think it's quite nice and then it's a very nice story. So everyone, watch Romantic Princess.

Calvin: Something happen in the drama might happen your daily life. It's not just about love, it's about friendship, family, and the courage to pursue your dream. So stay tune, keep on watching Romantic Princess.

Guy Host: I want to tell the both of you! Thank you very much. You've been very kind and very nice for dropping by here and you're making a lot of Philippines happy. Go ahead Chun, you want to say something?

Chun: I look like Philippino. Chicken Adobo!

AHHH~funny Chun! He's always thinking about food even after the interview! hahaha! And was Ella Chun's girlfriend in Hana Kimi? I don't think that was in the drama although they kinda were in the MVs....

P.S. I really Chun's hair! ^_^

1/2 Fahrenheit in Philippines

The interview starts at 4:00.

Girl Host: Nice to meet you. I wish I could speak Taiwanese. You both are very handsome. You know you have all these fans, all these women, screaming for you, and I'm sure you're used to that all over Asia and all over the world.

Guy Host: Have you gotten use to all the screaming fans? All around Asia?

Chun: But I think Philippine is....uh...louder!

Calvin: So many warm welcome from you. Thank you!

Guy Host: How long have you been here? Two days? Three days?

Chun: Uh, three days.

Guy Host: How has it been so far?

Chun: Uh, great!

Guy Host: What is the best thing?

Chun: The best thing is to meet everyone. It is my first time here.

Guy Host: You have seen the Philippine girls. Are they pretty?

Chun: Wooooh...they are really...um...they are really cute and...(screaming girls). See, you see the scream which is a good thing..yeah...

Girl Host: I want to ask. Do both of you have girlfriends?

Chun: No! We answer many times already.

Calvin: We are too busy with work.

Guy Host: You don't have girlfriends right now? But you belong to a band called Fahrenheit. If you were to dedicate a song to your Philippine fans? What song would that be?

Calvin: Just like this one, Heart Nest.

Guy Host: Can you sing just one or two lines?

-They sing-

Girl Host: What does this song mean to you?

Calvin: That means you guys live in our heart. So let's make a heart nest together.

Wow! Calvin's English is not bad. Chun is stuttering a lot tho.

July 12, 2008


I found out a while ago from Strawberry that one of our beloved TVB veteran landed in the hospital after a fatal accident. Last night, TVB veteran actor, Chun Wong, was having dinner with some friends. After dinner, Mr. Wong who was drunk headed back to Hong Kong Island. Unfortunately, when he was boarding the boat, he slipped and fell into the waters! By the time, the he was rescued, he was unconscious!

Me and Strawberry are wishing him the best of luck! Hope for a speedy recovery!

July 11, 2008

Hot Shot Preview

- Mark your calendars! July 27 is opening day for this drama!

- From the preview, it seems like Show/Jerry are the main leads while Chun is second lead.

- It reminds me of Bull Fighting...

- The basketball moves seems more intense than the ones shown in Bull Fighting.

- Some very impressive basketball moves that seem highly impossible in reality.

- OMG, these guys can jump like 20 feet!!! That's sooo ancient...I always thought only those martial arts people in the ancient dramas can jump that high...

- oooo...i spy a triangle between Show and Jerry and some asian girl...

July 10, 2008

TVB nears billion-dollar buyout

TVB nears billion-dollar buyout
Developer Yeung's financing in final stages
By Karen Chu

HONG KONG -- One of Asia's most iconic media companies, TVB, which is owned by Hong Kong's oldest media mogul, Run Run Shaw, is about to be bought for $1 billion.

Property developer Yeung Kwok-keung is reportedly close to piecing together a syndicated loan to seal a buyout of Television Broadcasts -- most famous since Shaw founded it in 1967 as host of the annual "Miss Hong Kong Contest." It's also been used as a platform for the martial arts cinema mastered by the Shaw Brothers Studios, and as one of the few channels founded under British colonial rule allowed landing rights inside China.

Yeung's $1 billion loan is being coordinated by Citibank, GE Commercial Finance, ICBC (Asia), Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) and Sumitomo Mitsui, leading Hong Kong debt industry newsletter Basis Point reported Monday.

Bank representatives declined comment on the status of the loan that Basis Point said would be divided into two tranches of $850 million and $150 million.

Earlier industry reports said that Yeung also will receive a $386 million loan from Hong Kong's Henderson Land Development chairman Lee Shau-Kee.

Shaw, now 100 years old and spending his days as a philanthropist, will, for his part, extend a seller's loan of delayed payment of $257 million to Yeung so he can buy a 75% stake in Shaw Brothers -- TVB's largest shareholder with a 26% stake.

Over the years, rumors about TVB's eventual sale have come and gone, with Time Warner and News Corp. counted briefly as suitors. Reports said that Shaw was reluctant to sell TVB to foreign investors.

While Shaw's film operations faded, ceasing production in 1985 and selling its vast library in 1999, TVB remained steady, earning $167 million on revenue of $551 million last year.

Then Goldman Sachs issued a rare research report on TVB, calling it a perfect fit for a private equity investor. The company held three months of talks with Richard Li, chairman of local telecom company PCCW, and Shimao Property chairman Hui Wing-mau, but no deal was reached.

Yeung, chairman of South China-based development company Country Gardens, began raising funds for the buyout in October 2007. By May, negotiations with Shaw were put on hold when Yeung's offer failed to meet Shaw's requirement of at least $1.28 billion.

Shares have risen nearly 47% since April to $2.90 a share Tuesday.

Meanwhile, shares of separately listed TVB peaked May 19 at $6.65 a share and were back at mid-April levels on Tuesday of $5.45.

Last week, investment bank Morgan Stanley initiated coverage of TVB stock with an "overweight" recommendation and target price of $7.58 per share.

francesca - http://asianfanatics.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=559357

Whoa! Long live TVB! If this company dies...I will have nothing left to watch and I will be really sad. :( hahaha!

July 04, 2008

Super Trio Ha~Ha~Ha~

Super Trio Episode 11 is HILARIOUS! You guys have to watch it! The guests for this episode are Matthew Ko, Tracy Ip, Tsui Tien Yau, Ella Koon, Yuen Wah and Mi Mi Chu. OMG! Mi Mi Chu and Yuen Wah rock this episode! Hilarious Duo! Just wait till you watch the game "Close the door"!