March 29, 2008

Coming out of the mountains

These last few days, I haven't been blogging because of these reasons:
1) Busy with schoolwork
2) Work Work and more Work
3) Needed some time to relax after receiving my "not-so-good" report card
4) A computer architecture project
5) Laziness took over for a few days...

That failing grade in gym was a killer even though I had expected it. Anyway, to calm myself down and to celebrate two friends' birthdays, I went to parfait place again! Wow, that Friday(which was yesterday) was really fun! The regular people that I usually parfait with were there except for one for escaped to a state on the other end of the US. Well, that day I actually went back to the same parfait place twice. The first time was with Watermelon, Strawberry, and the two friends. Then we went to send one friend and Strawberry to work. Afterwards, the remaining three of us (a friend, Watermelon, Celsius) went back to the parfait place to eat again, except this time, there were two more people (another friend and Calories).

March 23, 2008

Case Closed: TSD

Ah~ finally finished with this highly anticipated drama. It was good not great but just good. I am a bit disappointed though. First, the ratings for this drama was not high. In fact, the ratings were stuck at 28 points with the exception of the very last episode which almost reached 35 points.

Possible Reasons for Low Ratings:
1) Bosco's hair! Although, this was better than his hair style in WOIL2, it looks really bad when compared to Kevin's hair.

2) Slow Storyline! The first 10 episodes were pretty slow and then the last 10 episodes made me cry. -sniff sniff-

3) DDMK/Three J! DDMK was Bosco's group of boyfriends and Three J was Natalie's group of girlfriends. Sometimes they can be annoying and other times, they're pretty funny.

4) Bosco + Natalie pair! Their storyline in the first few episodes were annoying. I only started to like watching this pair when they started to "fake-date".

5) Kevin + Niki pair! This is their third series together so it makes sense that some people might find this pair boring since people are often after the "new" stuff. I really like this pair though!

Second, what happen to the scenery! I thought they were going to show some really nice sceneries of Japan. All I really saw were the snow, the red bridge, and the temple. But this show has some pretty good pictures of that bridge in Hong Kong. I forgot the name of the bridge but it was really pretty. I remember seeing it when Kevin and Niki were at the beach at night and they exchange gifts. The bridge was in the background and it was all lit and stuff. Really Pretty!

Third, what happen to Jack in the last 10 episodes! There's not a lot of scenes with Jack after episode 9. Aw, it was so sad at the end, when Niki used her cell phone to talk to Jack! -sniff sniff-

Bull Fighting Episode 16 Summary

Hebe and Mike decide to run away from everything. 13th Street. Hebe's family. Mike's family. Their friends. However, Mike doesn't know that Hebe plans to send Mike back to his father. They get on the train and start talking about their new life. Mike says that they'll live in a grass house and everyday he'll give Hebe a banana to eat. Why? Because the symbol of Hebe in this drama is a monkey and monkies eat bananas. Hehehe! Anyway, once they arrive at their destination Mike sees his father (+henchmen) waiting there. Hebe lets go of Mike's hand and sadly tells him to go back to his father. Mike fights back with her and demands a reason for letting him go. She tells him that he doesn't suit her but can't give an example of why he doesn't suit her. Finally, Mike gives up and goes back to his father. Meanwhile, Hebe cries at all the mean things she had just said. She calls Lee Wei to pick her up.

Mike is in the car thinking about everything. Suddenly, he wants to go back to the train station because Hebe told him earlier to go back there to look at something. He finds the monkey the Hebe left there earlier along with some message written on the blackboard. Yes! There's a blackboard at the train station! I have no idea why though...

Blackboard message:
Shen Rou He
I Wait You
1) Take care of your dad. His health is not great.
2) Go see your grandma. She misses you.
3) Keep trying to find a solution to your company's problem.
4) Don't forget. I love you.
5) Sorry. Bye-Bye!

So la~di~da, Mike gets her message and becomes friendly with his dad again. They decide to solve the company's problem on their own instead of counting on the banker for help.

Back at Hebe's house, Lee Wei refuses to go into the house because he doesn't know how to face Hebe's father. Now let's back track a bit. Lee Wei was an orphan that got saved by Hebe's father. So he's been living with Hebe and her father for a good 10 or 15 years (estimate). But then a few episodes ago, Lee Wei finds out that his biological father was with Hebe's father when he died. So he thinks that Hebe's father killed his father. But that's not what happened and blah blah~too lazy to explain further. Anyway, Hebe's father knows that Lee Wei is outside and won't come in and so he puts on an act and pretends that he's going to hit Hebe with the stick. This forces Lee Wei to come and protect Hebe. Heheheeee. Hebe's father and Lee Wei have a little man-to-man talk and then they decide to recognize each other as father and son.

Yippee! It's bbq time at Hebe's home. They're all pretending to have a good time because they know the situation between Hebe and Mike. However, Hebe knows and puts on a mask to assure them that she's alright. She gives a very encouraging speech. -sniff sniff-

Mike's father: ...I want to remind you that this might happen. Once that time comes, we'll have nothing. Even you and yi shen xue won't be able to be together.

Mike: I know.

Mike's father: Of course, if you go find yi shen xue now then there might still be a chance.

Mike: Don't worry. I won't leave. Ever since I saw her message, whether I see her or not is no longer important.

Mike's father: Why?

Mike: Don't you see? Even though her writing on the blackboard looks jumble-mumble(i made this up...), it's really simple. She's telling me a very basic lesson. If a family is full of love, then it also has strong support. Take her for an example. She's not scared of losing because she always has everything. And ever since I was young, I knew obedience, i knew hard work, but I never went to love my family. Never cared about you. Cared about grandma. Compared to her, I'm much weaker. Dad, even if we lose everything now, I will be by your side and start over again with you.

They arrive back at the company and face a sea of protesters and angry stockholders. The protesters start to throw eggs at them and Mike stands in front of his father to protect him from the flying eggs. well, they have 24 hours to save the company. Can they do it? The future of the company looks pretty dim. Mike goes to talk to other bankers to see if he can borrow money from them. And it all results in FAILURE!

March 22, 2008

Ti Amo MV

One word. Disappointed! This MV looks very plain, nothing really stands out here except for the scene where Arron plays the piano. That was pretty cool but then the rest of the MV was dull. Very Disappointed! And the girl in the MV ...her name is Jade Liu...her hair reminds me of Wu Chun. Heheheheee!

On a happier note, for those of you who have watched My Lucky Star, my good friend, Arrow has a really good post up on this drama. For those of you who haven't watched this drama, I highly recommend it!

March 19, 2008

Dead Zombie in the Morning

The new marking period just started on Monday which means report card time next week! I'm really only worried about one class tho...and that's gym. I think it's a horrible idea to have gym first period. In my eyes, gym is just a chill class; you just relax and go crazy running around(track), shooting hoops(basketball), kicking other people's feet(soccer), knocking someone out with a ball(volleyball), etc. Sadly, I have gym first period so it's no longer the chill class. Instead, it's now the scissor class (implies cutting class) because I can't wake up in time for it. Last marking period I scissored gym class 4 times which doesn't seem like a lot but it is when gym class is only three times a week. I seriously need something to wake me up in the morning.

Maybe this following video would help. I have all the materials except for the motorized water gun. I don't think I've seen a motorized gun before...

March 18, 2008

TVB Ratings( 10/03/2008 - 16/03/2008 )

1. The Seventh Day (EP. 20) - 34 Pts peaking at 35 Pts

2. Tung Fong Hung Special: Super Trio Wonder Trip - 31 Pts

3. Best Selling Secrets - 29 Pts

4. The Seventh Day (EP. 15-19) - 28 Pts

5. The Master Of Tai Chi (Ep. 11-15) - 28 Pts

Source: jade

Ah! Finally, TSD's ratings reach the 30s mark! OMA!, those last 6 episodes were tear droppers! It made me feel so sad...

March 17, 2008

Fahrenheit [至少還有我] MV (Zhi Shao Hai You Wo)

OMA! It's Fahrenheit's newest MV! Now this is somewhat different from their other MVs. This one has clips of fans! Awesome! Too bad I didn't get a chance to go to any of their concerts since I live on the other side of the globe...-sigh- Life is tough. Hehehehehe! Hmm, Calvin looks pretty good in this mv.

Jiro Tired From Rushed Filming ~ Crashes into Safety Traffic Island Going Home

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley (Please Credit or Link if this will be posted elsewhere)

Jiro Wang famous as a thrifty, recent he has been taking a taxi to get to work, with helpless look on face, he said: "I feel really heart aching, it's because of lack of sleep, vitality not well, and earlier while riding the scooter bike home I crashed into a traffic safety island, my mother won't let me ride it now!

"Fan Gun Ba! Dan Chao Fan/Rolling Love" is crazily rushed in filming, he only sleeps about 2 hours in a day, earlier after work while riding home, would doze off once stopping at a red light, each day have to awakened by horns. After riding into a traffic island this has awakened his senses that it's too dangerous, he said: "Luckily getting off work is middle of the night about 2 or 3 am, there's no cars, I wasn't going fast when I crashed in to the traffic island, it was only minor injuries, but my mom was scared to death, so it's a good idea to not let her worry."

Jiro really likes to ride, but even though he doesn't have enough to buy a heavy duty bike, he rides a scooter, the work crews exposed saying, if they run into fans visiting the set, after work he might perform a bit of simple biking techniques and skills, at one time they were infront of a municipal government building, he played coolness and circled, the fans were so happy; screaming loudly.

After the incident Jiro thought seriously, if he should get a car for transportation, but he said: "Gas cost, parking fees, maintenance and license all adds up, and you can't sleep in the car, it's more economical to just take a taxi." And he also only takes the early morning morning ride route from home to the filming set, after getting of work he would rather wait until all crew is finished work to get a ride, saving money is still the highest principle.

I agree! Saving money is a high priority! Must save money for a trip with kiwi to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, SOUTH Korea, and...there were some that I can't seem to remember at this moment. Hehehe! Anyway, Jiro needs to be more careful on that scooter bike and he needs to get more sleep! I can't imagine myself sleeping for only two hours...I'll probably just start sleeping while standing...

March 14, 2008


New TVB show that came out recently with Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma and others. To read more about the show , go here! So far, I'm really enjoying this show. All those police captains threw their useless and weird members to a "dead" department called D.I.E. This is one cool department made of weirdos. I'm definitely going to join this department!

Introducing the members of D(eath).I(nvestigation).E(xtension)

Every department has to have the SMART ONE. Without this dude, the whole team is rendered inefficient because most if not all the cases are solved because of this dude.

Name: Yu Tze Long
Nickname: Smart Weird Guy
Specialty: Has the power to communicate with the dead
Weirdness: Whenever he touches something that belongs to the dead, he falls asleep and in his dreams the dead send images to help him solve cases.
Additional Notes: He usually reads manga at work.

Name: Ying Jing Jing
Nickname: Tomboy
Specialty: Undetermined
Weirdness: She's an aggressive woman so don't get too close to her.

Name: Zhang Jing Ye
Nickname: Bruce Lee #2/Justice
Specialty: Martial Arts master
Weirdness: His idol is Mr.Bruce Lee so sometimes he dresses up like Mr.Bruce Lee.
Notes: He and Niki have one thing in common: They both like lollipops.

Name: Pang Mei Wen
Nickname: Beautiful Person
Specialty: Super Paparazzi/Skilled Researcher
Weirdness: She's is totally obsessed with hot guys in the police force.
Note: She even has her own hierarchy of hot guys. Kenneth Ma is rated the Gem of all gem on her hierarchy.

Name: Tze Siu Feng
Nickname: Siu Feng Ze
Specialty: Undiscovered
Weirdness: He faints upon seeing blood and hearing the word blood.
Note: It's ep 6 and this guy fainted at least 3 times already...

Bull Fighting Episode Summaries

Not much fuzz about Bull Fighting after the feather scene in ep 13. That feather scene was the best! It never fails to bring a smile on my face every time I rewatch it. I must have watched that one scene at least 5 times already! Hehehe. Now that all the hype over the feather scene is over, what's left in the remaining episodes of Bull Fighting? Here's a condensed summary of episodes 14-15. Hopefully, I'll have the brainpower to do a special post on the last episode.

Qian Na runs away from home. No, actually, she drives away from home. Then she gets a flat tire. And then she accidentally locked herself out of her car because she went to check the tire and the car door locked itself. She tries to flag down another car for help but in the process she fell and broke her boots. What a unlucky day for her! She calls Lee Wei for help and of course, being the gangster he is, he comes right away. And then you know, they get an inch closer together in terms of feelings.

Mike lies unconsciously on Hebe's bed and Hebe stays at his side and yells at him for not waking up. And then she suddenly develops this crazy plan to make mike fall crazily in love with her when he wakes up. Her plan was to hypnotize him while he's asleep. My reaction: dot dot dot. After a while she got tired and decides to tell him what she had wanted to say for a very very long time. But she can't tell him face to face even when he's unconscious so she turns around and says it. Little does she know that he had already woken up and was silently listening to her innermost thoughts.

Mike brings Hebe to the basketball place on 13th street. the place of the infamous feather scene. He's evil! Mike's evil! He plays a trick on Hebe! He makes her believe that he's ending their relationship and of course she wouldn't accept it and demands another basketball match. All she needs to do is score one basket. oOo guess what she does. She goes off somewhere and comes back with a ladder. She sets up the ladder near the basket and then picks up the basketball and walks up the ladder. She's about to throw the basketball into the basket when the ladder suddenly falls. luckily, she hands onto the rims and refuses to let go. Mike shouts at her and finally tells her that she is already in his heart. And then they play basketball.

Mike's no good daddy goes to Hebe's house to look for his son. And then Mike's no good daddy has a verbal fight with Hebe's super good daddy. Guess who wins? That answer is in the next episode!

Bull Fighting Episode 15

Hebe and Mike rush back to Hebe's house after learning that mike's father was there. Mike's father tells H's father that Hebe is in the way of Mike's future. She will only ruin mike's career so he claims. NOOO! Nobody talks to my Hebe like that!!! ROARRR! Mike finally can't take it anymore and comes out to yell back at his father. In the end, mike's father is kicked out of the house after mike refuses to leave with him.

Lee Wei and Qian Na.well her no good mommy is going after her now. Apparently, her mother's plan was to send both Qian Na and Mike to japan to get married. Well, the banker(also QN's mom) comes to pick up her daughter who stubbornly refuses to leave. The banker orders her men forcefully drag Qian Na into the car. Lee Wei is there witnessing all this but doesn't do anything because he's torn emotionally between Hebe and Qian Na. He finally decides to go after Qian Na. He "borrows" someone's motorbike and drives after the car. While he is chasing after the car, this random guy with an open box of balls of all sizes starts to cross the street and he accidentally slips and all the ball fall into the street. Lee Wei cant brake in time and his motorbike slips on the balls. Qian Na sees the accident and immediately flies out of the car and runs to Lee Wei. Well, Lee Wei is fine with only some minor scratches. He asks her to stay with him but she decides that it's best to leave him to protect him from her mother.

Mike's father calls Hebe and they have a little talk. OMA, i hate this guy. He uses her guilty conscious to make her give up on mike. he doesn't believe that their love will last long and that it's only a waste of time. He challenges her to prove that their love is real. well the only test for love is the test of time.

March 13, 2008

Kiwi's Wisedom

This one's for you KIWI! Awesome Quote! I'll be sure to take your advice tomorrow when I take those three tests!

March 12, 2008

Arron Quote Time

Pic from AsianFanatics
Quote from Fahrenheit Globa1 FanClub

It's time to learn about another Arron quote. "Being angry is using matters other people made mistakes in to punish yourself".

Why did I choose this quote? Because I was on flaming FIRE today. I won't go into much details about what happened but I was really really flaming. I felt like one of those dragon ball z characters going through transformation except my hair didn't change color. This quote from Arron made me calm down a bit but I'm still mad. Usually, I don't stay mad for long.

There's one part of the quote that I disagree with. The part that goes "...using matters other people made mistakes in..." By being angry, I'm punishing myself because I made a mistake not because somebody else made it. I made the mistake! I should not have relied heavily on this person! Trust points for this person is slowly diminishing...

Okay, that's enough flaming. Time for watermelon taichi to cool off...

March 10, 2008

Food Glorious Food

Here's some food pics that I just want to share with everyone:

Okay, these first few pictures were from my cousin's wedding. The food was delicious.

This was not served at my cousin's wedding. This is a burger from Outback Steak House.

oOo...a happy face made from food glorious food.

Kiwi the fruit chopped by arrow. Yummy Yummy!

This is what happens when you're bored...

That's cheesecake with blood....

OMA, it's parfait!!!! Awesome! Delicious! Favorite Dessert!

My birthday cake bought by kiwi and arrow.

Aw, my friend's one year old birthday cake! JK, kiwi is 18 now.

oOo, our omelet with curry at the parfait place! It was gooood.

oOo, this is what happens when you fill your plate with fruits at a buffet.

oooo, our fruit platter at the parfait place which cost 15 bucks! Expensive!

Yepp, that's all the pictures for now! Special thanks to kiwi, arrow, fangirl, and jacky for another wonderful day today!!! And Happy 18th birthday KIWI!!! And enjoy your vacation too!!!