December 16, 2008

Wu Chun talks continuously, making flowers prettier and food taste more delicious

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @
Picture from Chun's Wretch Blog

Fahrenheit's Wu Chun has a secret skill which can make flowers look prettier and food taste more delicious, much like bewitching, he talks nonstop to these things!

Fahrenheit's new MV "Loving More and More" reflects their own feelings about love, being a famous celebrity and meeting a girl you love but not being able to say anything. Arron Yan acts as the shy male star and through the encouragement of Wu Chun, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, he finally gives her flowers and reveals his feelings.

Also, this bouquet of flowers have been given Wu Chun's "added support" because when not filming, he was mumbling continuously to the flowers, causing people to become puzzled, up until they filmed the flower scene. Then he explained, "As long as you keep telling the flowers, 'You're very beautiful' - they will bloom even more beautifully!" As soon as Calvin heard he laughed and continued, "So that's why when you say to your food 'it's delicious', it's because you want the food to become even tastier!"

In the MV, they can't express their love and in reality they also wish love would arrive quickly. Both Calvin and Wu Chun have intentions to get married and to have a stable relationship, while Jiro Wang who is single, wants to find a girl that his mother will also like. Arron also said, "I'm still waiting for the right person to appear!"

HAHAHAAA! Wu Chun talks to flowers and food! I guess we all have those moments where we talk to things that won't talk back to us.

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