May 27, 2008

"Bull Fighting" Mike and Hebe Hong Kong Promotion

translated by: x-WISHFULthinking

Mike He and Hebe Tian yesterday went to Hong Kong to promote Bull Fighting. Hebe herself, has not made a public appearance in Hong Kong for almost 1 year. Thus, when the two arrived at Hong Kong airport, they were immediately surrounded by screaming fans. It took almost half an hour for them to get from the airport to their awaiting car, proving their high popularity.

Idol drama “Bull Fighting” with the high popularity of Mike, Hebe and Lee Wei has successfully attracted attention in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Australia etc, and the broadcasting network earned a massive TW$40,000,000 from overseas. From the 19th , “Bull Fighting” is airing every Saturday in Hong Kong. Hence, TVB invited the two leads to Hong Kong for 3 days and 2 nights to participate in 15 promotional activities. Promising a high standard of hospitality, Hebe and Mike’s entourage, make-up artist and manager alone were given 6 people to look after them. TVB also booked the entire hotel to prevent outsiders from entering, reflecting the importance of the two.

When Mike and Hebe emerged from the airport, they were immediately surrounded by awaiting fans. The two had 10 body guards to protect them, and it took them more than 20 minutes to get to their car. Hebe smiled and said: “The fans in Hong Kong are like the weather, very passionate.”

In order to participate in this promotional trip, Mike and Hebe had to get up extremely early in the morning; due to an allergy reaction on Mike’s face, he did not put on any make-up. Mike said: “I don’t know why but a few days earlier, I got an allergy reaction, my make-up artist wishes for my skin to rest so she insists I do not put make-up on.” However the high status him, even when he goes to the toilet, there are swarms of female fans waiting outside the toilet for him!

Thumbs up for Bull Fighting!!! They made it to Hong Kong! Congrats to Hebe and Mike! Great Job guys! That drama was really well scripted! And whoa! 10 bodyguards! That's quite a bunch! It must have been hard getting through the "passionate" crowd. hehe. And WTH! Fans waiting for Mike outside the bathroom......HAHAHAHAAAA...

May 22, 2008

Fahrenheit Stay With You Full MV

Catch Me Now (or Later)

"Life is tough" - Celsius
"Life is depressing" - Kiwi
"Life is mad sad" - Strawberry
"Life is not absolute" - Jack Ko

This was a great drama right from the start! Now why is that? Because it's unique! Very different from typical TVB Dramas.

1) The poster! It's really eye catching and looks very cool. I wish the rest of the "Robin Hood" team was on it too!

2) The music! It's all instrumental and it sounds kind of mysterious and adventurous.

3) "Robin Hood" Team: They are an incredible group of robin hoods! Very talented and humorous group that know the meaning of teamwork.

4) Koni Lui: For a newcomer, she's doing pretty good. Her character, Long Leg Crab, is straightforward and funny and she portrayed it well. Good job! I was hoping for her to end up with BT instead of Sharon because she and BT seem to have more chemistry I guess...

5) Damien Lau: He's great. His hair looks awesome! His house is very high tech! (better than kevin's house in TSD!haha) He's a genius! He looks great with sunglasses! He's a responsible leader because he won't dump down his team at a time where they really need him!

6) Crying Scene: The scene where BT is dying in the van and everyone around him is crying... the scene was realistic...BT's face looks super pale.

7) BT's Death: He actually got the chance to see Sharon wear his engagement ring. I thought they were going to kill him off before Sharon got there.

8) The Ending: Unpredictable! Jack got shot by a .... who was the guy? oh yea, it was a rookie cop. Basically, a nobody!

9) The Ending: Jack's lesson to the Kwong Yeung and the audience. The part where Jack talks about a strange tree and life is the key to this drama. Life is not absolute!

10) After Ending: A short POV from the Racer of the "Robin Hood" Team. He thinks that Jack is still alive even though everyone else thinks he's dead. That is big cliffhanger! I really want to know if Jack is really dead! I hope they for a sequel for this!

May 20, 2008

Ratings Report

1. Catch Me Now (Episode 16-20): 33 PTS - Up 1 Point

2. The Silver Chambers Of Sorrow (Episode 11-15): 31 PTS - Up 2 Points

3. Best Selling Secrets (Episode 301-306): 28 PTS - Up 1 Point

AW, CMN ending only went up 1 point! But then again, after hearing that there were TWO endings, I felt like the ending must be crappy, that's why they're making two...Why do they have to make alternate endings for series nowadays?!?! First there was To Catch The Uncatchable, then D.I.E. , and now this! ROARRR

May 15, 2008

Arron walks out from the shadow of being a weakling

Translated by NicoleYBJ
Picture: Asianfanatics Gallery

In taiwanese band Fahrenheit, Arron is the youngest and because of his leg injury, he's often being seen as the weakling, often being protected by the other members. During group interviews, Calvin is always the one who keeps talking, Wu Chun is always the center of media's attention, while Jiro is the 'Pose King'. Arron feels that there is nothing special about himself and because of his young age, he often does not have the chance to be the main lead.

But after 2 years, Arron is finally the male lead in an idol drama, acting as 007, solving cases in school. Even if there are a lot of action packed scenes which will affect his leg injury, Arron says he must bear with it!

There are now more smiles on Arron's face compared to the past. He admits that as his showbiz assignments increase, his confidence increased as well. "Luckily this time there is a chance to be the male lead and since this is the first time, I have set very high expectations for myself. The character is a calm and intelligent person, hence it is easy for him to spot clues during a case. Honestly, my true character is not so calm."

What's the most difficult thing about acting such a character?
"Now, I'm like a sponge. Be it singing, dancing or acting, they are all at the 'absorbing stage'. Nothing is difficult to me, but I have to learn. But the difficult part is action scenes... there are a lot of run and catch scenes yet my leg is injured and the doctor said I can't do strenuous actions. But as an actor, you can't ask doubles to stand in for you just for simple run and catch scenes. This will irritate people. Hence I must do it personally despite the pain, then apply medication when I reach home."
Arron says he will apply medication secretly as he doesn't want his mom to worry.
"Everytime when I reach home my mom would be awake waiting for me, helping me apply medication and massage. She is very worried but actually my injury isn't that bad, hence I don't want her to get too sensitive."

Arron said his injury isn't that bad to console his mom. Actually his chances of full recovery has decreased, which may affect the way he walks in future.

"I decided to actively go hospital for treatments after filming the drama, hopefully the situation can be salvaged." Despite his pains, he has never asked for a day off. "This is important, actors must have actors' integrity. Besides, during this period of time, I am very into my character and I hope that I can finish filming the show in one shot." Arron has never acted as a detective, hence the director told him that he should watch some takuya kimura films and learn from him. The director said he does not need to imitate Kimura, just learn the way kimura acts naturally. Hence Arron said he has been watching a lot of kimura shows regardless of whether they are useful or not, he just wants to learn and absorb.

Not worthy of fans' love.

Arron said the most heartwarming thing which happened recently was his good bro Wu Chun.
Wu Chun knew that his leg had problems after filming and specially bought a kind of joint medication for him. "Wu Chun also often gets injured during exercises and he feels that this kind of medication is good for my recovery, hence he specially ordered the medication from overseas for me." In the past, Arron would always doubt his fans' love for him, wondering if they treat him nice just because they love fahrenheit. "Everytime I see and hear fans shouting for me, I keep wondering if they really love me as I do not show much results and achievements in showbiz. Am I worthy of their love?" And now as there are more chances for Arron to prove himself, this is the time he really needs fans' support.

In Fahrenheit, Arron seems to be the one who talks the least. Exactly how is the relationship among fahrenheit members? Do you want to go solo?

"Actually we really do not bear hatred or grudges like what the media portrays. In these two years, we've gotten along better than before. Honestly, at the beginning we will be mindful of each other and we will be afraid of offending one another. But now it is different. We just say what comes to our minds. And Calvin loves to joke. It is always funny with him around. I hope that this band will continue, just go solo when it comes to filming dramas.

Fahrenheit went to Hainan Island to shoot a commercial recently. Any funny stuffs to expose about your brothers?

"HAHA you want me to be the spy? All right, I'll tell you. Wu Chun has been very nervous about filming Butterfly Lovers, hence he brings his script wherever he goes. Other than his script, he brings along a long wooden sword to practise. But the sword was too long to fit into his luggage, so he chopped it shorter to fit into his luggage. In the end we all laughed and said his long sword became a short sword. As for Jiro, he has been filming Rolling Love and as a result of holding pans, his arms are now muscular and buff, hence he keeps acting as big buff guy in front of us. As for Calvin, he has been more free and has been investing in stocks. Heard that he made profits. He is very smart, hence he knows about investments. But we know that he is very nervous about having no assignments. As a person who has been through that, I told him to keep calm and use the time to master dancing and singing, which will come to good use."

Arron!!!!! Don't doubt yourself!!!! Because you are awesome!!!! I hope your leg heals faster and your life to be filled with happiness and laughter! :)

TVB Ratings Report (05/05/2008 to 11/05/2008)

TVB Ratings Report (05/05/2008 to 11/05/2008)

1. Catch Me Now (EPS 11 - 15) - 32 PTS

2. The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows (EPS 06 - 10) - 29 PTS

3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 296 - 300) - 27 PTS

* Note: Above the reception of TV preliminary statistical result, is possible and the official reception of TV has 1 point to receive the viewpoint the error, only supplies the reference.

Credits: TVB Chinese News Collection

WOO! CMN is faring pretty well! Hopefully, it will peak into the 40s this week!

May 13, 2008

Reporter Caught Cursing on TV

So as usual, I feeling bored in my last period class since we weren't doing anything. The good thing was that we were in a computer room. So my friend with a pack of Oreos comes over and asks, "Did you see Channel 4 news last night?" I told him that I didn't. And then he showed me a video of the channel 4 news from last night where a reporter was caught cursing on a live broadcast. Apparently, what happened was the reporter was talking about rising food prices but the footage showed a cruise where someone fell overboard, and then the reporter screamed, "What the f*ck are you doing!" oh my, I almost died from laughing after listening to it!

May 10, 2008

Jimmy Lin to release new EP and go on a concert tour

Credit: I_coco @ asianfanatics

After the news that Jimmy Lin is going to release his EP this year came out many distributors wanted to work with him. But his manager, Grace, said “There are 2 more songs to be recorded. We are still considering which distributor to work with. Because some of his songs already have other distributing channels we don’t rule out other distributing means.”

Jimmy formed Jimmy Creative in 1996 in Taipei to manage his own showbiz contracts. In the past few years he expanded his work to the Chinese market and opened an office in Beijing in order to facilitate contracts negotiation. All his contracts are managed by Grace. Recently, many agencies announced that he is their contracted artist and conducted business deals using his name. “These are all frauds. Jimmy never signed any contracts with other agencies. In fact, they caused us some problems in our business dealings. However, we are willing to work with other professional groups.”

The MV “Can’t Stop Me’ that was released in 2006 was created by jimmy and his director friend. This time he again is going to produce it himself. He has invited the prominent music critic 崔恕 to write the lyrics and the prominent US musician Keith to produce a tv commercial for a well-known soft drink he is endorsing. Jimmy is also recording the opening theme song of the TV series ShaoLinSi 2. “I like to get involved in the production side of my work so I can learn something new from other professionals. It helps me in my performance.” Many actors become directors. Jimmy said humbly that he’s still learning. As for his company’s future plans, it will nurture new talents and work with other production companies on a TV series about racing. Jimmy has his own way of running a business and he’s continuing to learn and following his dream.

He just finished a photo shoot at 汕头 and has returned to Taiwan for the recording. Besides his new EP he is working on a concert tour. He’s also negotiating commercial appearances and endorsements. He is looking over several TV series scripts. One of them is an idol series about the lives of foreign students in the US. It will be filmed in San Francisco. The new movie 《跳动爱情的密码》is also waiting for him to be available before it starts filming. His schedule is so full he has not a moment of free time.

ooo! an idol series in San Francisco! I wonder what role he'll play in there. Well, if he plays student, I think there's a good chance he'll pull that off because really young! And if he plays teacher, that'll be awesome too! Imagine that...having Mr. Lin as your teacher. I sure won't be late for his class! hahahaha!

May 09, 2008

Fahrenheit Stay With You

This is their Japanese single due to come out on May 21st, 2008. Somehow, the full version of the song got leaked onto the internet. And here it is:

And here is a 45 second preview of the MV that has not been leaked but will probably come out on the 21st of May.

And if you want the on the more info link. If you can't find it, then click ctrl and f key and type in more info. Good Luck and enjoy!

May 06, 2008

At the end of a Journey Called Life

A Journey Called Life ended on a happy note. All the bad guys get punished and all the good guys get a happy ending. I wasn't surprised nor I was too happy with the ending.

I liked the conversation at the end between Steven and Kent(Fat Boss). They were debating about life...Steven is tired of living. He's done so much good things in life but in the end, he lost so much. His sister, his niece, and his daughter. In the conclusion, he thinks that it's useless to be a good person because in the end you'll get played by "The Sky". Meanwhile, Kent(Fat Boss) refutes Steven's claim and believes that one should do what he/she needs to do and not ask for any thing in return because then you'll never be happy.

That little girl that appear out of nowhere during the marathon! Her appearance is definitely a mystery. Is she Steven's dead daughter from the future? Or is she just a girl handing out water? Or was it just Steven's imagination? Just a few words of encouragement from her caused Steven to have hope to live again! Sometimes, people just need a "push" to pull themselves together.

Linda's character Sze Ga Ga was told by her doctor that the chance of her getting pregnant is close to 0%. And then suddenly, a few episodes later, she's pregnant! Now that is what I call a miracle. Sadly, she loses that baby due to a car accident. And in the end, BAM, she's pregnant again. How is that possible?!?!?! I thought her chances of getting pregnant was suppose to be super duper low. My Conclusion? TVB did this for the happy ending. Screw the happy ending! They totally killed the meaning of a miracle! The ending could be better if they had used a narration reinforce the whole point of the series.

Overall though, I enjoyed this series. Steven and Kent's brotherly relationship is humorous and deep despite their wide age difference. They seem to get along like father and son. As for Steven and Linda, they're ok. Episode 14 was really "their" episode cuz it was the episode where they got together! WOOO! But I like their storyline in VOH2 more.

May 03, 2008

Fans teamed up and present gift, Ella and Wu Zun forced by photoshop to play kissing games

Note: Please credit babyval22 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article(including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Fans teamed up and present gift, Ella Wu Zun forced by photoshop to play kissing games

Ella and Wu Zun has become the best on screen partner, collaborated again to endorse a sports drink together. Both of them also praised each other, by agreeing that their working chemistry with each other is the best so far, and their fans also hoped that the both of them would be together. When they were drinking the drink on the stage, the fans below starting chanting for a nuptial wine. Ella joked and said, "this is absurd!"

CE endorsing a sports drink together, in an event, they had a competition and Chun lost, thus being punished by doing frog jumps.

Ella said that fans were too engrossed while watching Hana Kimi, and have always been hoping that Wu Zun and her are dating. Yesterday, the bouquet of flowers that fans sent,on the card, it was addressed to "ZunHua couple" (Ella name is Chen Jia Hua), and in addition, they were given a photoshopped picture of the both of them kissing. When Wu Zun looked at it, he laughed and said, "The background is also in Brunei!" After careful comparison, she said, "This is obviously during Hebe's birthday, the picture which i kissed her mah!" causing the both of them to be unsure of whether they should laugh or cry.

Previously being reported in a gossip magazine pertaining to Chun's close relationship with a male assitant, Ella stood up for Chun and refuted, "This is too outrageous, baseless rumour!" She said that as long as you know Chun, you will know that he likes girls. But she changed ths subject and told Chun, "Please remember to draw the curtains in future when you're changing out of your clothes, otherwise the media is forever publishing that 2 very large breasts of yours." Chun immediately replied, "Normally, when i'm playing basketball, and change out of my clothes, i don't have to cover up, it doesn't matter what!" The moment Ella heard that, she laughed and said, "The Wu Zun now knows how to retort back already!"

translated by : babyval22 of CEFC forum
credits :CEFC and Chinatimes

HAHAHAA! Funny news! The legacy of Hana Kimi continues even to this day! I guess the fans really got absorbed into Hana Kimi. Chun and Ella, their rumour has been around since Hana Kimi was aired. HAHAA! These two don't seem to mind the rumours at all and they seem to be great friends! And that is exactly why I admire these two! Even though Wu Chun is my ex-favorite Frh member, he's still very admirable, handsome, hardworking, and gosh, his hair is so nice looking! BUT Arron's hair....hahahahahahaaa!

Suan Tian CF

This is a follow up for yesterday's Suan Tian MV post. HAHA! Fahrenheit got tricked ! They went to the party wearing suits while everyone else is wearing t shirts and shorts! HAHA!

May 02, 2008

May Birthdays

May 30

Flora Chan

May 28

Charmaine Sheh

May 6

Patrick Tang

May 5

Melissa Ng

May 4

Sammul Chan

May 3

Natalie Tong

All pictures credit to Asianfanatics Gallery

S.H.E & Fahrenheit - Suan Tian

Ah~my beloved groups! This is such a happy song! Ah~Arron and his white suit, black bow tie, and...orangey boots. I wonder who the person about to limbo under the stick but fell backward was. That was around 1:39. Haha! They all look like they're in Hawaii, having a party but I think it's kinda of too hot walking around with a suit...

...OMG, look at 2:41. HAHAHAA! Ah~Wu Chun is funny.

Good job my beloved groups! :)

Zoo Animals

A very asian looking telephone stand in the Asian Gate.

A dragon engraved on something at the zoo.

This is a deer, I think.

This is a lonely peacock without a girlfriend.

This is the polar bear sleeping under the shades of a tree.

Cutie Monkeys!

These monkeys remind me of Hebe and Bull Fighting.

Another type of monkeys....from the Lion King.

That is a sleeping cat...I think its a panther.

Some weird looking fishes.

The age old buffaloes. They were a bit stinky...

May 01, 2008

Wu Zun Hurts Palm in Sword Dance Worried about Damaging Career Line

Wu Zun and Charlene Choi will be collaborating in the movie “Sword Butterfly”, previously named “Martial Lovers”. They are currently filming in Shanghai. This is Wu Zun’s first big movie attempt and he laying himself on the line. In the movie, he is a hero with a high level of martial arts. Before filming the movie, he needed to learn his moves from the action choreographer Tony Ching (程小東). He needed a physically fit body for the moves.

Tony is known to have strict standards for fighting moves. He praised Wu Zun for his professionalism and his performance was ideal. Wu Zun was into the movie and his arms and wrists are bloodied and bruised. He has accumulated a lot of injuries. Wu Zun said: “I injured my palm and I am worried it will affect my career line. My career is very important to me!”

source: mingpoa
translations: Asian Gossip

. . . Wu Chun looks like he's about to cut himself with his sword. Oh No! Time to call out Arron! Go Arron! Stop Chun from cutting himself! Use smile attack! Mesmerize him with your smile and then whip that sword from his hand!