December 23, 2008

SHINee - Changes To Flight Plans - Attacking Taiwan In A Hasty 45 Hours, Fully Booked Schedules

Korean boyband, [SHINee] will be coming to Taiwan the day after tomorrow (24th) to promote their new album, [AMIGO]. As their schedule in Taiwan is fully booked, and with their notices in Korea are constantly coming in, they have decided to switch to flying on China Airlines and will be reaching Taiwan on 10:50AM on board of flight CI9037. Their departure time has also been brought forward and they will be leaving on the morning of 26th, on China Airlines flight CI160 to return to Korea, attacking Taiwan for just a hasty 45 hours. Their trip to Taiwan is especially packed with notices. Other than showing off their dancing abilities on CTV's [Let's Dance( 舞林大道)] in which they will be be the show's first overseas artiste group to be invited as guests, they will also be attending [100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百)], [Azio Entertainment Biz (東風娛樂通)], [Entertainment@Asia by Azio TV(娛樂@亞洲)], [MTV JPOP/KPOP Craze (日韓音樂瘋)]'s show recordings, as well as going on Hit FM's [Entertainment E Generation (娛樂E世代)], in order to let the Taiwanese fans know more about them. Other than that, SHINee's only handshake event in Taiwan will be held on Christmas (25th) at 8PM, at Taipei International Conference Center in Room 101. Currently this has become a hot topic online and the records company are asking fans to adhere to the rule of queuing up, and not to jump queue which will create disorder and thus disrupting the event. Workers will be giving out number cards at 4PM, and the entrance to the event will be opened at 7PM, capping at the maximum of 700 places. Changes to SHINee's flights on their Taiwan trip: @ Arriving in Taiwan -- 12/24 (Wednesday) Arriviing at 10:50AM. CI9037. @ Departing from Taiwan -- 12/26 (Friday) Leaving at 08:10AM. CI160. News Source: Yahoo Taiwan Translation Credit: atlantis-x @ SHINee Forums Add. Credit: SHINee Forums, AF Forum

WA SE! They're going to be on 100% Entertainment! I'll be looking forward to that episode! Wonder how the interaction will be between Show + Xiao Gui + SHINee will go! Hahaha!

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