December 14, 2008

Yue Lai Yue Ai (越來越愛)

OMG! OMG! OMG ! Someone please call Christine Ng and tell her to get me an oxygen mask too! I'm afraid I'll faint if I keep rewatching this MV! This is such a happy song and a cool MV! Chun looks even younger with that haircut! He's so darn handsome in this MV! I love the part where he's wearing the black vest! Hahaha! And gosh Calvin! His eyes are so electrifying suddenly! I never really noticed it in the past! It must have something to do with his recent haircut! 帅! Now Jiro! I'm not a fan of his new hair style! I rather prefer he go back to his old hairstyle. This new hairstyle is too flat! But nevertheless, he's still looking very cool in the MV! OOO ARRON TIME! Kawaiiiii! He's so cute towards the end! His FRH bros push him to give the flowers to the girl and he was acting all shy and stuff! Hahahahahaa! After watching this MV, I have mustered new energy to battle those horrible finals that coming up in just days. I'll be back! Enjoy this MV!


  1. thanks 4 uploading the mv here its so cool!!
    i was wondering if you could put the correct lyrics up cause everywhere i go theres always a part of it missing!!
    the song is so good and if u do put the lyrics up can u put it in pin yin? my chinses is bad :p
    love your blog!!
    fahrenheit all the way

  2. Hey starryheaven! Thanks for dropping by! :) I haven't found the full lyrics for this song yet. I'm pretty sure that it'll be out by the time their third album comes out so when that time comes ill look for those lyrics and put them up.

  3. thanx
    i enjoy your blog its kool!!!
    im getting my friend whose going malaysia to buy it for me but she prob wont find it as she doesnt like asian music but i hope she can get it for me!!!

  4. Where are you from starryheaven? Your place dun have an asian music store? hahaha! good luck to your friend in finding that frh cd! Just curious, whose your favorite member of frh?

  5. i live in australia :p
    yeah so theres no asian music store so not far, so i hav 2 download everything but i want the cd!!
    whose my fav?
    i like all of them but at the moment i like aaron more.
    hav u got the cd or songs yet?
    i downloaded the songs already so i reasonably happy.
    whose your fav?

  6. ooo, Australia! That's one of the places that I want to visit if I ever get enough money to go traveling. Hahahaa! I got my copy of their cd from my music store already. It's awesome! I love it! My favorite member used to be Wu Chun for like a few months and then I kinda suddenly became an Arron fan. Hahaha! He's so cute! Hahaha! I'm watching his new drama Pi Li MIT, and I absolutely love it!

  7. i started 2 watch pi li mit but im sadly not up 2 date as my computer is slowing down cause i've been downloading so much stuff XD
    where do u live?
    u hav quite good english
    i no aaron so cute i wanna watch the drama thats coming out soon called momo love i think the main characters r like aaron and gui gui i think.
    do u no super junior? i quite like them at the moment some of them r so cute and they're all really funny!

  8. I live in NY. Hahahaa! There's another rumour going on saying that Momo Love is going to resume filming. Ah~super junior! I noe them! YEA ~they are a bunch of funny guys! its even reflected in their music videos! Hahaha! Free feel to talk in the chatbox too! by the way, do you have a blog too?

  9. do they hav asian stores in ny?
    thats lucky closest asian shop here is a stationary shop but all korean brand and most of the stuff they hav there is always the same. xcept that store in sydney has better stuff dunno y ,its retarded.
    did momo love even stop filming? i didnt no that. lol im slow with news cause i dunno where i hav 2 go 2 update myself i only new about momo love caues i was looking up Fahrenheit stuff.
    yeah super junior is soo funny i was laughing my head of while watching 1 of their shows and i fell ont the floor and my family was like "hav u gone crazy?" and giving my wierd looks XD. that made me laugh more.
    do i hav a blog? nope
    im a very lazy person and if i did hav 1 it'll probably b empty and i would only update it like every few months XD

  10. Yepp, there's a bunch in chinatown, ny. There's a couple of chinese cd shops there too but I only frequent one of them cuz the owners are friendly and they sell posters! I don't think the other cd stores sells idol posters, from what I see they sell bruce posters and anime posters. Hahahaa! The cd store I frequent used to be in this store with other stores. Like there was the cd store, the cellphone store, the phonecard store, and then the magazine store! It was like heaven. The magazine store sold magazines from hk and taiwan! I can't find that anywhere else. Too bad everyone was forced to evacuate bc the owner of the building is a jerk.

    Yes, momo love did temporarily stop filming. BUT arron has already confirmed that it will continue filming with the same cast. So we'll see another GuiLun drama. Woo! I get most of my news from asianfanatics. It's the best asian forum in english. There's two ways to get news from that forum. The first way is thru the asian entertainment news section. The other way is to go to individual threads to get the news.

    HAHAHAHAAA! My parents are like that too! every time they see me laugh at my computer screen!

    Wah~ it was nice talking to you! :D wat chapter are you up to on pi li mit?

  11. OMG! that seriously sounds like heaven!! i want 2 move there now! the china town near where i live is totally crappy theres like only food shops! so stupid!
    i want magazines! even if i dont understand them i dont care!
    yay!! momo love is going 2 continue! it sounds really interesting.

    i shall go 2 asianfanatics! im really behind cause i've been looking at news of super junior and Fahrenheit recently. i told my friend 2 get me fahrenheit posters in malaysia and i 4got 2 ask her 2 get super junior 1s aswell!! so sad cause i'm a bad shopper and i dont no where 2 go 2 find stuff.
    im only like on chapter 4 of pi li mit at the moment ): so sad cause i've been downloading albums and clips and stuff so i dont hav enough download! but im going 2 download it when i find a good site that i can download hq from cause i download flv most of the time and the quality is really bad and i want 2 change the format but my programs that i hav leave watermark ):

    yeah its really nice 2 talk 2 u.

  12. It sucks that the big boss kicked everyone out of the bldg. The magazine shop disappeared, but I did find the cd shop in its own store now. Hehehe!

    Momo Love is going to be totally different from Pi Li MIT! This time I hope Arron will be the one chasing after Gui Gui. That would be so much to watch! YAAAAAA! Oh jeez, im going insane...

    awesome! asianfantics has all kinds of news, korean, jap, chinese, watever. You're bound to find some of the most updated super junior news there. I think if you go to the korean entertainment section and under male artist you could find super junior members thread there.

    hmmm, if you want you could actually watch MIT online and you don't have to download it. u just go to google and type "mysoju pi li mit" and its english sub too.

  13. omg! why did he kick every1 out of the building???why did the magazine shop disappear?

    yeah it would b good 2 c aaron chasing after guigui though i cant really imagine that like seriously i cant.

    yeah i watched 4 eps of pi li mit on mysoju but then i stopped cause i wanted 2 keep watching and watching it so if i downloaded it then it would b better and i dont want 2 download straight of mysoju cause the quality isnt as good so i wanna download hq!

  14. omg! why did he kick every1 out of the building???why did the magazine shop disappear?

    yeah it would b good 2 c aaron chasing after guigui though i cant really imagine that like seriously i cant.

    yeah i watched 4 eps of pi li mit on mysoju but then i stopped cause i wanted 2 keep watching and watching it so if i downloaded it then it would b better and i dont want 2 download straight of mysoju cause the quality isnt as good so i wanna download hq!

  15. my friend told me that the boss wanted to make more room to for the hotel that's being constructed next door. The magazine shop...I have no idea where it is now. I can't find it.

    Hahahahahaaaa! OooO, i saw some THAWD pictures on AF the other day. Looks like Gui Gui is wearing a wig and she looks a bit like rainie yang with the wig.

    Ah i see. I watch it on mysoju with the english subs. Those come out really fast. I plan to buy the dvd version once I save up enough money to buy it. Hopefully, my music store might be selling it. OH MA! I want to get the Pi Li MIT book first before I get the DVD. Oh geez, I've become addicted to this show. Guilun is wonderful.

  16. thats stupid the boss should think about the ppl that go there how selfish!lol the magazine shop disappeared like magic.

    i wanna c the pic! wats the url?
    rainie yang quite a good actor but no offence but sometimes here expressions really annoy me.

    lucky! even if i save up enough money my parents probably wont let me buy it still so unfair. hav my own money and yet they tell me wat i cant and can buy so unfair! even if i wanna buy a book they're like no go 2 the library. so mean
    is there a book? i want it! i want 2 hav posters and everything!! i think im obsessed with it 2!

  17. Happy Chinese New Year!

    There's the link about THAWD! The pictures are in there somewhere. This thread will update you on THAWD filming process and stuff. Hope you enjoy!

    Yes, there's a book. It can be bought on yesasia. I'm trying to look for it at another shop.

    How have you been lately? Busy for school too?

  18. Happy Chinese New Year to u 2!

    thanx 4 the link!i really enjoyed it!
    i tried looking up the manga up 2 read but i couldnt find it! but that might b good 2 cause then i wont no wat will happen.

    its been very busy around my house since its chinese new year, been going in and out of the house so much *sigh* it was fun at first but now its getting boring listening 2 the adults talk and talk....
    school hasnt started 4 me yet. YAY! i start on monday only a few more days left of freedom, so sad.the only reason y im looking forward 4 skool is because i get 2 c my friends again!!!

    how r u?
    r u very busy with chinese new year as well?
    i take that u started skool already, so hows skool?got any kool subjects?

  19. No problem! I love spreading guilun love! hahahaa! I tried looking for the manga too but couldn't find it. I'm going to look in the library and hope to find it there but the chance of that happening is close to 0. :(

    LOL! you sound really tired out from chinese new year. I hope everything will recover this year cuz last year was pretty much a disaster almost. The whole stock market bloodbath and then all the job layoffs. It's a tough world out there now. And in entertainment world, there were both good and bad things. The good: tvb suddenly becomes reasonable in their anniversary award show (wayne lai finally gets his award), moonlight resonance breaks rating record, lots of celebrities marrying, etc. The bad: the edison scandal, the death of lydia sum, the vivian chow thing.

    WHOA! School hasn't started yet?! How long is your winter vacation? Haha! I like school for that same reason too! But too bad my friends and I are in different colleges so we can't meet up as often as before. Shucks! One advice to you: Enjoy and treasure the time you have with your friends cuz after you guys move onto college, it's going to be quite a different world.

    I'm alright. I'm pretty much done with Chinese New Year. I went up to my grandparents' place to wish them happy chinese new year. Hahaa!

    Yepp! I started college two days ago. College is boring.I wish I was taking cool subjects but sadly that's not happening. Hahaha!

  20. my library is pretty crappy like they hav hardly any manga and for like all the mangas their not even completed. so sad ):

    yup cny is pretty busy and so boring like when u go some1s house 4 dinner they keep telling us to eat even is we're dying already. reminds me of my grandma always telling us to eat and asking if u want 2 buy anything 2 eat.

    wah u just reminded me that a lot did happen last yr im so forgetful.

    lol! its not winter here in australia its summer and its so hot!its like over 40 degrees im like dying in the heat.summer holidays 4 us is around 6 wks and a few days. im not in college yet(we call it uni here) and i experienced that already when i started highschool (do u guys call it highschool there?or something else?) cause i got 2 b really good friends in my last yr of primary school and then we found out we were going 2 diff highschools we were so sad. was going 2 c here in the holidays but then she went on holiday so we only been keeping contact on the net.

    i should b done with cny 2 cause skools starting 2morow so my parents cant drag me and my bro everywhere with lucky u get 2 c your grandparents! mine live in malaysia so i only like c them every 2yrs.

    y dont u get 2 take kool subjects? i dont no cause im not in college yet.
    im pretty happy at the moment i got 2 quit computer scholarship its so boring! and im doing this raquet sport class thing get to play badminton,tennis and squash although im not sure about squash.

    hope u'll start 2 enjoy college more :)

  21. The library that I go to isn't that perfect either. They have three big bookcases of manga but I only see one complete set and it happens to be hana yori dango.

    LOL! Sorry, I forget about the weather at Australia! It must be fun celebrating Christmas and all that in the summer! Hahaaa! I should take a trip to Australia to experience that!

    It's called high school here too. College/university are used here too. Technically speaking, I'm attending a college within an university.

    WHOA! Racquet sports class! I would love to take that kind of class! I love badminton but too bad I dun haf someone to play with! My friends are either busy with school or they too far away. That's such a cool class!

  22. 3 big bookcases!! our library only has like probably 50ish and lots of them r retarded superhero 1's no offence to them.

    no summer is so not fun here you get tanned from like standing in the sun 4 like 5 minutes and i keep getting browner and browner everytime i go in the sun especially when i hav sport. if u do come 2 australia u should go 2 the eastern side i live in the western and its so boring theres nothing good 2 do seriously! i really want 2 go 2 NY it seems very kool.

    how do u attend a college in a uni?i dont get it. wat u studying in uni?

    its ok the class but theres only 8 girls and only 3 including me that r chinese, its pretty retarded. i only realized that it was fun after 5 weeks of learning it last i got pissed cause i couldn't serve properly cause im 2 use 2 tennis serving.

  23. LOL! I always se Dragon ball z on the shelf! Hahaha!

    O , so you guys go outdoors to play sport. In my high school, we could only play indoors cuz going out to the field and coming back in takes too long. By the time, we get to the field, we only have 35 minutes left.

    Ooo, eastern side of Australia, i think that's where Sydney is right. Cool! There are a couple of cool places in new york that aren't shown to tourists like paley park and my parfait place. Haha! Parfait is the best dessert on earth!

    Wow, that's a really small class! And you played tennis before badminton. I'm the opposite. I played badminton and then tried to learn tennis unsuccessfully. Thw switch is tough. I keep hitting the tennis ball too hard and flies out of court.

  24. lol i think every library has dragon ball z, xcept our local library our skool one has it though and its actually completed!

    lol is the field far away from the skool? we play outdoors and indoors depending on with sport we're doing. good thing we're doing basket ball inside at the moment cause its really sunny at the moment unless its rite in the morning cause this morning it was like freezing dunno y the weather is crazy.

    yeah sydney's there they hav nice asian stores there and u hav 2 climb sydney harbour bridge it's looks scary but its quite exciting!wats a parfait? sounds nice, every1 here likes crispy cremes or something xcept u hav 2 go 2 the eastern side 2 buy them with is gay!

    i find badminton easier cause i dont hav 2 run around so much, the bad thing in tennis is that i keep hitting the ball 2 hard like u(but it goes in most of the time so lucky) and i nearly hit my friends face so im scared of tennis at the moment.

    hows skool? is it hard? my bro in yr 11 this yr and they hav heaps of books and stuff and it looks hard.

  25. The field is a couple of minutes from the school. It just takes time to change into gym uniform, run down three flights of stairs, then walk to field.
    Whoa! How cold is it in the morning?

    Sydney sounds like a really cool place! I definitely visit that city in the near future hopefully. Oooo, climbing bridges seem like fun! Hahaha! In New York, you could walk across the bridges.

    Parfait is a Japanese dessert. It's really healthy. It's served in a tall glass and the bottom of the glass has some cereal followed by layers of different fruits. And at the top is a scoop of ice cream with a cherry on top! Hahahahaha! It's really good especially in the summer. I absolutely love the green tea ice cream parfait!

    Ooo me too! Badminton does seem a lot easier than tennis! Badminton can be played anywhere cuz you dun have to worry about breaking someone's window like with those tennis balls. LOL! You are dangerous in tennis!

    School is not that hard, just a lot of tedious work. Some things may look hard, but it can actually be very easy.

  26. woah!u guys hav 2 go down stairs! our teahcer says that we hav 2 change within 5mins so every1s rushing.
    its normally not that cold in the morning in summer but global warming like made the weather wierd, its normally cold in winter.

    yup! sydneys kool! lol the bridge is quite high and u climb the top part and they make you wear funny jumpsuit things and wear safety gear and these headphone stuff.

    sounds really yummy :p i must try it one day depends if i can find a store.

    yeah thats the good thing about badminton its hard 2 break stuff. last time when i had lessons someone whacked the ball into the coaches head it was sooo funny!

    yeah thats true especally maths except we're learning easy stuff so its pretty boring. but english is an exception it will never become easy its torture for me.

  27. Hahahahaaa! I'm so tired!!! I still have to finish math homework and its pretty confusinggg! I'm taking calculus 2 now. It's pretty hard! English is even harder, I agree with you. English can be tortuous especially if the material you're reading is not interesting to you.

    Actually, global warming has been around long behind humans walked the earth. The issue is that human activity is increasing the rate of global warming. Kudos to geology class for this!

    LOL! Coach should probably wear a helmet to be safe! I love love love badminton! There's only two issues I have tho. One is no one is here to play with badminton with me. Second is my rackets keep breaking...I really need to find some good badminton rackets cuz i swing my racket pretty hard. Haha!

    have you watched tvb's eternal happiness?

  28. im also so tired! but i dunno y probably because i had english last session and then went to play tennis with my friends :p

    calculas seems hard i say some of it and i was like omg how the hell r u supposed 2 do this!
    english is so retarded!!! the teacher makes us read all these lame sci-fic short stories and gives us so much homework.

    lol. u must hit really hard to break the net of the raquet! u should get some random people to play with u!

    i havent watched it but i heard about it, but im probably not going to watch it cause its 2 long and im downloading the korean boys over flowers so i cant like do anything so sad ):

  29. LOL! Tennis! Tennis is a pretty tiring game too!

    hahahaa! Lame sci-fic! In English class, the teachers often assign Shakespeare plays and they're pretty hard to understand.

    well...i try not to hit hard but if i dun hit with enough power, the birdy wouldn't go very far. I dun play with a net cuz there aren't any badminton fields.

    LOL! You seem to be really into Korean dramas!
    anything so sad ):

  30. shakesphere is gay! did a bit last yr on much ado about nothing the modernish movie of it was okish but its retarded the teacher was like this means blah blah blah and no1 was even listening. and my english teacher said we're going to watch the play in real life this yr as an excursion, its going 2 b boring!

    badminton makes melaugh now as my friend told me a story that when she was in malaysia her brother left his badminton racquet in the car and when they came back it kinda melted and went out of porpotion.

    only in boys over flowers at the moment cause im watching it if i didnt watch it i wouldnt b that into it cause the pics look funni.

  31. I have to do a special presentation on Shakespeare's Hamlet in like a few weeks! I'm so nervous! I always get nervous when I do presentations! I hear my voice shake and hands tremble! Urgg!

    LOL! That's the first time I ever heard about a melting racquet! It must have been a gazillion degrees in the car! Hahaa! O man, spring needs to come a bit faster cuz I want to play badminton! It's too windy right now to play outside!

    Boys over Flowers is extremely popular right now! Have you seen the parody version? It's soo epic! Hahahaaa!

  32. omg that sounds bad! i hate doing those types of things and if i say so myself im not a very good public speaker.

    yeah it sounds hilarious doesnt it! i hate summer here im really tanned now and im hating it :( do u play badminton outside there?all of the courts here in australia r indoors from wat i no.

    which parody 1?give me the link cause theres quite a few from wat i saw.

  33. I play badminton outside cuz its pretty hard to find badminton courts here in nyc.

    LOL! There's so much parody videos out there! Well, this is the one that I saw, although theres no eng sub it seems hilarious!

  34. thanx 4 the link i'll watch it 2morow!

  35. sorry..but i heard that momo love stopped filming due to some reasons...what i mean is really stop..wont continue film anymore..

  36. Hi, nienie!

    Wah~ur scaring me! is that the latest news? cuz a while ago, arron kinda indirectly confirmed that they were going to resume filming in the summer cuz its too cold right now for them to film this...