January 31, 2008

War of in Laws 2 Ending Thoughts

Great ending! Great series! I didn't really like the storyline but I loved all the comic gags in this series! My favorite couple is NOT Bosco and Myolie. *Surprise!* It's Derek and Joyce! They have so much chemistry together! Ok...I think I'm getting too excited over this pair...but i'll continue.

Their most funniest part together was at the Shanghai hotel when they were having dinner. Myolie and Derek's phone kept ringing and Joyce got mad. Derek saw that Joyce wasn't receiving any phone calls (meaning that no one cares about her since she's away from home) and decided to prank call her! HAHAHA!!!

Gosh this series makes me laugh so much!Joyce's acting was really enjoyable in this series! Plus her new haircut looks great! At times, she can act very high class like Ophelia. Other times, she just acts so cute, especially her voice! Here are some screen caps of the ending.

Derek's Proposal...in the wrong order

It works! Aw, what a cute happy family!

Elva's New Edition in Trouble and the Elva team goes on bikes to save it!

Bosco went somewhere to help build a house to prove something...

Happy United Family with Benz in the back trying to catch Ophelia!

January 30, 2008

Fahrenheit's Wu Zun Buys Brand Watches to be a MAN

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

What's a considered a man? Fahrenheit members each have different answers; Wu Zun: Has a career and has plans for the future, and willing to hear the others opinion. Jiro (Da Dong): Have a shoulder where it can be leaned on for support. Arron: Serious attitude, give it 100% at anything you do. Calvin: Have a broad mind, and not childish at handling matters.

There is no doubt, "Fahrenheit" is a "Boy Group", words to describe them would be Sunshine, Handsome, Cute. But in reality, within the 4 guys, Wu Zun, Jiro and Calvin are all over 25 years old, the broad mind that's described as MAN is slowly boiling up, Calvin directly says: "I'm currently learning how to be a man." Wu Zun's speech was even more interesting: "In Taiwan I'm a boy, returning to Brunei, naturally I turn in to a man; because being an owner must show the characteristics of an owner, my career affects many employees living, I must face matureness."

Fahrenheit's newly produced album is called "Doube Faced Fahrenheit", expressing they're both boys and men. That being the case, taking advantage of inviting them to chat about fashion tastes opportunities, why not just invite them to wear LV, RALPH LAUREN, LOEWE and PAUL SMITH other spring summer suit attires to show their manly attractions.

Among them, the reporter had a special favor towards Wu Zun, accessorizing with IWC with a value of $218,000 NT engineers automatic watch, he usually buys Tujian watches research, once he saw a brand named watch; his spirits was immediately excited. Wu Zun began collecting watches 2 years ago, at the time he started with 1 OMEGA, spending about $80,000, the reason was to "be a man". He says: Because of opening up a gym, the thought of being an owner should have a nice watch to match the status."

Wu Zun usually likes the sporty styles, the watch dial it self big or small, thickness, shape or style design are all considered when he chooses for his collecting. He discloseds to reward himself for the hard work lately, he has to immediately buy another one, is expecting to spend about $20,000, he's already seen a few brands already, asking him doesn't he find brand names are expensive? He says: "Not really, if I were to buy bags or clothes, I'm reluctant, but watches can be passed on to the family, why don't you think about it, wearing if for life, once you've averaged the amount you spent, it actually works out to be very cost effective".

Jiro, Aaron and Calvin have not added into Wu Zun's watch collecting hobby yet, but speaking of the man subject, all of them have their own opinions. Wu Zun admitts being in the entertainment industry makes a person not grow up, Aaron actually thinks he's the opposite making him mature a lot quicker, Calvin says: In this industry, warmth and reality are both able to add to the experience, to grow up or not it depends on the choice of the person."

Jiro was once said by an ex that he was too childish, he said in the past he was the sticky type, once he was ditched, he grew up overnight, now he doesn't rely on the girlfriend.

Around Calvin he has many high school friends getting married, becoming fathers, watching the process of classmates from "boys becoming men", he says in the past he usually sets plans for a year in advance, now I think about plans of 3, 5 years, seems like you gradually mature.

As for the youngest age Aaron, says his thoughts has matured to a certain extent, but will keep some hearts of a boy, interestingly he said his target is Wu Zun and Calvin, he says: "Actually when the two starts working; they're really mature, making people feel secure, this is a side where fans don't see."

February Birthdays

All pictures credit to AsianFanatics except for Dicky's picture
Dicky's pic specially credited to anti-kiwi

February 3: Miriam Yeung

February 6: U-Know Yunho

February 8: Dicky Cheung

February 12: Selina Li

February 13: Kenneth Ma

February 14: Michelle Yip

February 18: Max Changmin

February 24: Adam Cheng

February 24: Fala Chen

February 26: Alex Fong

February 27: Maggie Siu

Fahrenheit - 心裡有數MV/In Our Hearts, We Know w/Lyrics

Credit to MissGiGii@youtube

You smiled, I use my embrace to build a castle
You cried, I collect all the raindrops in my backpack
The starry sky will continue to sparkle
Love will continue to be beautiful
If you follow your dreams, you'll reach heaven

愛了 等於揭曉 
Loving, is equal to knowing it in your heart
No one needs to announce it in advance
The answer is in your heartbeat
How much road will one have to travel
We know it in our hearts
We know it better than anybody else
We must reach happiness
We're still a few steps away from forever
In our hearts, we're counting down
Because of you
I have stored a map of the future in my eyes

Count it, many wishes have blown out how many candles
Count it, tears have strung together how many dew drops
From today onwards, I won't lose my way
Tightly, I'll hold your hand
Your warmth at this moment
Has been preserved by time

愛了 沒有問號 
Loving, doesn't have a question mark
There's no need for the horoscope to announce in advance
Even the answer angel can hear it
How much road will one have to travel
We know it in our hearts
We know it better than anybody else
We must reach happiness
We're still a few steps away from forever
In our hearts, we're counting down
Because of you
I have stored a map of the future in my eyes

回頭數一遍 走過的路
Go back and count once, the road that has been traveled 
How many kilometers total
你在我左邊 隔著幾米距離 
You're on my left side, separated by how many meters
I'll guess the frequency of your breathing
Listen to your heartbeat's sympathy
I remember every number in my heart
Add, subtract, multiply, divide have become memories
Every soaking rainfall that I have gone through
Every daybreak that I have seen
Has let me hold your hand and slowly take it all in
How many steps will tomorrow be away from happiness
At this moment, we both know in our hearts

愛了 沒有問號 
Loving, doesn't have a question mark
There's no need for the horoscope to announce in advance
Even the answer angel can hear it
How much road will one have to travel
We know it in our hearts
We know it better than anybody else
We must reach happiness
We're still a few steps away from forever
In our hearts, we're counting down
Because of you
I have stored a map of the future in my eyes

AHHH! It's mini Fahrenheit!!! I want those!!! And oh my gawd, is that girl a player or something...how dare she treat our Fahrenheit like that! HAHAHA, i know i know, it's just an MV...

Additional Thoughts: Oh my, the part where Jiro pulls out that ancient box with the mini-Fahrenheit reminds me of

Competition in Fire Basketball! Xiao Zhu, Jerry Teases Wu Zun

Source: UDN Translated by Cmiley@asianfanatics

Before GTV idol drama "Fire Basketball" started filming; Jerry, Show and Wu Zun all had their own fans supporting and there was even competition for the rankings, yesterday the 3 once again is together to film a scene, in no order of name rank rather for basketball skills; Show Xiao Zhu says he plays like a leopard, Jerry said himself he plays off some coolness and does a bows the crowd, and is often laughed at: "Are you filming an MV?"

"Fire Basketball"'s main leads were all together yesterda, during the filming of the game; Jerry, Xiao Zhu and Wu Zun and others were playing a small match while the director was adjusting the camera during the free time, even the dramas 2 flowers; CoCo Jiang and Zhou Cai Si laughed: "It's even our first time to watch the 5 guys play ball!"

In the drama Jerry and Xiao Zhu, Zhang Xun Jie are against Wu Zun, Wu Yu Wei, outside of the dama Jerry and Xiao Zhu do have a good relationship, the two often likes to tease Wu Zun, yesterday while Wu Zun had the camera focused on him, Xiao Zhu was across making gun sounds, making exagerated expressions, then Jerry noticed and joined in the game with Xiao Zhu together playing cute making Wu Zun almost laugh; replying: "Stop bothering me!"

The 3 filming use full energy, during the ball game the win or loss mattered, naming themselves unbeatable, Jerry laughs: "I have a Korean teammate that's really good, encouraging us to make the team to win even more, so usually they're often wins." He also disclosed he has a special habit during ball games, "after a shot, I naturally go about running a circle, laughed at by friends saying: are you playing ball or filming MV? it's like you're looking for cheers."

Xiao Zhu and Wu Zun personally have played together a few times, speaking of each others ball habits, Wu Zun says: "when I play ball I usually lower the head and charge, jumping strength is not bad, like a flying person, old eagle." Xiao Zhu says he's a fast like a leopard, and each time playing with Wu Zun in a team wins for sure. Xiao Zhu laughs: It's because we usually choose the ones that look more weak to play."

To make all the idol drama #1 Guys even more handsome, "Fire Basketball" script crew especially found the newest Kneepad, cuff equipment for Jerry, Xiao Zhu and Wu Zun, usually they care the most about the basketball shoes, Xiao Zhu at home has about 1000 pairs of bball shoes, Wu Zun also not loosing in Taipei has about 10 pairs and lovingly will place them in certain orders. Jerry owns one of two of the whole Taiwan's limited edition brand name shoes, he laughs: "but I've never worn them out before!"

I am so going to look forward to this series next to the other one with Arron in it. I can't believe that Xiao Zhu has 1000 pairs of bball shoes. He probably uses a whole room to store all those shoes...hahaha.

January 25, 2008

Bull Fighting Wraps Up

Original Article found here

Cheers! Bull Fighting has finally finished filming and the three leads are parting. Mike is off on vacation; Hebe's going to China to attend some concert; Lee Wei is going to be working. And up to now, this series is still number one on my list. Its got everything you could ask for whether it's the strong cast or a meaningful storyline.

I just watched episode 10 and trust me you are gonna have to keep a box of tissues by your side. Just watching Mike unwillingly leave Hebe causes some tear drops. Mike is one great actor. He doesn't just use words to describe his unwillingness to leave Hebe; he uses his eyes. His eyes will tell you exactly how he's feeling.

One of my English teachers once said that eyes are the window to the soul. At that time, I didn't get what he was trying to say but now after watching Bull Fighting, I somewhat understand. Mike's eyes are the window to his soul. On one hand, he wants to save his father's company but in order to that he must marry the daughter of the banker. However, if he complies with that, then he must release his other hand that is holding Hebe.

The situation becomes worse when the banker makes it clear that Mike has no choice but to marry her daughter. And if he refuses to marry her daughter, the banker will go after Hebe and 13th Street. Mike then chooses to comply with the banker to protect Hebe at all cost but in doing so Hebe becomes heartbroken.[This girl has amazing crying scenes!]

At this point of the series, you will most likely find yourself cursing at your monitor and your parents might bring you to see a doctor. Mike's father and that banker are the most greediest and self-centered parents I've ever seen. One uses his son to save his company; the other uses her daughter to get a successor to her company. Their despicable actions will make you want to curse your computer monitor but you know you can't do that because your parents will think you're crazy. [well, my dad saw me waving my finger at my monitor when I was watching this and he asked me if i needed to see a doctor.]

-Sigh- Finally all the anger has been dispersed...

January 24, 2008

Godzilla Blushed!

Ah~ a funny commercial by Fahrenheit! HAHAHA! Jiro and the Ms.Godzilla attack! Mr. Godzilla blushed when he saw that poster! HAHAHA! Then Arron jumps out of nowhere and poke his eyeballs!!! HAHAHA! In the end, they all beat up Mr. Godzilla! Okay, time for me to snap out of this silly commercial...

January 23, 2008

Fahrenheit New Year Celebration

Fahrenheit's live singing has improved! Their live singing is much better now than when they first started out. They were performing at this event, 台南縣和平祈福跨年晚會, for New Year and it was super cold and windy that night! They sang two songs live,Xin Wo and Bu Hui Ai, and lip-synched two songs, Wei Ni Cun Zai and Chao Xi Huan Ni. At first, when they were singing Xin Wo, it was shaky and out of tune in the beginning but then it got much better at the end. Go Fahrenheit!

January 21, 2008

Wu Chun Hits Face

The entertainment's #1 "Pretty Boy" Wu Zun is "Scarred"?

This papers reporter followed yesterday night, Wu Zun was rushing to film "Fire Basketball"; was hung high flipping around in the air by wire, to film this handstand screen hanging in mid air, the wire slipped, it hit WuZun on the forehead, he immediately yelled as it hurt, his forehead was swollen like a "pig head" because of it, the crew quickly put ice on it, WuZun held back his pain, but his eyes couldn't hide it as it was getting red!

Wire slips out of control to hit face

WuZun yesterday night was filming at a sports park for "Fire Basketball" beside the Zhong Shan soccer field, it was just himself filming this mid air flipping scene, then is was WuZun and another actor Zhang Xun Jie fighting is mid air scene.

Originally the filming progress was very smooth, but yesterday evening around 10, the director wanted WuZun to refilm some mid air handstand shots, the professional WuZun was very willing to go in wires to hang in mid air, but because the wire is hard to control, WuZun worked hard to follow the wires strength to do a handstand, but not carefully, the wire suddenly hit the head, hitting WuZun's face directly!

Headache for Makeup Spokesperson

The crew immediately let WuZun down, and discovered his forehead was hit, the poor pretty boy, the handsome face has become a "pig head" because of this, WuZun held back his pain by not yelling, only quietly muttering: "it hurts!" his eyes were getting red, the crew heart broken, quickly let him rest, and putting ice on his forehead.

Since WuZun has to attend a makeup function in a few days, the handsome face is hurt, this is making the management company with a headache, they could only let him rest as much as possible, these few days should be able to ease the swolleness!

Credit to Cmiley@Asianfanatics

Ouch, that must hurt a lot! Ah, poor Wu Chun, hope he gets better! January seems to be a very awful month. First, I lose my flash drive. Then I find out that Hero and Max get into a car accident. And now, Wu Chun gets hit in the face with wire. GRRRR!!!

January 20, 2008

Survivor's Law Ending

The pictures above are some screencaps of the very very end of the last episode. Sammul made that "I love you" cake. Man, it looks delicious.

Grade: 99/100

This series was awesome! I love the ending; it's very nice and simple. Kenneth and Ella gave a spectacular performance throughout this series! Awesome chemistry and funny conversations. Especially, the part about the pork chop. HAHAHA.

Well, what makes this series different from other TVB series so far? For one, it has fresh ideas and fresh people. Okay, that may sound weird, but at least, we're not seeing the same people over and over again.

It's nice to see Ella back in action. Her acting has improved a lot since Revolving Doors of Vengeance. Personally, I think she has better chemistry with Kenneth than Ron. Go Kenneth!

And last but not least, I think TVB has become smarter to some extent. Well, at least the script writers for this series. Declaration of love in the courtroom + marriage in the courtroom is definitely a fresh idea. Kenneth declares love to Ella in the courtroom then Ella proposes to Kenneth in the courtroom then they get married in the courtroom. Oh man, they must really love their job as lawyers to get married in the courtroom...

DBSK Car Accident

TVXQ members, Jaejoong (22 years old) and Changmin (20 years old) met with a car accident today.

They were on their way to the Seoul Olympic Stadium and a taxi collided with their vehicle near Gangnam at around 1 PM. The fanmeeting starts at 2 PM

Both of them were rushed to the Gangnam hospital. When they had their body checked, they returned to the fanmeeting.

This is the first time the fanmeeting was delayed. It started at 3 PM. It has been quite some time since TVXQ spent time with the Korean fans.

On the other hand, TVXQ's Japanese Single "Purple Line" topped first in the Oricon Single Charts. This means they are popular in Japan.

21 일 일본으로 가는 동방신기는 올 하반기 정규 음반을 발표하면서 국내활동을 재개할 계획이다. (i don't understand this. But it's something about their future korean activities will be announced later. and they'll return to Japan tomorrow)?

credits: newsis + __Christine@cyxion forums + viruslove_dbsg@CSSPF Translated by __Christine@cyxion forums

Oh gosh, I was shocked when I first read the headlines. I hope Hero and Max are alright now...

January 19, 2008

HanaKiwi's Dreaming of a White Christmas...NOT

Hanakiwi has made an imaginary National Fahrenheit Day. Yay! I'm going to create my own Fahrenheit T-shirt to wear on that day, and maybe buy a cake with Fahrenheit on it. It would be awesome to meet Fahrenheit on National Fahrenheit Day! How would you celebrate National Fahrenheit Day?

*Note: National Fahrenheit Day is NOT an official holiday!*

January 18, 2008

Feeling Better

This is a formal thank you to anti-kiwi, anti-shao, good person, fireflies, and Fahrenheit. Thank you all for helping me coop with my unbearable loss. And yes, what I lost was a tiny item called a flash drive! anti-shao, anti-kiwi, and good person, nice guess!

-sigh- I guess I will just have to go and get a new one. And this time, I will make sure I put a nice big keychain on it, so I don't forget it. Hmm, maybe I should put some code into the flashdrive to remind me to take it every 15 minutes...

Fahrenheit & S.H.E playing in the snow ;Wu Zun loves eating Peking duck

[17.1.08] FRH S.H.E playing in the snow; Wu Zun loves eating Peking Duck

The closeknit FRH and S.H.E have come together once again to shoot a yoghurt commercial, 5 million yuan of endorsement fees safely in their pockets! To have a deeper understanding of this new product, the 7 specially flew to Mongolia's factory in the morning to tour the production process, as they were informed that the weather was very cold, only around -20deg, everyone came well prepared with coats, scarves, gloves, even heating pads. However upon seeing the whole place covered with snow, they were so excited they forgot about the chill; after the tour, the brand company even specially prepared the prized "grassland abalone" for them to sample. Following that they caught flights to Beijing for work, Wu Zun who was hankering for the famous Peking roast duck, upon reaching the restaurant immediately ordered two ducks and ate them up in no time, and even ordered a third, no wonder he said with great satisfaction, "Beijing's good food gives us even more energy to make all our events!"

translated by
fishybiznes of CEFC FORUM

Man, Wu Chun really really likes food. He's always eating. Hmm, Peking roast duck, eh, I had that two years ago in a so-called Chinese New Year Lunch which was pretty much a failure in the beginning but got better after the lunch. It was pretty weird because back then my friends and I all look like midgets and we went to this really fancy restaurant to eat Peking duck. The person at the front who greeted us gave us the "eye"...yea, but the food was pretty good and expensive. Now back to the picture up there, I love this group picture. My favorite Taiwan groups all in one place! Aww, they look so silly with the antler V-signs...hehehe

Niki and Kevin's New Series will be Released

Kevin and Niki’s new series “The Seventh Day,” after finished filming for a year will finally be released. TVB has decided to air it next month on the 18th. Kevin and Niki’s love sparks were ignited because of filming. Is TVB using “WingKei Luen (love)” to push Valentine ratings?

Yesterday, reporters called “The Seventh Day’s” producer, Amy Wong. She denied that they are using their rumors to boost ratings. “Natalie Tong and Bosco Wong’s performances are good too. In the series both couples performed really well. It’s a special love story.” She also said that she has expectations for every series. She doesn’t worry that the Lunar New Year Holiday will affect the ratings.

Translated by TheTruthLies @ http://kevin-niki.net

F.I.N.A.L.L.Y, TVB decides to release this series! They kept on delaying this and Tai Chi for a super long time. Well, now I really hope that this series will live up to its expectations, as everyone has been waiting for this to release, right? I guess this series does fit the theme of Valentine but I heard that the ending is not too bright for Kevin and Niki...

Top Five Mandarin Albums(Jan 4 -10)

Top Five Mandarin Albums Jan. 4 to Jan. 10

1. Fahrenheit (飛輪海) and 2nd Album (雙面飛輪海) with 18.65 percent of sales
2. 5566 and Bravo (喝采) with 8.03%
3. Lollipop (棒棒堂) and GyaShan (哪裡怕) with 7.95%
4. Gary Tsao (曹格) and Super Sunshine with 6.12%
5. Valen Hsu (許茹芸) and Latitude 66 Degrees (北緯66度) with 5.8%

Credit to francesa@asianfanatics

Now on the happier side, I'm glad that Fahrenheit's album got first place! Their album is filled with great songs! I really encourage you to run to the music store and get a copy yourself!

Personal Grief

Personal feelings...skip if not interested!

I've lost it. I've lost something that was precious, something that can and can't be easily replaced. Sure, I can just go to the store and get a new one but...it's just not the same and won't be the same as the original one.

Why didn't I listen to that little voice in the back of my head, telling me to leave that "something" at home.

-sigh- A lesson learned at last, never procrastinate efforts to protect something precious. If only I had put that key chain on it, then maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't have forgotten to take it...and now the probability of finding it is ....close to 5%.

The only thing I can do right now is to hope and pray that there are still kind people left in this world and that one of these kind people come across my lost item and hand it back...

January 17, 2008

Steps Sub Theme Song

The song begins 1:07

By Noella Choi

I don't know why you hesitate
Everytime you are near me
It is that you fear
You might fall into something deep

Standing on the edge of the night
Feelings raging inside
But if you open your eyes

Can you see the fireflies dancing in the air
Like the stars up in the sky
Feel the gentle breeze caress the night
Oh, it's time to take to flight
Take my hands I'll lead you to the places where
I am sure you've never been
So just hold me close and we will go
This is how it all begins

Falling in love

January 16, 2008

Fahrenheit intend to start business

Fahrenheit attended the "Ao Hai Cheng" autograph session in Hong Kong Again.
This was right after the Wild Day Out 08 Concert." Everytime we come to Hong Kong,
it's always for promotion and work... we never really come here just to relax and visit."

"If we could just come when our plans are not as busy we would definitely visit the different
places of Hong Kong." said Jiro. Everyone knows that Wu Zun is a big fan of eating so
every time he attends promotion in Hong Kong he would go searching for the awesome food
in Hong Kong. However, this time it is different........now he can only stay in the hotel and wait
for their assistances to go out and buy take out food for the >.< .

" What is the best place you know in Hong Kong?" asked the reporter.
" I think its the back door of the kitchen, the hotel and the windows at the hotel." said Aaron.
" Each time we are only allowed to stay in the hotel so I think the best place we know is the Hotel."
"Actually, just being able to go down to the swimming pool in the hotel already makes me feel
the amazing feeling of being in Hong Kong." Jiro laughed.

" Since nowadays, many artists are starting their own businesses like Alan Luo ( Xiao Zhu)
and Jay Chou... are you guys planning to start any businesses of your own?" asked the reporter.

" Well we were planning to open a restaurant that is full of Fahrenheit things." said Aaron.
" And we are planning to have like one of us out of the week go and cook for a day and be
the main chef that day." Jiro Added.
" Or we planned also to have our own printed T- shirts and bags." Said Wu Zun.

In the Autograph session, Fahrenheit also showed fans how to dance to " CHuiShen Ru Hua"
and in doing so they all showed the edge of their boxers just for the trend! " everyone's doing that now.... like hip hop dancers they always show their underwear when they are dancing." Calvin said.

But because the autograph session only allowed so many people in many fans were waiting
there two days ahead! Fahrenheit says that they feel very worried about their fans safety & health and hopes that their fans will be safe every time they attend their promotions.

Also, for the first time, Fahrenheit's stamps have been released...
but they all said that they want money with their faces on it better!

Credit to evodrift@asianfanatics

Oh man, that would be great news for all Fahrenheit fans.One place for all Fahrenheit souvenirs. I want their printed T-shirts. And bags. And mini Fahrenheit dolls too. Even I am a bit too old to play with dolls, I'll just put them on display. This is like a dream come true. I'll get Hanakiwi and we'll go to their store everyday. I'll drag her to eat breakfast there and then after school I'll drag to her to eat lunch there. And sometimes, for dinner, I'll drag my family there. -sigh- won't that be awesome? Hey, Anti-kiwi, you can come join us too! Okay, time to stop dreaming....hehe

January 14, 2008

Fahrenheit's Chu Shen Ru Hua Parody

Credit to felixcomics@youtube

HAHAHAHA, this is a funny parody of one of Fahrenheit's MV. Also, the subs are NOT the English translation for this song!

Funny Quotes:
Arron: The fetish lady caught me while I was in the shower and stole my clothes.

Chun: Wait until Jiro and I get there and open a can of...(Jiro) WHOOP ASS!
...I thought they were going to open a can of...RED BULL.

Calvin: Nobody touches My Arron and lives to talk about it.
-gasps- That's my line!

Arron: Back off, I'm nobody's except for Chun...

All: Quick to the bat mobile!
HAHAHAHA, that was so random!

January 12, 2008

Fahrenheit Plays Cute Turning into Little Animals

Fahrenheit will make cool poses, to gain the hearts of the ladies, playing cute was pretty experienced.

For the album "Double sided Fahrenheit", they're at first men, then boy, yesterday they filmed mv "your heart knows", they've changed into cute animals, except for the first time wearing this furry animal suite, the fresh feeling only lasted 5 minutes for these four guys, then it was so hot it was sweating up their backs. Coincidently Fahrenheit is about to head to -30 degrees Mongolia to perform, the four made a sudden suggestion: "Why don't we just bring these clothes to perform."

The four have their own roles to play, Calvin is a bunny, Jiro is a Koala, Aaron is a bear and Wu Zun became a little dog. Calvin was so amused that he started dancing hip hop, "have you guys ever seen a rabbit that raps?" But the animal suit's hand only has 4 fingers, this caused them to not even be able to hold the microphone, the big feet even caused them to become ducks, luckily after hearing everyone complimented them "Kawaii (Cute)", Wu Zun wiped his sweaty hair: "We have always been cute."

Credit to Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

OMG, Wu Chun has like the best quotes ever. "We have always been cute" Of all their costumes, I would have to say that I like...not Arron's costume...but Wu Chun's costume. It's a little doggie.HAHAHA. But seriously, the picture suddenly reminds me of DBSK's costume in Balloon MV. Here watch their video and compare the costumes. Personally, I like DBSK's costumes over Fahrenheit's costumes.

Aaron Yan was breathless while doing therapy

Aaron Yan acted as the cute version of therapy on the streets. Last year August, he had a operation on his right knee, he should have recovered by now but he is busy filming The Clue Collector and attending promotional events for Fahrenheit album. Yesterday, Aaron was seen was doing leg therapy during his free time and his DIY leg therapy was very cute; hand grabbing on the chair and lifting his right leg while gritting his teeth.

The reporters witnessed that Aaron first stand in front of the chair and grab on the chair and use all his strength to lift up his right leg and kick highly in the air. At the start, he has no energy and had to use his hands to support his leg. But he managed to do a couple of times and he seems to be very serious in leg therapy.

Later on, Aaron Yan sat on the chair and used his left hand to hold onto his right leg and slowly lift up his right leg and did it for a couple of times until the crew shouted for him. He broke into a grin and went back to continue filming.

Aaron had an operation 2 years ago. Last year August, he had an operation to mend his right kneecap. Since then, he has to go to the hospital for therapy but he reveal he has no time to go to hospital and so the nurses taught him the simple individual therapy so that he can do it when he is free.

Scared that he will fall down while carrying Gui gui, aaron is doing more therapy.

Aaron was breathless when he was doing therapy. In these 2 years, he felt that his right leg is unable to summon strength. He touched his leg everyday and realize his right leg has slimmed down because he didn’t exert strength on this leg. Therapy helps in the right leg’s muscular movements. He said, in this show he has to carry gui gui while running. “Although guigui will slim down for him to carry, he still need to do therapy so that he wont cause Gui gui to fall down.

Credit to MV_288 @Asianfanatics
Credits to loveAriel @ http://asianfanatics.net for the translation

Ah, poor Arron! I hope he recovers soon! It looks like they have started to film for that drama in which Arron plays the main lead. I'm guessing this drama will be released either during the summer or the end of this year. Go Arron! -clap clap- until I see this "...he has to carry gui gui while running" -drops mouth-

January 10, 2008

Drama Progress Report

Well, I'll be getting my report card in few weeks so I decided to give a progress report on all the dramas that I'm watching right now.

Survivor's Law: 95/100
This series is awesome! A while ago, I was planning to stop watching TVB. This was the series that saved TVB from execution in my drama world. Kenneth shows his true acting abilities along with his comic skills. He's finally getting the recognition that he deserves. Ella Koon, well, she has improved heaps since RDOV(Revolving Doors of Vengeance). The two of them make a very interesting pair. As for Samuel, I don't like his character. Selena, her role is somewhat limited here but her acting has improved. I like how she rejected Samuel's help. Very strong!

Bull Fighting: 92/100
Love it! I can't wait for the next episode to come out! The whole cast is doing a really great job here. In the next few episodes, I'm think they're going to be the tear droppers. And this time, I will NOT skip these episodes even if I have to buy a a couple boxes of tissue.

Best Selling Secrets: 89/100
This series is great for dinner time. I eat and watch TV at the same time. I really don't know how this series does it, but it has caught my attention from ep 1- ep 217. I didn't even miss one episode of this series! But what I'm really looking forward to watching is Diana and Kau Jung's relationship. This is the most interesting pair in the series! And the short guy/computer whiz is so funny here too! Sorry, I don't know his name.

It Started With a Kiss 2: 85/100
This series is doing okay. The storyline is moving at a considerable speed; it's not too slow and not too fast. Joe is starting to open up his warmer side. And Ariel, well, she's trying to play matchmaker now. A female student from Class F likes Joe's brother whose in class A. But the brother doesn't like dumb people so he tells her that if her test scores is in the Top 100, then he'll be friends with her. Sounds familiar? Well, that was the storyline for It Started With a Kiss.

Wars of In Laws 2: 80/100
A lot of people seem to be enjoying this series, even the people in Hong Kong. I'm starting to lose my interest in this series. I think it's because I saw all those spoilers for this series. The first few episodes were super funny and then... i started to lose interest. By the way, I'm still not getting use to seeing Bosco's hair. It's way too curly.

January 09, 2008

Wu Zun, Charlene Choi & Nicholas Tse in New Movie

Picture has been removed from this site, go here for the picture.

Wu Zun, Charlene Choi & Nicholas Tse in New Movie

Popular Taiwanese idol, Wu Zun, will be entering the Hong Kong movie industry by joining forces with Charlene Choi and Nicholas Tse to star in Jingle Ma’s latest action flick, ‘Wu Xia Liang Zhu’ (武俠梁祝). The movie will not be entirely the same as the original story and so, Nicholas and Wu Zun’s characters will be both perusing Charlene!

China’s classic novel ‘Liang Zhu’ (梁祝) has been adapted and been made into many television dramas and movies. Director, Jingle Ma hopes to incorporate the plot of ‘Liang Zhu’ with action to create the new hit movie ‘Wu Xia Liang Zhu’.

This will movie will see Wu Zun shoot into the Hong Kong movie industry as he will take the part as Liang Shan Bo. He will star alongside ‘Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival’ and ‘Gold Bauhinia Awards’ winning actress, Charlene Choi, who will be playing Zhu Ying Tai. As for the other main character, Ma Wen Cai, played by Nicholas Tse, will be different to its novel counterpart.

Nicholas and Charlene’s manager, Mani Fok disclosed that Nicholas is still considering if he will take the role. But if all goes as planned, Wu Zun and Nicholas will both be fighting for the heart of Charlene in this new movie. Filming is predicted to begin in late October.

Credit to dee-lush@asianfantics

OoO, a movie with Wu Chun, he's getting really popular these days! I think I will watch this movie but then I'll have to wait almost a year before I get to watch it. They should start filming this movie earlier! Go Wu Chun! [(n Arron!) + the rest of Fahrenheit!]

January 08, 2008


Yepp, how nice of TVB to start the New Year with a wardrobe malfunction.

Give Us Hana Kiwi 2

Here is the last song from Fahrenheit's second album; I think this is one of their best songs. This song was also featured in Hanakimi, a popular Taiwan series, with Wu Chun(FRH), Jiro Wang(FRH), and Ella Chen(S.H.E). This was a really funny drama with Ella dressing up as a guy to enter an all boy school to meet Wu Chun. Her exaggerated facial expressions are extremely hilarious. Back when I was watching it, I was pretty surprised by it, because normally, I don't spot these exaggerated expressions in TVB dramas . And, I was rather disappointed by the ending of Hanakimi. The ending was a cliff hanger and it obviously pointed to a sequel. Most people were expecting a sequel. Sadly, however, the director decided not to film the sequel.I could understand why he wouldn't want to film the sequel, but still I want a sequel! Since Hanakimi obtained very high ratings, people would set a high expectation for the sequel. However, as we all know, high expectations would OFTEN result in disappointment because most things won't live up to our expectations. I think that's the reason why the director decided not to film the sequel.

January 07, 2008

Fahrenheit Second Album 1-12

All videos in this post credited to 165pigs@youtube

These are songs 1-12 from Fahrenheit's Second Album. There's one more which I will post it tomorrow because it's special!

Oh, and if you want any of these songs, leave a comment with your email address and which songs you want. I will send you the songs. The songs are counted in numerical order meaning the first one is 1, second one is 2...etc.

Please do not post up the links on other websites! Or else, this service will be disabled...forever!

Enjoy their new songs!

Track One

Track Two

Track Three

Track Four

Track Five
I spy four languages in this song: Mandarin, English, Spanish, Korean

Track Six

Track Seven

Track Eight

Track Nine

Track Ten

Track Eleven

Track Twelve

Two Sided Fahrenheit

YES!!! I finally got my Fahrenheit Two Sided album yesterday with two folders! There were two packages for the folders. One had Wu Chun and Calvin, the other had Arron and Jiro. I took the package with Arron in it.

These folders are really smooth and they're not made of paper. One side of the folder features one member and the other side is the whole group.

I didn't get a chance to listen to their album YET, I'll probably do that tonight.

January 03, 2008

Sleepy Beauty: Mr. Arron Yan

Aww, look, it's the 20th century guy version of sleepy beauty! And that sleepy beauty happens to be Fahrenheit's Arron Yan. Unfortunately, he's been working for 48 hours straight and hasn't gotten any rest!

Here's the original article if you want to read what he's been doing during those 48 hours.

Poor Arron! But I can't wait for his series (he's the main actor),Pi Li MIT, to air. The only downside to his series is that the main actress is NOT Hebe Tian, but GuiGui, whom I have no idea of who she is.

After watching Bull Fighting, I wanted to see more dramas with Hebe in it. I was rooting for a Arron-Hebe drama but instead got a Arron-GuiGui drama, but that's alright as long as Arron is in it, everything is alright.

Just a few more hours till I get my hands on Fahrenheit's second album. AHHH, I can't wait much longer! I think I might faint soon...

All Pictures credited to AsianFanatics.net

January 02, 2008

Wu Zun Playing Erotic ~ Inflates Balloon that's "A"

For program results, Fahrenheit is flashing red lights, the 4 have split into two against each other, one side yelling "Dong Yan! Dong Yan! Guarantee you guys will loose until you get a fever!"; the other side yelling "Zun Ru! Zun Ru! Choke you guys until you become a dwarf!" Who would've thought performing not long, Wu Zun was judged as an erotic, the scene was hilarious.

Fahrenheit was on GTV's "Entertainment 100%" playing against each other, at the scene Calvin took out a long yellow balloon and asked Wu Zun to help cheer, never thought Wu Zun one minute inflating it and one minute it was pointed towards the female fans, and even said: "Feel it! Is this charged enough?"

The comments made Xiao Zhu laugh hard, "You're indecent, this is really erotic!" Wu Zun yelling against: "You guys shouldn't think to that side!" Xiao Gui said: "You've been pointing it at them, then charging it!" The anxious Wu Zun was in a puddle of sweat, and stopping to try to keep explaining.

Source: Yam
Translated by Cmiley @ asianfanatics.net

OMG, I'm speechless! But I want to see this episode of 100% Entertainment. Anyone know which episode this is?

Fahrenheit's fan signing

For the first time, Fahrenheit did a signing for fans from 1am to 5 am, having a total of 4100 fans. Arron signed till he couldn’t tell whether he was signing on a poster or even on the desk; Jiro couldn’t stand it and fell asleep on the desk for 3 seconds. Once back to Taipei, only Calvin was one whom was free, but the other 3 had to rush to do filming for other shows.

The last day of 2007 Fahrenheit was in Tainan, from flying to taichung, it was good for Wuzun because he was able to eat the small treats. WuZun does not limit himself from eating sweets,four of them were rehearsaling for the show, after running down two times, Wu Zun couldn’t resist and sat down and continue eating. He was telling the others, Don’t worry, I know all the steps! Hurry and eat! He was eating on one end, signing and taking pictures in the other.

With both Year ends concert, and their signings, why did they chose to do it during the wee hours of the night? Because three of them excluding Calvin had to go and rush to their own scheduled work, so their promotion time is cut short. This is why they chose to do the signings during the night, and the fans got to spend time with Fahrenheit embarking on the new year. As they were signing, there were a few fans that bought 100 cds, which cause them to sign even faster. Arron even signed on the table, which people around him started to laugh.

credit to Apple News
translated by alexlove8 @ http://asianfanatics.net

aw, i wish i was there to get their autographs! hahahas, arron got too tired and signed on the table...i want that table! Wow, Fahrenheit really has a busy busy schedule. I can't believe that "
a few fans bought 100 cds". That's really expensive BUT it shows how much they love Fahrenheit!

January 01, 2008

January Birthdays

Happy Birthday!

January 1

Sunny Chan

January 6

Bernice Liu

January 16

Louisa So

January 17

Sharon Chan

January 20

Joyce Tang

January 21

Gillian Chung

January 26

Young Woong Jae Joong / Hero